Ask Guru Gobbo #133

And this is another session. I precede it with a witty remark. You have to be cool to read it, 'tho, so if you're seeing a message about needing to be cool to read it, got some bad news for ya. ... You're dog died.

- May 2nd, 2009

  1. Torkirby
  2. Samus Kirby
  3. Rainbow
  4. Jordan
  5. SuperYoshi888
  6. Sky
  7. Mix'in Marx
  8. Tripp Crazy
  9. Mirror Pikachu
  10. Sapphire Kirby

Is there some sort of Kirby store in Japan? It might be false, considering I heard about that when I was really young.

- Torkirby

Squeaky Bogg

The only Kirby store that I'm aware of sells vacuum cleaner parts. Pokémon is dominant enough a franchise that it can have several centers devoted to it alone, even though the American one was replaced with a general Nintendo devotion. Kirby, not so much. Mario doesn't even have his own store, so don't feel it's dissing the puff. Some franchises are just mega-franchise.

In Spring Breeze Level 4 King Dedede, is the arena rendered using FX chip or it just really good spriting?

- Samus Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Nay, no such undertaking was ever done. The list of FX Chip utitlizing games is rather short. It was just good graphics.

In Kirby Air Ride if you check all the check lists do you get anything?

- Rainbow

Squeaky Bogg

Since each step in that process is a work towards a complete effort, it's the journey and not the destination. Everything is unlocked in getting there, and, with the involved system designed for having the player crack open the check list, there's no "big shiny" when it's all over outside of having it all over.

How many dub edits in the Kirby anime were there? What happens if I broke the Gobbo FAQ rules?

- Jordan

Squeaky Bogg

1) You're joking, right? Every single episode was full of edits, from minor changes in dialog to changing regional references. It would be next to impossibly stupid to try and even fathom the amount of adjustments made to the animated series in it's trip from there to here. Now, major changes are far less frequent of an event but are still too much for me to dump out here. So, where better to find the dump of those at? Why, Kirbyped- I mean, Wikipedia's Hoshi no Kaabii entry.

2) The FAQ is just supposed to be used as guide. Mainly, it gives me the right to say, "You were told not to do that" and just outright ignore a question and no surprise given. Well, the sap could be surprised they aren't getting an answer, but that would be since they never bothered to read it. Since they aren't bright.

Hiya, guru Bimblesnaff. When will the new mailsack come out?

1) How come everything got massive in the Advance era of Kirby games? I shouldn't be fighting Mid-bosses that are bigger than some of the actual big ones.

2) Kirby must have some sort of environment suitable for incubating eggs, cause he eats all of those eggs in the Egg Catcher mini-game that hatch in his stomach. I wonder what other kinds of life can be supported there?

3) I love Senior Noodle Arms as much as the next guy(which you, understandibly, don't), but how come the ball of cliches is a major selling point? Is he Kirby's Shadow the Hedgehog?

4) Dedede needs to become Kirby's pal again. I like to think that Revenge of the King is really Dedede challenging him cause of how popular the puffball has gotten. You know, friends get jealous of each other too.

5) Does it irk you when people see something and get its origin wrong? It does for me. I'm getting tired of people thinking the Dynablade battle theme originated in Air Ride or Kabula's attacks were based on Nightmare when its the other way around.

- Superyoshi888

Squeaky Bogg

0) It's been pretty regularly targeting every two weeks, and the Mailbag Page currently says "Mailbag #64 - Targeting May 1st". So, yeah, the Mailbag main page may be a good source of that information. You know, rather than asking a submitted question to a service for the release of a regularly scheduled event at a time span that very well could, and has, passed the date in question.

1) The only real-deal bosses who are smaller happen to Meta Knight and Lololo & Lalala. Everyone else is pretty well sized. Well, Moley may be equal to or less than a mini-boss, but he's half underground. Then, the Squeak Squad are kinda 'tweeners to being full and half-way bosses. I can't really picture anyone else who is a slighter full boss.

3) I thought I already made that comparison? Well, I mocked the tiredness of video game angsty, darker versions at least.

4) No one wants that more than me, but, like I've said time and again, Dedede's been gunnin' back to the bad guy spot ever since the animated series, and Revenge of the King just solidified that notion.

5) Well, people are stupid. They should know the chronology goes Kaboola, Nightmare, Dyna Blade, so 'Boola trumps all. Respect da blimp!

Okay, I'm having some trouble with Super Star Ultra. I completed like allll the mini series' but, it won't unlock Helper to Hero! I dunno what I'm supposed to do to unlock it!

- Sky

Squeaky Bogg

I've commonly found that when someone says, "I've done everything!" that they tend to be mistaken. Why, there's be plenty of times when someone says, "I signed up for [some account], like, three months ago!" Yeah, it would turn out to be a week. Anyhoo, the fact that you poision yourself with the wording "like everything" says you must have not.

Helper To Hero is a simple to unlock sub-game. All you gotta do is complete The Arena. Everyone says that, but apparently it's just at the thirteen boss mark? I don't have it, so I can't verify which is the case, but there's enough people who say, "Why'd it unlock when I haven't gotten past the regular Arena yet?" for me to buy otherwise. So, if you can't get it and not the entire game needs cleared out, then you either haven't played through at all or you have some heavy glitching on your card. Statistics show it's rarely to never the latter.

