Ask Guru Gobbo #107

I've learned something about the people who give me my question fodder: they use the internet at school. That, or they are building snowmen. I dunno. Regardless, question count down. So, here be an abbreviated session. Just slightly.

- December 20th, 2008

  1. Marx vs. Kirby
  2. Meta Knight Fan
  3. CuboneKing
  4. Cheesy
  5. Leint
  6. Sharnay
  7. Airride Master

I actually came up with something good this time:

1.Does Gooey appear in anything else besides KD3 and 2?(yah know cameos and that)

2.Is King golem basically a stone version of Whispy?

3.Why does almost every final boss warp around like heck!?

4.finally,is Kirby some kind of serial killer? 0.0

- Marx vs. Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) No, Gooey doesn't. He's just like any of the other Shinichi Shimomura characters and has a limited list of appearances. He's popped out of sacks and could be used as a helper, but outside of that, unless he's scenery in one of those obscure and nearly mythical BS Kirby no Omotya Bako games like Efreet, then it's not likely. He's like Heavy Mole rightfully -- a one show pony. Avalanche doesn't count, keep in mind.

2) Yes. If there was any doubt to one static pillar that dropped stuff on Kirby being a copy of another static pillar who dropped stuff on Kirby, someone would need to get their doubt checked in their regular tune up.

3) Not every boss pops around the place. Nightmare did, yes, and his pseudo-half cousin from Mirror World, Dark Mind, did largely because it was just Nightmare's scheme. Later on, Marx adopted the 'porting, but Dark Matter and the ilk complete ignored such behavior, nor did Drawcia Sorceress or Dark Nebula. Drawcia Soul and Daroach, I guess did, pop around, too, tho' I'm not really familiar with fighting them and didn't add them to the initial count. So, okay, yeah, about half the final bosses do warp about.

Jumping about is a good way to misdirect the player. They think they can go to either get in a safe spot or set up an attack, but then whoops! The target has moved to three other places since then. It's a good try of calculating and strategy to keep an eye out for when they really will be vulnerable.

4) ... Yes. I refer you to the case of Kirby v. Evil.

i herd there is an episod call kirby's pet peeve, who exactly is peeve. oh do you have a nintendo wii, just curious

- Meta Knight Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) Peeve isn't the name of anyone. It's a play on the phrase "pet peeve" since Kirby gets a robotic dog toy from King Dedede which, of course, is inherently evil in its programming. Because of this, it's his pet peeve, hrhr. That's the dub title, keep in mind, which is stupid. "Birth? Kirby's Little Brother?" Okay, that's not much better either. So, both languages had a sour time titling episodes.

2) No, I own none of the latest video game generation systems.

If Kirby had an ability, and he took the ability hat off (if he had one) would he still have the ability?

How is Dark Mind a form of Dark Matter?

- CuboneKing

Squeaky Bogg

1) This is one of the many reasons that I hate ability hats. By right, certain abilities this would be true for. If Kirby took off the Jet ability hat, that has the jet right there with it, so the power would be lost. The same would hold true with Cutter and the like. In fact, in Super Star, the origin of Copy Ability Hats, when a power was discarded, the hat was, for the most part, jettisoned. Weapon based abilities would generally toss the tool and Wheel, somehow, chucked a tire. This, for the most part, made sense. Kirby's ability was linked to the item that he wore, which is why it would be picked up by a helper to assume said power and why he lost the ability when giving it up. However, something like, say, new Hammer has a hat with it, but ditching that wouldn't make Kirby's massive maul vanish into thin air. Fire doesn't use the flaming crown to launch an attack. Most abilities are not linked to the hat, so it wouldn't make a difference what Kirby has on his head, but that seems to be the case. Sometimes.

2) Dark Mind is technically a form of Dark Matter. He is, by all right, a fusion of Nightmare and Dark Matter who inhabited the Mirror World. He has attributes similar to both but is uniquely his own. Regardless, he still reeks of Dark Matter influences. And, for those reasons unknown, while it seems that Dark Matter and 0 themselves cannot be reused in games, their likenesses can be replicated. Go figure?

1] Why did they miss out lalala/falala for the weekly poll?

2] I found many other abilities in KDL3, like laser, did the makers do this purposely?

