Ask Guru Gobbo #66

So, how's it goin'? I'm doin' a'ight. Seem to be havin' problems wit' cuttin' off letters, tho'. It'll get better. I'm sure o' it.

- October 3rd, 2008

  1. Prince Flarema
  2. Sephie
  3. Rgijaba
  4. Leint
  5. Last Bosses
  6. Dodonox
  7. Rgijaba
  8. SuperComputer278
  9. Princess Rosalina
  10. PokeMega32
  11. Curious Guy
  12. Galacta Knight
  13. Cheshire Skull

Okay, here are two more questions about the differences and similarities of the original and new Super Star.

First, I found the paint ability in Ultra, soon after I asked my last question about it. Now, in Ultra, Kirby jumps up and sends paint flying in a giant circle around him. My question, is if the same thing happened in the original Super Star.

Second, how many copy abilities and/or helpers were there in the original Super Star. I've counted 22 in Ultra (now including paint).



- Prince Flarema

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yep. Paint didn't do much before, and it still doesn't do much, I see. Jumping, instant encompasses with colors, and whole screen attacking. All in all, in both versions, it's pretty lame.

2) I count twenty-five. There are five less helpers than there are abilities (Paint, Mike, Sleep, Cook, and Crash are helperless). They didn't add or remove any Copy Abilities from the game, so the tally comes out the same between the two versions. All of the previous information, in that respect at least, is still viable. Only subtleties were modified, nothing sweeping, outside of the new game modes.

I found a picture of Meta Knight in the Animestyle, where he is Ice-Meta Knight.

Which episode can that be found?

- Sephie

Squeaky Bogg

That's not from an episode of the animed series. That's just deceptive fan art. If I recall, Rainbow Resort hosted a fan art contest where non-Kirby characters were given copy abilities. Ice Meta Knight was one such entry. I'm sure the artist would be glad to hear that their work passed off as something legidimately from the series.

UGH! Just tell me how to get to it... or do you really not know what I'm talking about?Where the pop-up add normally was, the corner of it teared off and Squeaky Swamp Boggo peaked out! I clicked on it, and guess what? I was brought me to this page which had a picture os a blank Kirby with a question mark on it.I walked, I met Suqeaky Boggo, we went to this place with statues (looking for Kindar Spirit), found Bagle, found Robo Mecha Dedede, he exploded when he herd about how bad the mailbag was, we fell inti the abiss, ti see, I lit my self on fire... you get the picture by now. I could go on and on about Yuki, Ometon, The Little Moutain On the Man, F'room, ect., but please, PLEASE tell me how to get back to it!

- Rgijaba



Boy, I really didn't think it'd be that hard a concept to get.

Back to wreak havoc by asking more pointless questions!!! HA!

So I read in one of your previous sessions that Super Star utilized the action aspect while the Dreamland series utilized more of the lull and exploration concept, thus separating the Kirby series into two different paths so to say. Would you then say that Kirby's Adventure probably balanced out the elements of action and exploration?

I was thinking while I was playing KSSU. Though I didn't care much for Charlie the Unicorn, I couldn't help but wonder... why didn't he encounter Kirby or Dynablade on Candy Mountain?

Is Kirby a vegetarian? After all, his favorite food seems to be tomatoes. After all, I'm sure Waddle Dees and the such are all made out of tofu.

One last question. Doesn't Kirby have any shame? Why doesn't he cover up and put on some clothes?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) Adventure probably would fall between the two modes of play. Truthfully, the definitive factor was just the director, Shinichi Shimomura, who favored that slower pace of play. However, the NES classic does seem to lean more to that side of the fence.

2) The concept of a Candy Mountain really isn't all too original, as goes for any other geographic feature with "candy" placed before it. Kirby was first, however, in the Candy Mountain territory, or at least was out of these two. Despite not being named in America, I'm certain the makers of Charlie the Unicorn had no idea that it appeared in Kirby. It just sounds like an enchanted, fairy land place name.

