Ask Guru Gobbo #105

Expect a raging bomb in two questions.

- December 13th, 2008

  1. Meta Knight Fan
  2. Kirbyfield Monster
  3. Gobby
  4. Chimera
  5. m190049
  6. Huij
  7. Fait
  8. Poppy Bros. Max
  9. SuperYoshi888
  10. Kirbyfield Monster

hi me agen, ya the ds browser is cool but enough about that. is the voice of sword knight and rick the giant hamster guy have the same voice actor because the both sound astrallian. was sirica born when her mom die in war, im sure the fact she was, so i gest the real question is who took care of her, because i got this felling that she was on here own when young. when dedede got his new fancy smancy car from that raceing episod [ i can't belive the mair won that race] what ever happen to his tank. oh i do like the new squeaky boggie with the santa claus hat by the way.

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

That sounds like an excuse to use this nigh-on worthless icon if I ever heard one.

1) The former has more of a British accent than Austrailian. But, anyhoo, no one knows who does Sword Knight's dub voice. Really, it's quite kept under wraps. Anyhoo, Rick is unmajor enough of a character to just be brushed under the "Additional Voices" umbrella.

2) Obviously, Sirica would have had to been born before her mother died off on a distant land trying to recover Galaxia. Unless she was born in an egg, which I highly doubt, she was a bun in an oven. A hot cross bun, I would speculate, if needed, which it isn't, for no reason at all. Back on point, she had a lot of years in youth for her mum to be taken out of the picture.

3) People tend to have two parents, you know, not to mention a dump of other family members. That's the general way of things. There is plenty of other family that could have seen to her up bringing, a point so moot that it was never even touched upon because it's boring.

4) I assume it was parked in the garage. What? People can't own more than one vehicle? He had to lose one to get the other? The man is king. He can live it up if he wants.

'Ello gov'na. Jolly good day for some questions!

Blah blah blah bliddy-blah (Bimblesnaff edit)

Did I set the record for most questions asked?

Bye Gov'na! Seeya next time!

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

Ugh. I take it you looked up Chimera after the most questions asked question and said, "Oh, I can top that question amount." Assuming so, you didn't get my death threat should anyone try again. It's not funny, it's not cute. It's very, very annoying. Now that this reminded is back out there (as the last time was a month ago), if anyone attempts to do such, I'll skip over them without care that time and any other. Just so you know!

You should SO make "Gobby" the full name of Bögg: Swedish Cousin Bögg Gobbÿ... from Germany.

- Gobby

Squeaky Bögg

No, that would, pretty much, kill the joke. This gag was spawned by my brother (older, not twin) doing a spoof "re-envisioning" of my character Rubber Man. It was during that phase in the '90s when comic books were trying to give everyone a fresh face. What year was that... Oh, right, all of them. However, to avoid infringement suits, it wasn't Rubber Man but Rübber Man, Rick's Swedish cousin.

The point is that the name can't be different. Put as many funny marks over the name as you want, it's still the same name 'cuz it's still the same character. That's the joke. It is the same character, not someone else. It's just legally distinct enough (questionably so, I might add) to avoid procecution. And if that gag went over anyone's head, ask your teacher to hold you back come summer!

Moreover, Squeaky Bogg's fully expanded name is Bimblesnaff "Squeaky Gobbo" Bogg, by right. Bogg always sits at the end, and Gobbo is just a nickname. Why would a derivation of a name that isn't even part of his appear after his surname? I'll tell you why -- it wouldn't ever. ultra when i use bonkers the fire hammer goes the oppisite of hammer kirby's. why?

2-3.what would happen if kirby ate/wore a ring of power(lord of the rings)

4.isn't the fictional character squeaky bogg ever worried the other icons will try to uprise

5.if they do uprise would they do it on 110 113 or 119? do i get to the page that shows how the icons 6.5 why don't if you need another idea for the storybook why not the less important icons' orgin stories in one long storybook.

7.are neolan and the other guy part of the awesome icic

i'm probaly not going to try to break my record unless it is challenged or beaten or i get too many questions

- I'm back - Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

0) Well, speak of the three-headed devil! That's the one you got to look out, after all. What, with his extra pair of pairs of horns and what-not.

1) It's effectively still the same attack. The side the hammer is swung from doesn't change the range or effect. I believe this is done due to the spriting limitations of Bonkers. On Kirby, it looked cooler to have him hold it on one side, but the great ape has bulkier arms which are more astatically limited. The arms would be over his face during the build-up otherwise. I... I think.

2-3) How is this two questions? Anyhoo, the only "power" he'd get would be Sauron's scorn.

4) No, not really. He's fictional, so he has no worries or despair.

5) No, most likely not. They're all just icons, after all. Dance, puppets, dance!

6) They're all partying at the Faces of Squeaky Bogg page.

