Ask Guru Gobbo #36

Hey, did everyone check out the Mailbag today? Let's just say, I may have done something or not. And I don't just mean cleared out the old letters. I mean, I did do that, granted, but I assumed they went in a vaguely chronological order. That file was getting cumbersome after all.

- August 25th, 2008

  1. Doore1337
  2. Blade Knight
  3. Leint
  4. Raver
  5. Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy
  6. Guest
  7. A Waddle Doo With a Hat
  8. 888Chilly
  9. Tripp Best

I understand you have a copy of Amazing Mirror from Singapore that was possibly pirated. What glitches or disadvantages does it have? Is there any way to use them to your advantage? And how did you come across it?

- Doore1337

Squeaky Bogg

It truly is a lackluster story. Basically, I went to eBay and found the cheapest copies available. There were a huge lot of them as the seller was constantly supplying more auctions of the merchandise. Now, I don't know if it is pirated or not, but it sure does seem shady. It's the international version, so it isn't compatible with game play to the American version, which stinks since I can't play it with my brother who later bought a US copy. The game plays exactly as it should with no glitches or anything, but the actual, physical construction just smacks of shoddy workmanship, be it the label, the box and instructions that the game was packed with, or even the cartridge case itself. Plus, its batteries had a life time of next to nothing. They died shortly after I completed the game, thank goodness, and prevent me from having any saved data.

1. Why is it that whenever Sword and I face off against a monster, we lose? Its like Kirby is the only one with a right to defeat the monsters.

2. Why did 4kids decide to turn me into some mumbling old guy? I sound alot cuter in the the jappanease versoin.

3. Sword has a question. Who is his english voice acter? We can't find who it is.

4. If there was a new season of Kirby, would it tell more about our past?

That's all for now. thanks

- Blade Knight

Squeaky Bogg

1) Pretty much, yes. This is what makes Kirby the "hero". Supposedly, Blade and Sword are able to handle most situations; however, dire dangers require a more formidable fighter. Kirby, being the superpower in the show, is needed to take on these threats. I don't really know what cases would allow the two Knights to have some time to shine. Maybe a lame monster?

2) Everything sounds cuter in the Japanese version. It's Japan. Almost any voice is adorable. Anyways, his voice was just a bad choice, plain and simple, on castings part, or whoever had that final say.

3) Sword Knight's English voice actor is unknown. Really, no one has a clue who does it. It's a bit odd since, well, that should just be, say, in the credits of an episode or something, but no one seems to tell. They give the voice actor for the guy that mumblings gibberish, barely worth the mention, but the clearly spoken counterpart is left out? Sense abound!

4) No, it probably wouldn't. Blade and Sword Knight are minor characters. Like all non-major characters, and unlike any fan character, hrhr, they don't have one. They are just kinda there. Not everyone has some big, complicated story with a tragic past or stuff. A lot of times, the tales of one are written in the present, not in youth. The duo were, aparently, bandits that Meta Knight stopped/saved and took under his (bat) wing. Also, at the time, they wielded a mace and an ax. What?! (Hey, I'm just going from the desaturated flashback screen capture here, folks)

Around what time or what game did Metaknight gain such huge popularity??? I don't even think I knew who he really was when I first played Adventure. I just knew him as a guy who gave me rare candies at times and threw his lunkies out to fight me before settling the score in Orange Ocean. I didn't even know he had a name then.

Do you consider the Dark Matter series as a separate canon or AU when compared to the other Kirby games from around that time?

If you said yes, would you think that the Kirby from the Dark Matter series is more friendly and outgoing than his other counterpart? I mean geez, he has friends in those games, but you don't even see him chilling out with anyone in the other games. Super Star may have given him Helpers, but helpers are not friends. Just Kirby's mind slaves.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) Meta Knight should not have been known at the time of his Adventure appearance. I mean, that was his first game, after all. I would say that he built up a small, cult following within the following of Kirby fans (group in a group, nutty!) that grew considerably with Revenge of Meta Knight. He was, after all, mysteriously like Kirby, which opens more questions than the game makers ever have the intention of solving. I think I cover that some here. I would say, however, that his real boom came with the animated series. With as popular as he was, Kirby of the Stars and Nightmare in Dream Land, which was just a pandering to the show, really catapulted him.

2) The Dark Matter Trilogy, although attempted to be ignored, is within canon and not some alternate world. The only game to really coincide with the stretch is Super Star, and that game was a collection of minor events that could really be stuck in the series about anywhere during that time period. However, with the presense of Dark Mind and Dark Zero, it gives the sense that these games are still recognized despite being largely left in Kirby's past.

3) The happier, gentler nature of Kirby in those games is how the director wanted him to be portrayed. It could be taken that, over time, Kirby grew a little meaner and fierce (just a little) as is the light he is sorta presented in his later titles and Super Star. While it is assumed that Kirby does have friends of some kind, they just never show up. He's generally stranded from the rest of the people of his land or is running about like a mad man trying to get cake. Either case, not a situation he'd invite friends to.

what do you supposed've have happened to the three other kirbies.

i've given them names of my own to not forget




(not very creative names huh)

- Raver

Squeaky Bogg

While I have already theorized about their fates, I must point out their names. While folks are free to show whatever dubbing upon they feel, there have raised some "fanon" names, is such can be true, that are generally excepted. The yellow one is called "Keeby" (or Kiibii to Kirby's Kaabii in Japanese) which is a play on Japanese for yellow, kiiro. This is its officially given name, as stated in the Japanese version of Dream Course, or "Kirby Bowl". The other ones have similarly developed names, purely derived from fans, that follow the case of stretching out a vowel sound and sticking it between "K-" and "-bi". Keebii, Koobii, Kuubii, etc. That's just made up fan jargon, however. Where which one belongs, I don't know. It's more of a Japanese thing, methinks. Ah, yes, when in doubt, pin it on the overseas.

MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! The time for destruction has come! I bet you didn't know I was coming to make a sneak attack and destroy you and this Ask The Gurus thing once and for all! Muwahahah!!!

Prepare to die! *pulls giant laser from out of his mouth and fires it at Squeaky Bogg*

OH SNAP, WAIT, THAT WAS THE GO BACK IN TIME BEAM!!! (Side effects include: random beard & mustache growing on your face near-instantly, and a giant time machine that lets you go back to your current time appearing right next to you. Don't lose the keys to it though!)

And that means the laser that was going to self-destruct if I didn't fire it is still in my stomach...

OH SNAP. *explodes*

You hear in the faint background, "You haven't seen the last of meeeee..... I will re-appear! Sometime between sessions #66 and #69...... If you get that far..."

.... After the smoke clears, you see a note lying on the ground. Hm? It seems to be a question Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy was going to send in...

It says...

Hey, I LOOOVE Squeaky Bogg... Although I was wondering. Does Squeaky Bogg have any weaknesses or something of some sort?

~ #1 Squeaky Bogg Fan

- Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy

Squeaky Bogg

Well, I shouldn't read into this in anyway deeply. Yep, not at all. Well, fan of Squeaky Bogg who would certainly never want to destroy him some time in the future, the green glump does have one weakness, which I think we all have, and that's the fairer females. Anything from buxom beauties to cute chicks, lovely lasses cause him to stumble. That, and bullets. Again, I think we all have that weakness. Except for Super Man, the big jerk. So, hot dames or hot lead. Take your pick.

Can you tell me about the KCCh world 1 Demo? I want to try it, but i'm not allowed!

- Guest

Squeaky Bogg

I haven't played it, downloaded, or any of that stuff. I'm probably unable to. All of the info I know about it came from the official forum topic or the official site.

Hello again, Sir Bimblesnaff. While looking up "Kirby" on the GameFAQs search engine, I noticed that there was an E-Rader (Rader? Rater? I dunno how it's spelled) game called Kirby Slide. Going by the pictures GameFAQs had of it, it seems to be a sliding puzzle of anime-style Kirby. It's a pretty small and obscure game, but don't you think it deserves a spot on the site? I mean, KRR has a section on that obscure Kirby baseball game on the Satellaview, doesn't it?

Oh, and sorry about not realizing that the animal friend creation was yours back in session 32. Looking back on it, I can't believe that I didn't realize it.

- A Waddle Doo With a Hat

Squeaky Bogg

I've actually never heard of it. It seems to be so for good reason. Much of those E-Reader games are buried in obscurity. They weren't really much of anything worth noting, so most people over looked them. The game came free in issues of Nintendo Power, so that tells you a bit about their quality. I do not know why there isn't even a nod to it on the site. My guess is that no one, honestly, really know about it or enough about it to make a page for it.

why is the kirby anime with that line over the e called an anime with a line over the e instead of a show

- 888Chilly

Squeaky Bogg

Um... what? The accented E, é, is just a representation of a letter to denote its pronunciation. Much like how you write café with the mark to tell people, "Hey, you say this letter, Americans. It's not silent," animé can be written that way as well. It also appears in a popular video game/cartoon title to make people think they aren't poke monsters. Now, you don't have to do this, as writing words like "cliche" or "resume" is perfectly exceptable as the accent mark is understood. I aim to be über technical 'cuz I can and know how to.

Now, continuing with what I think is an answer to your question, people call Hoshi no Kaabii an animé instead of just a regular ol' cartoon or show since this is what it technically can be classified as, a Japanese animation. You may have noticed, I doubt it on anyone's part, that I actually refuse do this and repetitively refer to the show as simply "the animated series". Why? I just do. So, if any of this was of any help to any one, any! And you thought I said it enough times!

In Squeak Squad, Bohboh explodes after you defeat him. Well, this makes sense since we're never going to see him again. Most everybody else has a reason for not exploding. But why didn't Mrs. Moley explode? This raises further questions. Why does her husband live in the Mirror World? What are their relation to King Mole? Help me out here.

- Tripp Best

Squeaky Bogg

1)Mr. Moley, and I'm assuming his wife, actually used a different in-game state than most enemies. I've noticed that sometimes, even after Mr. Moley was defeated dead, he would pop in and out of his holes. This is just a small programming glitch thing of insignificant value that the game makers just shrugged off. Everyone explodes in Kirby, outside of Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Whispy Woods. Everyone else goes pop when defeated for the most part, however, or some how have an explosion occur on them.

2) Mr. and Mrs. Moley live in different worlds since, well, the game makers didn't put much thought into the situation. I've always kind have thought that two bosses in Squeak Squad were the mirrored doubles that should have been in Amazing Mirror. The first is Kracko/Mecha Kracko, and the second, ironically, has Mrs. Moley as sort of the real world counterpart to Mr. Moley, or something like that. Again, that's not real, just something I've thought. I would say that Mrs. Moley might have just crossed the world boundaries to avenge her hubby. That, or the game makers were really lazy and just wanted to reuse the same basic mechanics and sprite work.

3) I have no idea who or what "King Mole" is.

If anyone was helped by any of this, or knows what a King Mole is, I'll be glad to steal your answers and take credit myself. Also, -

Squeaky Bogg

Be warned, Uncle Gobbo! Foul things lurk on the horizon!

Oooh, snap! Hey, wait, wasn't this all scheduled for October?

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