- Cheesy

Squeaky Bogg

1) If by "they" you mean "me", then yes and no. First, I must say that it's only Lalala. "Falala" is such a heinous brutalization that I don't even know where to begin. Secondly, I purposely skip over the Lx3s when able since, by right, they aren't really Kirby characters. Yes, Lalala wears a bow, but there's how many true Kirby characters already accounted for to fill up the ballot? A lot. Now, back when I had the best paired boss poll, pickings were a bit slimmer and the two are a bit more iconic in that respect. After all, Eggerland never really had the two working in tandem like that. One was always just saving the other.

2) You didn't really "find" it. People have been very aware of that since the game came out since this is exactly what the game designers planned. Much like how in Dream Land 2, using Spark with Rick generated an attack identical to Beam, this is how the Dark Matter Trilogy managed a wide spread of abilities with only seven or eight distinct powers to begin with. I've gone over the Dream Land ability variation before, but I only gave a select few examples of previous abilities mimicked. Only a sampling is needed to prove the point. Going over them all is boring and already well documented in Kirbypedia. Besides, that's Chuchu's Spark. Who wants to use Chuchu as an example of anything?

Hope this isn't a silly or dumb question because I kinda feel like it is, but do you know where I could find some good Kirby soundtrack remixes, especially Adventure and if so, do you have anyone you'd recommend having a listen to?

You think it'd be a good idea to say like on Arbor Day to dedicate the site or at least have a party or something to ol' Whispy? As much as he's in the games, I tend to feel he's very underrated and not appreciated enough. Yeah, and I said my last question was silly. >_>

If Bogg is Santa, does that make his animal friend a reindeer?

Last one for now. Am I the only one who gets creeped out at the sight of NOVA? For some reason, he just has some kind of creepy stare and he tends to scare me worse in KSSU with him being all 3-d and making more appearances. Is it wrong to associate him with being evil? I mean he does summon some tough bosses and you do gotta take out his heart and all.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) I can't say. I never listen to soundtracks of any kind, regardless of the media it's generated for, and I care for re-mixes even less. The only thing that I can come close to suggesting is if any are laying around in Rainbow Resort's own Music & Sound section, which, I just learned, has a fan re-mix section. Maybe some are good?

2) I wouldn't say that Dubya-dubya is underrated exactly. He's more of, oh, properly rated? Sure, the guy is in about every game, but so is Broom Hatter. And you know what? Both present about the same threat -- none at all. It's sadly true, but let's just face the facts. Dubs isn't all that great. Sure, he's old, he's classic, but he's weak. People would rather care about someone with some sort of appeal, like Daroach or Galacta Knight, over a pushover.

And that's one way to say, "Go out of the way for Arbor Day? Never!"

3) Squeaky Bogg isn't Santa. He's just wearing a red stocking cap to get in the spirit of the season. Plus, he's gotten into the "spirit of the season" a bit too much lately. For swear, Squeaky, there's less nog and more "holiday spirit" in that glass.

... by which I mean rum.

4) I think NOVA presents a creep factor from his cluttered, shouldn't-be-creepy demeanor. The creative team didn't want him to look frightening, probably aimed more for awe inspiring, but that's a junk spread out around him. Coupled with those soulless, large eyes that tend to be half open and twitch after he's stitched back together,

In "Kirby's duel role", his sword beam was yellow. When he was galaxia kirby in "Hour of the Wolfwrath", his sword beam was white. So how come when he was both sword and galaxia kirby in "Crusade for the blade", his sword beam was yellow again?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

I could probably rationalize this by saying that Kirby's inherent Sword Beam coloration overrides that of the "borrowed" energy type, taking its natural and more dominate form. But, no. Things like this are easily enough explained by pointing the finger to the shoddy-at-best fact checking the show's crack team kept. They don't do a good job in that respect, no, as well as others.

I need help downloading KWRPG 1 to my computer. HELP!

- Airride Master

Squeaky Bogg

I'm no good at trouble shooting, but here's the scoop straight outta da mouth of the main himself, Kirby Warrior, said right on his forums scant over a month ago: "KWRPGI is so old, it just flat out won't work on some computers. After KWRPGIII is finished, I'm going to do a quick remake of KWRPGI to retcon some things and allow people to play it easier, for those that really care."

So, that's the deal. With the rapidly evolving computer systems, software gets outdated faster than you can shake a digital stick at it. However, after the third in the series is wrapped up, you'll be able to get an updated and working fix to your Koorpgy inklings.

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