Ask Guru Gobbo #67

Nega Bogg

* cue dramatic music * It is I! Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy, and I have come to take my wrath out on this pathetic Ask the Gurus. And, this time, I have a grand weapon up my sleeve. No malfunctioning lasers or fem-bots. I have this: Nega Bogg! He'll taint your answers with bitter and biting remarks.

Dude, that's what he actually looks like? I thought he was just in the shadows or something. Ugh! That's why all black doesn't work.

- October 4th, 2008

  1. Cubone King
  2. Rgijaba
  3. Ometon?
  4. Sapphire Kirby
  5. Waddle Doo
  6. Guest
  7. Squeaky Bog's 1# Fan
  8. Too Many ?
  9. Dungeons and Holy Cow Kirby?
  10. eNeMeE
  11. Rgijaba
  12. MetaKnight7
  13. ...

My cousin said that in some games Kirby is evil. IS THIS TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????

- Cubone King

Squeaky Bogg

Pretty much, this falls into the territory of Squeak Squad. He gets a cake stolen and then goes on a rampage that unleashes the super evil, Dark Zero (Nebula). Also, unknowingly, in Adventure, he almost released Nightmare, but that was unknowingly. At least then, he assumed he was doing good. The other example has him acting solely to satisfy his sweet tooth.

1.Yeah, I made a really stupid typo, I met K.W. said the Japanese level names where the name of the PLANET, hey,I may SEEM to be stupid, but I'm way smarter than most people I know. You wouldn't wanna know 'em... they're simply anbearable. Now tell them to me if you'd be so kind.

2.Sorry about my insisstance on "Wander Across Total Oblivion" thing, I got Bogg's trusty pop-up and now the page's in my favorites.

3. Sorry about the icons thing... wait, you forgot one. Shadow Bogg with a scar over his eye.Shadow Bogg? Hmm. I just made it up, and I likes the sounds of it.

4.I met printing the formal art off Kirbypeidia and the websites art gallery... with my computer's printer. Geeze, I'm not an idiot.Hmm... wait- didn't I just say I was?! I was liing! Don's beleive a word!

5. I don't lie... er, wait!

6.What did the creaters have against Kirby64's fine cast of enemeys?

7.Why isn't there even an unmade page for Flappy, Dale, Balloon Bomber, or Caller?

8.Any tips on how to get past Fire Lion in "Wander Across Total Oblivion"?

- Rgijaba is watching

Squeaky Bogg

1) Not that that would have helped, but I simply missed answering the question. I started it up but forgot to finish it before I posted the last session. It was rather rushed, and I was escaping battery time expiration. Regardless, I finished up the answer back in the original.

2 ... 3) No, nothing was missed. That's called holding off until something is actually in a sort of use. Technically, that image is days old and has been saved for when it was being used. There's not going to be something in a directory when it wasn't actually officially unveiled.

4) If you meant just straight printing off a website, then it's even less of a question for me of any kind. That, still, is a technical problem. I don't see what I could offer. It's a website, and it behaves like any website. It's not special in any regard. There's no reason it shouldn't just print.

5 ... 6) That I know, nothing. However, as has been say way too many times in the past, that entire line of the games was basically pushed aside in favor of the hatted, more actiony, Super Star/animated series line of things.

7) ... What? You mean in Kirbypedia? Probably because, outside of not knowing what or anything about these foes, if I made a page, I'd rather make it complete to forgo any confusion of what pages are still needing final touches. Frankly, a wholly dead page is, indicated with a discolored link, is lot more favorable than thinking a page has information only to find it's just a picture and the words, "Info to come." That's my view on the matter, at least.

8) Pfft, do you think you'd get anything from me?


I was just sitting here being patient, drinking coffee, when I wondered how I hold on to the cup. Why? How? When?

- Ometon


Hey, waitaminute, I'm beginning to think that he isn't the real me. I think it is pretty obvious how, too: I would know the answer to the question already.

And when your imitating the Ometon, you know its time to call it a day. Or a life. Well, I guess it wasn't much of one to start with...

