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I'm not late. I just haven't been getting good questions. Must be that time of the year, I guess. Good.

- December 16th, 2008

  1. Raver
  2. Marx vs. Kirby
  3. Kirby-4-Ever
  4. Zero Zapper
  5. Poppy Bros. Max
  6. Halberd Stop Crashing
  7. Meta Knight Fan
  8. Prophallus
  9. Sharnay

me again :D does kirby need to breath. he wears a mask under water yet nothing in space hows that

- Raver

Squeaky Bogg

Kirby wears something underwater for the diving mask. He doesn't like to get stuff in his eyes, apparently. You don't have that problem in space. Truthfully, I believe this was a flex of spriting representation. Kirby is, nowadays, keen on wearing stuff. It's how the player knows what it can do. However, when under water, most all powers, in those games, don't work, so the mask replaces any other or lack of other headgear to let the player know that, now, they'll use the water gun.

1.What files work with upload file at the gallery?

2.Why do the staff keep dying?

3.Who's squeaky bogg?

4.Do you know where I can find a plush Marx?(i'm dying)


- Marx vs. Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Standard image files are the only ones I'd recommend. JPG is probably the best, along with GIF and PNG. I wouldn't recommend BMP (bitmaps, such as files saved in MS Paint) or some strange format obtained from Microsoft Works. Pretty much all images across the 'net are of those first three types for a reason.

2) The staff keep dying largely since they grow faster than Kirby. New games always spark interest, but there always seems to be some sort of delay in them coming out. These drought periods have staff focus more on "real life", some type of fabled beast, I don't know. When they get drawn more into the happenings of this, usually a shift from high school to college, they shed off their previous responsibilities in order to keep up with their new lifestyle.

3) Direct your eyes to the green thing. Thar ya goes.

4) The only commercially available Marx plush is of Karl Marx, so I don't think that's what you want. Some crazy Marx fan did sew up a custom one, but I don't think you'd want anything to do with that. She's one of those, uh, how do I put this lightly? Crazed psycho fans. Marx has been around for twelve years, people. Ya'll sheep.

Every time I uplode a pic with URI/URL and got an Err, how do you get it not to get an Err?

- Kirby-4-Ever

Squeaky Bogg

I would recommend not uploading by URI/URL. You should have any image file that you uploaded to a website already on your computer, and that process sure works out a lot easier. There also could be some type of block on the website you are trying to download from that prevents anything from being siphoned. And, if not, just save it to your computer then upload it. I've never used URL upload. I don't know why it's even there. I think it's suppose to be for when a user wants to move an image not of their making into some picture cache.

1) In the story section of the Kirby's Adventure instruction booklet, it mentions that years earlier, a star hit Pop Star and the star on the star rod is actually a fragment of that star. It never really goes into more details about it. Can you explain more about it?

2) At the end of Milky Way Wishes, what happened to the sun and moon? Did they stop fighting?

3) I've noticed that most of the levels in Milky Way Wishes have fairly typical themes: fire, water, sky... etc. But then there's Halfmoon, with its themes being eternity and chaos. Is there anything particularly special about Halfmoon?

4) Is HAL Laboratories named after the anthropomorphic malfunctioning computer HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey? I seem to remember HAL saying that he was built at the HAL labs in Urbana Nebraska and the name of the company may be a reference to it.

- Zero Zapper

Squeaky Bogg

1) No, I can't 'cuz that's all there is to the story! Star fell, piece came off, made a magic wand, end of story. It's Kirby. Did you expect some giant, grandiose explanation?

2) When Nova came to, I dunno, dominate Pop Star, they put aside their differences to save their orbited body. After the ordeal, they realized how silly their little feud was and realized what really mattered. Thus, they took over Pop Star and turned everyone into their servants. The End!

3) Halfmoon is just a half-and-half world, as implied by the name. So, rather than having a single theme going for it, it's split up. I... really don't know much what to say on this. There isn't much to it.