6.5) I don't really get why this non-sequitur was doubled up under the same number while the other one was doubled number when not needed? Anyhoo, no new ideas are needed for the story book. Moreover, I didn't even make the current story book.

7) Neolan (Neapolitan/Nitro) is part of the Ice Cream Island Crew, the leader of them in fact, but Bumke (Bumpy Cake/Blast) and Heart Knight ain't. The former is just an "enemy" despite bearing the ice cream flavor/American Gladiators naming convention. Heart the Shield Knight, on the other hand, is just a knight in the series of... knights.

8) As previously covered, it'd be best not to.

Remember how you say that the blade Meta Knight uses in the games is different from Galaxia? It looks like a plain, flat-edged sword. Later, someone pointed out that he seems to be using Galaxia in the Cutscenes and in artwork. Such inconsistancy... Well I noticed something that makes that look like nothing at all.

Y'know the Sword Beam technique? With full health you shoot a beam. When Kirby does it... The beam looks just like his sword. When Meta Knight does it, even though he has the flat-edged sword... The beam looks exactly like Galaxia.

WOW. Way to go with consistency, guys.

So, any thoughts?

- m190049

Squeaky Bogg

The only thing I can think to say is that it tosses out the "spriting limitations" theory. So, they could do it, by right, but chose not to. My guess is that they feel it would look, still, too awkward while being wielded in hand. As a shot, they can let it pass. Plus, it makes Meta Knight not use the same graphics as Kirby. Also, who cares? It's just another showing of the Kirby game makers not lining things up properly. I've already ragged on that all that it can be done. They just cheesily splice in the branched blade wherever possible and have it stick out like a sore thumb.

What's the storybook?

- Huij

Squeaky Bogg

Really? You ... didn't bother to click any of the several links given over these past nigh ten sessions that led to the Story Book? I actually had someone ask me this in person. There was, like, a six session streak that had a link to it whenever it came up. It's very easy just to go to it to find out what it is.

Hi, Squeaky teh Bogg. Nice #100 session animation. It made me laugh.

1. Is there a Kirby game where Scarfies AREN'T present?

2. What disappoints you about the Kirby series? It can be the series as a whole, how recent Kirby games have fared, or anything in between.

3. What do you think will be the future of Kirby? I imagine either after Kirby Wii or instead of Kirby Wii, we're gonna get some lame spinoff game. Or a not-so-lame one.

- Fait

Squeaky Bogg

1) Scarfy is absent from Star Stacker and Canvas Curse. I don't think the inhale triggered transformation would have value in a title lacking such. But, you are correct. The Scarfster is a near ever present foe for the puffball.

2) Does that even need asked? Well, to avoid the animated series as a whole, I'll say the lack of return of Animal Friends and Gooey. * sniff *

3) Can it even be questioned that they will come out with some type of Kirby game in the future?

heya, it's me again,

1: what is the deal with the NZ's in kirby 64, there are a load of them on dark star so i thought zero two created them but then i thought... why would he make something so easy to kill? this is probably false but do you think maybe NZ's are normal creatures from kirby's world and zero two maybe ate their souls?

2: likewise, what is the deal with miracle matter? did 02 create it just to fool kirby?

3: i asked a question earlier on about which final weapon did you think was the strongest, you said the crystal gun, well no offence but, it doesn't even make kirby fly, he has to get ribbon to do it, i mean even the star rod let kirby fly and that was used against the puniest boss in history, i would say the love- love stick

- Poppy Bros. Max

Squeaky Bogg

1) Um... no. N-Z's are just the replacement Waddle Dee, who was friend not foe. They're the tiny worker bee drones of Dark Matter. All of that focus in strength and non-sucking went into the major possessions of the bosses.

2) Who Miracle Matter is and what Miracle Matter is, I think? It's not like they ever really come right out and explain this stuff. MM, or Ems as the cool kids call 'im, is, morely, a psyche out to the true boss. Kirby games like their false finishes, after all.

3) What? What does "flying" have to do with power? You asked for the strongest, and strength doesn't make you fly. Raw strength only kills stronger foes, and none, as said, are stronger than 02. Besides, a lot of the weapons didn't even give Kirby the ability to fly. The Star Rod battle, for the most part, as well as with the Rainbow Sword one, was spent falling. This is why if too much time is taken, Kirby smashes against that big, flat surface. Yep, that's the ground. Only, typically, after the battle is one does the magic spring up and carry the hero across the sky. Otherwise, he's in freefall. For the Star Rod, King Dedede blasted Kirby skyward and, in Dream Land 2, the sword lifted Kirby up to the heavens and then ran out of juice. I think Dream Land 3 was the sole exception to the enchanted, permanent flight of a final weapon.

Hello! I normally don't send anything here. I think I did once before, but I haven't found a session with that question in it.