Anyway, just like Bogg and Gooey, Ometon uses HSH to manipulate objects -- Homestar Hands.

Before I start anything, I must apologise; Koozer's name wasn't changed in KSSU, as it only list the names of helpers, bosses, and mini-bosses. I was sleepy and typed the names wrong. Now on to the two items I need to ask/argue about.

1. In a previous section, someone asked if some of the enemies in Brawl's Subspace Emissary were based off Kirby enemies and you said no. While I sort of believe you, there are some enemies with Kirby Series similarities.

Blah diddy bla-bla blah bladdity blah. ~ Nega Bogg

As such, I think it would be fair to say atleast a few of the Subspace Army members were inspired by Kirby enemies.

2. This is actually more of a complaint about another poster rant (coughseesession62uncough) about the Pokémon Franchise. Because this is a complaint, I'll be swift and blunt. They add more Pokémon and legendaries to chalenge the player and give variety. Mew's D/P pokédex entry still says Mew is the ansestor of all Pokémon, and never stated Arceus created Pokémon, just the universe, Dialgia, Palkia, and the lake trio, and that Mew isn't the ansestor of Porygon, as it is human made. Not all Pokémon fans use legendaries and make fun of those who don't (my level 98 Chimecho KO's all). I've never herd people call Mew a "pathetic weakling" only inferior to Mewtwo (which is debatable). They rehash the common bird and bug pokémon because there are many varieties of birds and bugs on Earth, and that despite her love of Turtwig and Hatrid of "rehashes", Turtwig is a combination of Bulbasaur, Chickorita, and Squirtle. Oh AND COMPARING POKéMON TO SONIC WAS JUST UNCALLED FOR!! THAT IS REALLY RUDE!!

...That wasn't really swift or blunt, now was it?

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) And like I said then, they just seem like enemies to me. I've had countless times of saying that people look too deep into things to try to find similarities. You can find likenesses between any two things when you look and stretch far enough. I've heard it all before. I've read all those arguments. The thing is, they are still loose at best. I could compare them all to foes from Zelda and maybe even Super Mario Bros. Hell, Legacy of the Wizard could probably parallel them. When you get down to it, just like I said before, they are just enemies. Common, run of the mill, and designed to be like the classic baddies. It's a good fit, yes, but just because something has spikes doesn't make it Gordo.

2) Blah diddity bla-bla blah.

How come in the anime they have cappies but in super star they have waddle-d's!?

- Waddle Doo

Squeaky Bogg

It's probably because the animated series isn't the game series. For some reason, the cartoon went with a rather obscure and unspectacular enemy as the standard folk rather than the oh-so common Waddle Dee. Dees, however, were made into the minions of King Dedede in that line of canon, so they couldn't be the unwitting towns people and the bad guys. Also, originally, it was a bunch of puffballs like Kirby in the crowd. Since Kirby was made more unique since the original game's creation, they had to switch it out without drastically changing it. The solution: use nearly identical Waddle Dees.

I have an idea about what T.A.C stands for(thanks for reminding me in session 66!):

Given he has the Copy copy ability, I would think that T.A.C stands for 'The Ability Copier'. Now, about GIM,...uh...

...This is harder than I thought...

...'Gyroscopically Impossible Machine'?...No, that can't be right...

um...okay...nevermind about that.


1) I don't have KSSU (!) and it sounds like a lot of fun, but when I tried to google 'Magical Sweeper' in its japanese name and the english name, nothing came up for either. Can you tell me if it's on the internet or not that you looked for it, and if it was on the internet, can you tell me the site Adress(I forgot how to spell adress)?


- Guest

P.S.: In the GIFs question, I meant animated GIFs

Squeaky Bogg

0) That's a pretty good possibility for T.A.C. However, it's sorta like spam e-mails being given a meaning for each of their letters, "stupid, pointless, annoying message", when really it was just a Monty Python skit. You can always go back and fill in the blanks, but, T.A.C. is just "cat" backwards. That's painfully apparent.