3) Kirby is the truest definition of an omnivore if ever there was one. He eats everything in sight. Sure, his favorite food, regardless of which canon is taken into consideration, is a fruit (vegetable? I can't keep up with how these whims change), be it the savory 'mater or juicy melon, he still eats it all. Plant, animal, sometimes even mineral or none of the above! Also, Waddles aren't tofu. They're living, breathing beings. Their deaths are actually referenced in the mangas. Dying is comical.

4) To have shame, you need something to be ashamed of. If there was some junk visible, then there'd be a rioting line of people demanding his clothing. Until then, it's like Dark Wing Duck -- no pants!

Is Darkmind Nightmare and O2 fused together? Because he looks like nightmare but has an O2 ball with an eye at the center...

- Last Bosses, Ahoy!

Squeaky Bogg

I always took Dark Mind to be the combination of Nightmare and Dark Matter just based on the name alone. "Dark" and all. I guess that saying Zero, first edition and not the redux, makes a bit more sense with the red eye and paler color to the orb part. I don't see any resemblance to Zero Two, tho'. Now, he also has spikes surrounding the parimeter, which are like the bits that go around Dark Matter's real form. Beating around the bush, I know, but I still think the commonly held belief holds constant, Dark Mind is an alternate worlds combination of Nightmare and Dark Matter.

I want to ask just 3 questions

1:where did the inspiration for squeaky bogg come from

2:How do you know the language of poyo?

3:how was dreamland created.

- Dodongox

Squeaky Bogg

1) Bammo.

2) I don't. I was just an excuse to bitterly insult several things at once. I take my shots where I can get them.

3) The creation of Dream Land, Pop Star, and anything to that respect is never fully explained. I would assume it would be galactic gases and particles being centralized and condensed by gravimetric fields into some vaguly world-like shape. You know, standard theories of planetary creation.

1. To answer a queation from someone else, not clicking on Squeaky Bogg peaking out of the corner? This was the biggest mistake of you life.

Or is it using magic on Mr.Shine and Mr.Bright? Yes, Kindar is walking across total oblivion, an I'd love to see the way to find the area of the website again... eh, Bogg? Whatdya say?

2.Many moons ago, Kirby Warrior said that the Japanese Kirby Air Ride's levels where the name of the level. So, in order, what are the names of 'em? The only one i know is Galax.

3.Let's take a walk across total oblivion, Bogg!

4.Answer 3. and 1.

5.How did Nightmare die in the end of the anime?

6.Could you post links to the "all your icons" questions, at least?

7.What? Game Boy printer? Huh? I'm afraid I don't know what your answer to the Squeak Squad thing was.

- Rgijaba is watching


1) Seriously?

2) The Air Ride levels are named, in order: Plantes (Purantesu), Vallerion (Varerion), Sandora (Sandora... wait, there's no change there), Magheat (Maguhito), Colda (Koruda), Steelorgan (Suchiruogan), Checkknight (Chekkunaito), and Galax (Gyarakkusu). I guess those are named after levels?

3) I'm already there.

4) I did. "Satisfactorily" was never requested. Also, future requests for satisfactory answer will be ignored.

5) Nightmare was felled by the power of the Star Rod, just like he was in the game. It's nice that they kept that fact constant.

6) Needy, needy, needy. These things are suppose to be about answers to questions, not li'l icons. Here. Now no one can ever ask that again.

7) And I didn't really understand the question. You spoke of things about printing stuff and Squeak Squad. My natural assumption is that the printing had something to do with a Game Boy/DS associated printer. It's the only thing I could deduct from it.

I thought of this after reading Samus Kirby's question in session 65. In Super Smash Bros Melee's Adventure Mode, after you complete the Planet Zebes stage, the camera pans from the exploding planet over to the (relatively) nearby Pop Star. Do you think this could be a reference to KDL3's Metroid Heart Star mission?