4) Oh, now that's about the stupidest thing I could image for where their name- ... oh, it's true? Yeah, that's apparently where it came from. Huh. Didn't see that one coming.

hi de ho,

i would like to hear your opinion on this...

1 why do you think that 02 is more popular with kirby fans the 0?

there are tonnes more artwork of 02 than 0 and in the poll of dark matter's best form, 02 came way higher the 0, why do think 02 is so popular?

- Poppy Bros. Max


0² is more popular than 0, mostly, because it is more known about. You can put aside the fact that Zero is just a detailless, giant white ball with a red eye for a moment. Next to no one even knows that there was a Dream Land 3, it seems. That's the one out of the two games that I own, and it still slips from my mind. Many people just don't know there is a 1 before 2. Also, stick angel wings on anything, and it gets mad sweated, fo' sho'.

Not really a kirby question, sorry, but...

I got DL2 and it didn't save, do you have any idea what I need (specifically) to replace the save battery?

Which do you like better? Suplex or Backdrop?

Adventure's Fire or Burning?

Adventure's Ice or Freeze?

- Halberd Stop Crashing

Squeaky Bogg

1) I would recommend not doing it, if you even could. It requires a some specialized parts and tools where, unless you have an electrician in the family who repairs really tiny things, you aren't going to have on hand. As for how to, I'm not going to put that long prattle on here. I'd recommend just googling a how-to on replacing Game Boy Game Pak batteries, such as the guide at PD Roms (first one on the list for me, may not be the best).

2) One is constantly expressed as my favorite ability ever. Really? Did you miss all of those or what?

3-4) This is a baseless comparasion. Neither is "better" than the other. Each has a specific use for the given situation. This isn't Squeak Squad where one ability is unbelievably godlike and makes the game a breeze.

tuff is like 9 or some where like that, how is he able to drive a car through town with out geting in truble, i played super star ultra with my cousin and we had to fight fololo and falala, but there good in the sieres, are they just evil in the game or what?

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) Tuff isn't really nine-ish. Well, in the dub, probably, but things are marred horribly on this side of the coast. America has the habit of reducing people's ages. I think it's a marketing gimmick -- getting the characters closer to the target audience. Besides, this isn't the United States and it's a small town, which respectively leads to lower age to get a license and much less concerned with matters of... well, anything.

2) The animated series is, for the most part, total and utter garbage. It has nothing to do with the games, at all in my opinion. Lololo & Lalala, ever since Dream Land 1 which was just remade in Super Star which was remade in Super Star Ultra, are friends of King Dedede. Thus, they were entrusted with a star. Where the cartoon got "flying twin pixies" from, I have no clue. I think someone on that staff was doin' some flying with something pixie, if you know what I mean, which you most definitely do not.

Snaff, small question, you know that unused track in Kirby's Adventure that is actually the Kirby's Dream Land title screen but with Kirby's Adventure's PMI drums? What do you think it was going to be used for?

- Prophallus

Squeaky Bogg

0) No, I really don't know it.

1) Seeing as it is the title screen music from the first game, my guess would be that it was intended for the title screen on this game. They probably decided to change things up on it, however.

In that episode when the cappys met Rowon, the author of a famous book, Dedede doesn't know how to read. So how come in that episode when the demon popon was disguise as chef shiitake, Dedede can read that eNeMe cookbook?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

Simple: It's a blatant inconsisency. This isn't exactly a storyline centric series with deep reaching plot. The writers just glibbed over the fact that in a prior episode, that one at least with who knows how many other examples, to use illiteracy in a later episode. They honestly expect the viewer to not notice such flaws. Well, you proved them wrong. Just another example of the crack writing staff used in the animated series.

Repeat Response:

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  2. Zero-Slash asked my reactions to a Kirby animated series game.

In other news, remember when I said not to do a question bomb least I make an example of you and have you be dead to me forever? Well, way to go, Party Boy. Your stupidity has got your head on a pike for all to gawk at as a warning. Don't test me again.

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