1)"Magical Sweeper" was found on the internet, but it was found on a Japanese site. Those list the text in Japanese characters. As of such, the English letters of the name only appeared when ran through Google's translator.

Oh my gosh! Kirby Cosmic Chaos stole Squeaky Bogg and made him *shudder* less original. I mean, if they were to steal him they should've stole him right! Squeaky Bogg looks like he's about to take over Popstar and kick Kirby butt than those Verdans!

- Squeaky Bog's 1# Fan

P.S. Not bashing the project, they should just pay Squeaky Bogg the respect he deserves.

Squeaky Bogg

Squeaky Bogg, in Kirby Cosmic Chaos? That's not true, at least as far as I know. Those little green things, the Verdan, don't even really look like li'l Gobbo much. They have a single point and no tail to them. Plus, they grow up to the how's that fitting tall body structure. Now, if Bogg really is in the game, that'd be the first I've heard of it. Although, I'm pretty sure he ain't.

Do you have any idea why people are tring to connect Kirby and Metroid. It's exactly like comparing Day and Night. Kirby bright and happy; Metroid dark and glum Kirby fast and varying; Metroid slow and same Kirby awesome and the point of this site; Metroid awesome and NOT the point of this site.

Oh, I was suppose to ask a question. Heh, sorry. I think you hear that too much, but here ya go anyway.

Do you think Kirby will ever get a backstory? Does he even NEED a backstory?

Thanks for your time!

Oh, wait I had another question.

Is Squeaky Bogg a sort of mascot for you, or a seperate enity to make funny faces and be awesometacular (he's so awesome he get's his own made-up word, Huzzah!)?

- Too Many ?

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby doesn't need a back story, in the games, at least. He's cute, he's round, and he eats stuff. That's all you need. Story never was the fine point of Kirby games. Sure, they like to put a twist near the end for a nice surprise, but a deeper, underlying story arch isn't something I think they'll do. They put that in the animated series, and the two, hopefully, shall remain separate.

2) Yes, that's the general spiel with Squeaky Bogg.

You said in the famous 22 questions with Chimera that Dark Matter was evil because he is selfish and self serving. Kirby has the same traits except he's cuuuute, which appearently justifies any evil thing he has done. Well I guess he isn't evil per se, but when has he served anyone but himself or his home? And how many times has he released an ancient evil? Can someone say Intentional? I think so. Because under that cute smiley exterior is EVIL! EVIL I TELL YOU!

- Dungeons and Holy Cow Kirby?

Squeaky Bogg

Spread the truth. It's a facade. Kirby is monster!

Nega Bogg

Hey... I'm supposed to be the evil one.

Ha HA HA! I'm Scary a Final Boss And The Baddie In The Anime And Can Invade Dream's Therefore I'm cooler Then Sir Meta Knight ha Ha HA HA!

1) How Do You Say PupupuLand (Dreamland's Name in Japan)?

2) Tell Me Everything You Know You About Marx Soul Or I'll Invade Your Dream's Forever HA HA HA HA HHHHHHHHHHHHHH-TRUNCATED ~ Nega Bogg.

- eNeMeE

Squeaky Bogg

0) A bloated goat corpse is cooler than that piece of garbage "Sir" Meta Knight. Putting "Sir" before what use to be a meaningful name is what drove one of the greatest villains in video game history to being some type of joke and father figure. Before "Sir" Meta Knight came along, the pilot episode of the animated series placed the masked warrior on the side of Nightmare. Nightmare. The fact that you even pander to the horrendous naming convention displayed by the American dubbers of what already was a piece of garbage just puts further focus on your already lacking intelligence.

1) The vowel sound represented from Japanese with a U is said oo, like in food. Therefor, the land is unfortunately called "Poopoopoo Rando".

2) Even I, the nefarious evil Bogg, grow weary of this coming up. I'm vouching for blowing this tedium off since of you priorly page distorting over-use of letters in that last laugh. Looks like the true last laugh is had by myself in exposing your incompetence and belitting you to all the audience Ask the Gurus receives. May you never show your face again.