1) Why is the Mirror World Kirby called Shadow Kirby? He isn't evil at all, unlike Dark Meta Knight. Wouldn't it be easier to call him Mirror Kirby, or would that get confused with Mirror Ability Kirby?

2) What was your favorite theme from Kirby's Dreamland, aside from the obvious Green Greens or Mt. Dedede themes? Mine would have to be either Shooting or the Ending theme. Castle Hall is also pretty catchy, as is Castle Lololo.

3) On the subject of Kirby's Dreamland, what was your favorite boss/battle? I personally love the Kaboola battle.

4) I know you don't have a DS, but were you thrilled that Kaboola, know called Kabula, returned in SSU? I certainly was. And to top it off, they even remixed the Shooting theme!

- SuperYoshi888

Squeaky Bogg

1) Shadow Kirby is called Shadow Kirby since he's gray and shady colored. Shadows aren't evil, folks. They're just areas where light has been blocked. Officially, he is called Mirror-world Kirby.

2) Yeah, cut out, like, half of the major tunes. That leaves options. I'd say the theme of Float Islands would be good. I ... don't know what it's called. I never bothered to learn song titles.

3) The Rainbow Sword battle against Dark Matter (Knight form) is my top pick, still.

4) I've always wanted Kaboola back, so of course I was glad when my favorite boss from Kirby games came back.

... You're lucky I had a slow day at, uh, not work, Kirbyfield. I still blew off all the lame-o Q's, not for myself but the reader. Those brave souls.

'Ello gov'na. Jolly good day for some questions!

Do you think Bouncy would don a good ability?

What about the Meta-Knights?

Thirdly, why don't they use said knights in the anime?

How do enemies without mouths survive with nutrition?

Squeaky Bögg says he's Squeaky's Swedish cousin from germany... But is there even a germany on pop star? o_O

Does ometon have any abilities?

Does the bagel with onion have signafigance in the Storybook?

How come there was almost no sign of dark matter, not even as a trophy, in SSBB?

Can Nega Bogg spit acid?

How long have you worked here?

Bye Gov'na! Seeya next time!

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

1) I think a springing ability from Bouncy would definitely make a nice addition to Kirby's repertoire, but I feel like it would have Balloon's usefulness -- outside platformers. It would come across as a dampened Hi-Jump ability, a bit like pogo Nago with Parasol in adventure games, but if it gave him wacky mobility options, then it'd open up a whole slew of game play possibilities.

2) Only one of the Meta Knights has a would-be-practically new ability to offer: Mace Knight. Ax is just Cutter with some heavy close range swings. Trident would just be an electrified Angel's arrow. Javelin would either be the arrow or Tornado, depending on which mode of attack would be used. Mace, on the other hand, would have its wicked over-the-head swing. Add in the fact that it's a melee weapon with short range that's suppose to be that way, Sword Beam, ahem, and you'd get a pretty cool power. Of course, Cosmic Chaos just went and made all of them powers, although not exactly rooted in each of the Knights.

3) The whole gang of Meta Knights are absent from the animated series since: (a) Sword and Blade have swords, and thus are more knightly, (b) Meta Knight's crew is suppose to be all purple, like he is, which would create a very bland and mixed together color splash when all were on screen at the same time, a disaster adverted by the teal and green of the chosen duo, (c) many of them are much too robotic, especially Javelin Knight, to make good characters, (d) Sword and Blade are already such low standing characters, why would they need more? And (e) obviously, someone liked them and decided to spare them the shame of appearing in the show.

4) They all have mouths, you just can't see them normally. I'd be more concerned about their ability to respire. Plenty of higher life forms live, albeit shortly, without digestive systems, but all need to take in oxygen.

5) Way to get jokes, there.

6) Needle and Freeze, I believe, are his doables.

7) The bagel is just a comedy piece playing on Debagelbond's nick name, Bagel. Refer to part #5.

8) Because, as has been explained countless times, that entire branch of Kirby's adventures has had every attempt made to sweep it under the rug and be forgotten. Look for sessions with Shinichi Shimomura. One if not all of them should smack your face with the answer.

9) No, he spits heroin. And, to be safe, refer to part #5.

10) I've been working here only since 2005 when I signed on to do the Frontpage Picture Challenge. You can tell when I started doing it since, once I did, every month had an update. Here's a run through of my history for would-be follow-uppers.

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  1. 888Chilly asked if and how to make a Story Book.
  2. A Wikipedian asked opinions on an all Meta Knight game.
  3. A Wikipedian asked if the Wii title will ever be released.
  4. A Wikipedian asked I'll ever buy a DS.

And, now, I want to take some time out to say shut up, griever questioners. Sending stupid stuff to the cache doesn't really faze me at all. I mean, I just scroll right over it. Stupid questions: only wasting your time.

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