- SuperComputer276

Squeaky Bogg

It's probably more to give crediance to all of the different worlds being able to be transistioned to so quickly. Afterall, the Zebes level is followed by, shockles, the Kirby level. Looking for deeper meaning where there is none makes you see trees instead of the forest. Or... however that goes. It's just level progression, not a reference.

I'm back, for more questions:

1. Did you watch a Kirby 64 commercial? (Note: I prefer look it on YouTube if you don't remember.)

2. Did you watch "The Subspace Emissary" cutscenes on YouTube? If so, do you like it or hate it?

Well, that's all. I'll see you in a few weeks. Later!

- Princess Rosalina

Squeaky Bogg

I can tackle both of these with one answer: I don't watch videos on-line, I watch them when I see them. I don't think I ever was any Crystal Shards commercials when they were on, and I'll see the Subspace Emissary cut scenes when/if I ever play Brawl. And... there's really not even much of a question about any of this even in there.

Hey Bimblesnaff!

After playing KSSU for a while and looking up stuff on the internet, I've been wondering why GIM's name is in all caps...

Does that stand for something?

Also, if a remake of Kirby 64 were to come out for the DS, what would you like changed in it?

- PokeMega32

Squeaky Bogg

1) I have never seen nor heard GIM's name to mean anything. If it was a Y instead of an I, then I could see it being something like "Gyroscopic Yo-yo Machine". But, since such is not the case, I think it's just one of those things done. After all, T.A.C. actually even has periods between his letters, and his doesn't even stand for anything. Being sans dots makes it even less likely to have any meaning.

um, at one point you said bullet bills have arms and madeyes and no mouth, and this is mostly true, but in mario 64 bullet bills are big, have an open toothed oval like mouth. just to inform you

- Curious Guy

Squeaky Bogg

Just so you know, I said, quote, "the classic enemy was mouthless unless in a gigantic form, which also lacked the white arms." Yeah, those are the collosal variety of Bill. They fit the bill (hrhr) to a T.

I'm pink, and I have wings. Therefore, I'm cooler than Meta Knight.

- Galacta Knight

Squeaky Bogg

Yes! Really, I'm not a fan of Galacta Knight, but anything to take some of the undeserved heat off of Meta Knight is a-okay by me. Take that, glory hog!

Hello, I'm Cheshire Skull,the girl who has an obbsession with the Cheshire Cat and many other things(including Kirby). I just wanted to say, I've looked at how you answered other people's questions and I wanted to tell you doing a great job ( you might want to make your answers a little more understandable though)! I wanted to ask you how you do your job as the kirby guru, like how do you decide what questions to answer and what not to answer? Are some questions stupid or mabye you don't know the answers? Can you give me examples of questions you've recived before and couldn't answer? Can you tell me why you couldn't answer them? Sorry if this got personal.

- Cheshire Skull

P.S. squeaky bog is cute!

Squeaky Bogg

Well, saying that Squeaky Bogg is cute definately is a way to get in. Joking, but, really, reduce the complexity of my answers to pander to a lower brow of audience? Such a course of action would be laughably ludicrous! I scoff merrily at the notion. Tee-hee!

Seriously, and this time for real, there's not much behind it. Why, just now, I've probably thrown out, oh, a good two or questions. One of them just had nothing to do with anything, asking about the new DSi. Hey, yeah, that has nothing to do with Kirby. Come back when they put a game on it. Other times, the question is just too over the top to be contained within a session let along a question. "What would happen if all of these characters from so-and-so met with all the characters from Kirby's world?" No, no I won't take that one on. Other times, I'm just tired. Really, tho', few fall on the cutting room floor. It's not like I'm holding out on you folks.

Repeat Response:

  1. Waddle Dee wanted to know when the Kirby Wii title was coming out. Still no change, folks.
  2. Q ... Episode 66... Really?

Well, that wraps up another boring, plain ol' regular Session of Gobbo's. Yep, nothing different to expect at all.

Squeaky Bogg

Or should you!?

Oooooh, snap!

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