1.Was Squishy in the anime? If so, what'd he do?

2.I forget quite when, but on time you said Kirby isn't a cold blooded killer, are you sure this is true? I've always seen Kirby a a cerial killer, cruel, merceless, ho won't even hold out on you if you're possessed. He almost killed that sweet little girl, Ado! I also all the way agree with you; Ado and Adeleline are the same person.But really, Kirby killing Waddle Dee's who aren't even TRYING to hurt him? Killing innocent 'lil Bloon? Murdering sweet little Bouncey? And sending them all to suffer as they're slowlt digested alive, whole, and crying; begging, preying for mercey? Well, when you put it like that...

3.A correction, it doesn't matter (especally not to you), but I simply hate to see anyting wrong, but you once said there's a Sonic game called "Sonic Dark Knights" or some thing like that, but it's called: The Sonic Chraonicals Dark Brother Hood. Or is it THE Dark Brother Hood?Not that it matters.

4. Why did random Sonic fans attack you back in the olden days? 'cuz you must really hate something to find a popullar fan website of it, find a questions section, and send in something saying "I think you're ugly, fat and stupid." or some thing like that. With grammer much more worse than that.

5.Where do you Kirby nerds find all this offical formal art? Hey, you're the one who said you're a Kirby nerd. I, for one, am a Star Wars geek.

- Rgijaba is watching

Squeaky Bogg

1) By Glod, what you going to do? Just ask what every possible foe did in the animated series? Watch the damn thing already. Squishy was, big shock, a monster fought by Kirby. It use to be sushi but grew into a big bad with electrical powers because jellyfish are apparently easily confused with mollusks.

2) Death isn't a horrible thing like that in Kirby, or any video game. It's more of a "pop" and gone. No blood, no mess. It's almost adorable.

3) You don't like to see anything wrong? You don't like to see anything wrong? That explains a lot since you obviously don't look at what you type. Sweet Pete, you dump more typos than I could manage typing with my feet. And I don't even have toes! Regardless, it seems you really didn't care to what you were commenting upon. Mention of Sonic & the Black Knight came up only from Prophallus, and the only wrong he did was plural Knight. If you only added an S to the strings you call words, people might be able to understand what you're typing.

4) Sonic fans pushed, but a bigger push came back. Truthfully, "SHWDW PWNS" has come back a number of times, but every time there's already enough idiotic comments flying around to have to unleash that one. I'm evil and hate Bimblesnaff and all, but even a heartless creation has its limits.

5) Kirby official artwork comes from Japan, for the most part, land of everything video game related. Magazines, booklets, and what have you. And, um... you're ugly! There, that met the heel quota for that response.

I wish to test your knowledge!

1. In KDL, what color was kirby? (the answer is not pink!)

2. What three bosses from KDL have been many of the games?

3. True/false: kirby had copy abilities in KDL.

4. Which boss in KDL only now reappeared in KSSU? how did he get defeated originally?

5. What abilities did kirby have in KDL?

If you get all five, you are a guru!

- Metaknight7

Squeaky Bogg

Challenged? Seriously, on Dream Land of all things? I wrote the book on Kirby's Dream Land, by which I mean was solely responsible for the Kirbypedia entries. Okay, maybe not two or three of them. I would blow you off, but I want to rub your face in it.

1) In the game, Kirby was technically cream spinach green as the game did not have color. White was only how he appeared on the American cover of the game. Sakurai had wanted him to be pink, which is how he appeared over seas, but since the decision was held up with Miyamoto's counter color argument of yellow, game art came out with a neutral white on this side of the Pacific. So, he was pink. Gee, you're questioning my knowledge of Kirby? You're question wasn't even right.

2) Whispy Woods has gone to reappear in almost all Kirby titles, including the non-platformer adventures, with the most notable exceptions of Amazing Mirror and Squeak Squad. All in all, an impressive resumé. Kracko, too, has had similar success with his numerous appearances in a mountain of titles and an evil twin, just like Whispy. King Dedede has only not appeared in one Kirby title, Amazing Mirror, which is a factor that gives Waddle Dee the edge in total appearances. Lololo & Lalala do not need any more than their two appearances, rightfully counted if excluding repeated games, since they have an entire game line of their own in Eggerland. The lastly mentioned boss of the game, Kaboola, has had, in addition to this first title, appearances in Block Ball and now Super Star Ultra, precisely appearing in Revenge of the King.

3) False, Kirby did not copy abilities in Dream Land I. He did, however, utilize effects of objects eaten. This was not integration but merely making use of the item. Since you ask about those later, I'll save the spiel for then.

4) Hah! Oh, man, you are so full of yourself. First, by right, Kaboola is referred to in the feminine form. All real old school Kirby fans know such. She was trumped with use of a super charged Mint Leaf that did not expire after the normally short period of time. And, as already stated, her appearance in Super Star Ultra was preceded by an appearance in Block Ball. Of course, you could mean that there was a lack of blimp boss in Super Star in your words. Somethin' tells me that ain't the case, tho'.

5) Kirby didn't have abilities in Dream Land I. Sure, we can look back and give them that name in retrospect, but they were not. No, they were standard video game power-ups and items. These included: Mike (screen clearer), Candy (invincibility), Spicy Food (infinite ammo), Mint Leaf (permanent flight), and Bomb (mega shot).

And I did that all without cheating and looking back to see what I already wrote about them. Dream Land is my Kirby game of choice. I've played through that one wholly more than any other game. The audacity you had to come here and test me on my knowledge of such is actually insulting. Be warned, anyone else who wants to pull such a stunt!

Nega Bogg

What if they ask about a newer game?

E- Don't give them my weakness!

What do you have agaist copy ability hats? Frankly, I don't care weather there's a hat of not... doesn't it just always say the ability's name in the corner? On that note, I pretty much dissagree with most all your opinions, Kirby or otherwise.I mean, your answers and bland, silightly... er- rude? Yeah, I'll use that.Bland, slightly rude sense of humor, and such low selfasteam and all, meshes together just fine! Your rambaling on 'n on, I just love it! But do I love what 'ya opinions on various topics beith? Uh, not so much. So mt question is... why did you become a Kirby Guru? I'm assuming it was just forced apon you?That's a good bet!

- ...

Squeaky Bogg

Yeah, hi, Rgijaba, or at least individual within the same IP address as 'Jabby. Yep, I know it's you. I guess the watcher is being watched, huh? In case you haven't noticed, which it is apparant that few do, a harsher tone is had with those who get on my nerves. Truthfully, a stilled tongue is taken to all folks, excluding this session where all went to pot, so, outside of this, I really don't get that "rude" humor thing. That sounds more like something Howard Stern would pull.

Anyways, the story of how Guru Gobbo is a boring as picking up slack. Of the four legs of Project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. that were performed, I volunteered for three of them since, really, no one else wanted to. Hm.

But, I agree with you, the answers are on the boring side. They use to be large and informative pieces but, well, how well do you think you'd hold up after sixty days nearly straight of getting questions about when Kirby Wii was coming out?

Repeat Response:

  1. Death Kirby wanted to know which Kirby SS game I thought was more difficult.

Squeaky Bogg

If I didn't know better, Nega Bogg, I'd say that you almost, I dunno, feel for Uncle Gobbo.

Nega Bogg

Ack! I know. It makes me sick to my stomach, which, for some reason, my creator put in my head.

Squeaky Bogg

Well, there wasn't a brain there, so he had space to fill.

Nega Bogg

Uh! But, I feel terrible. Is this what he goes through, all the time?

Squeaky Bogg

Pretty much, yeah.

Nega Bogg

I can't take it! This is too much for my soullessness to even bear!


Look out! He's gonna blow!

Nega Bogg


Squeaky Bogg

So, like, you'll actually blow up at some point, right, instead of just mouthing an explosion noise?

Nega Bogg

Yeah, probably. And, if not, my maker will kill me. He ain't gonna be too happy. I guess he'll just continue his plan, tomorrow, on Ask the Gurus!

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