1. Did you know where MetaKnight live?

2. In anime kirby right back at ya! King dedede castle is diffrent than in game kirby super star ultra ( or other games ). Why?

3. Did you like MK masked or MK unmasked? ( Im like MK unmasked.... HE..HE..HE )

That's all. Im apologize if ihave wrong word in english. Because im can't talk or write english very well. One thing! If Kirby inhale you, what it look like? ( crazy question huh? )

- Mix'in Marx

Squeaky Bogg

1) By all right, guess, and inference, Meta Knight resides near the cost of the Orange Ocean. He was first placed at the seaside in Adventure since he was the boss of the level. Later on in Super Star, the base that Battleship Halberd ascends out of is near the ocean front. In fact, the name Orange Ocean pops up again as that's where the metal bird sinks. That body of water is pseudo-renamed in Squeak Squad to Secret Sea when Halberd comes to rise again, but it's the same place in all truth. Since his castle, his fortress, and his military basis are all on the shore of Orange Ocean, I'm going to say that's his home.

2) Quite simply the two, animated series and games, are not or in any way the same, related, or linked outside of the fact that the likeness of some characters is shared. Kirby may be in both and can inhale and copy powers in each world as well, but each of them is an entirely different character. Different origin story, different age, effectively a different person.

3) Masked. He loses all his cool when the plate falls off. His nek-ed state only maintains value for short intervals of time. Any longer than five seconds, and the realization that it's just a sprite recolored kicks in.

4) He'd look very stretched out and lumpy. I'm six foot while he's a mere eight inches. Some big stuff can fit in his mouth, but a nine fold height dilemma is quite the daunting problem to overcome, even for his stretchy cheeks.

1. In Metaknightmare Ultra, right before you fight Dyna Blade you fight Iron Mom. Which is traveling randomly around the levels on the map screen and if you touch her on the map as Kirby, you automaticly fight her. If this happens, why don't they just have you complete the hidden levels as well? I know they are just there as an ability hotspot, but Meta Knight could store up points there.

2. I know why they took out huge chucks of The Great Cave Escape, why did they really have to take a whole bos out? They could have added him in... somewhere.

3. Aren't you glad I did't ask how Meta Knight's sword could possile store power? Oh wait, did I just... Anyways, is that how Meta Knightlaunches powerfull attacks while fighting Kirby?

4. Why do you keep Mailbags? It's just a retarded version of this, with questions you wouldn't dream ofposting in here. Maybe it was made to get an ungurutistic (yes that's a word, I just invented it) answer onquestions.But now with your hostile takeover what's the point...

5. With a lot of resorter 'retired' (stares accusationally[also a word] at Squeaky Bogg), will Rainbow Resort be hiring soon (smiles beggingly[now that might be a real word] get greedily)?

6.Did Bogg get his last name from the 'color Boggy' question of the infamous free online game, The Impossible quiz?

Wow, KSS sure is good, two rip-offs and a remake.

- Tripp Crazy

P.S. In my opinion, the subbed animé is alright, i guess it must all its 'fanservice', lulz.

Squeaky Bogg

1) Iron Mom is a battle, and one that can sometimes be avoided if I recall. But, my faulty memory aside, it's a battle. You fight, it hurts you, and it merits your time. A super-secret power up room is frivilous and extraneous waste-o-time for the Knight. His sub-game is all about rush-rush, kill, and get to the end. A battle is worth his time. Running around a dead end power place is a literal detour to his bee line to victory. Not only does he not want to go there, but the player shouldn't either.

2) Coulda but didn't. I know that the first time I played Great Cave Offensive, I entirely cut out that whole castle scene. "This is hard. Hey, do we even have to go in there? Where's this door lead? Guess it wasn't important. Hey, where are two rows of my treasures?" Sure, they modified enough of other parts where they could have made a special exception where the player had to fight or go through some parts, but a lot of that castle scene was less direct run-through, hack 'n' slash and more back and forth power planning. It really wouldn't have been worth the programmers time to have made all the necessary changes. However, I do agree that the boss should have come up somewhere. It couldn't have been immediately, though, as one was just taken out before getting there.

3) Ever since the first Super Star, the blade of Meta has flashed before a big attack was thrown out. Or course, that's just more of a game gimmick to let the player know, "Uh-oh, tornado!" So, they just transfered one game gimmick, reasonable boss pacing, to another concept in player power caps. It makes sense, too, since if Meta Knight could just roll out devastating attack after brutal, unending punishment, why does he ever let up on Kirby?

It's funny how, inherently, this question is "Does Meta Knight's sword does what it does?" It's sorta like pondering if a blue sky is blue. It's right there! Now, as to how the sword stores and generates power, that's an unanswerable. No one ever knows how energy is generated in an object. It's mystical, magical mojo that works in those wonky weapons. It's just assumed that, over time, this reserve replenishes and is expelled with execution of attacks. Same it is with the thousands of other occurrences of the exact same thing and principle.

4) Hasn't that only been told countless to infinite times? Mailbag is wacky fun and Gurus is straight answers. Plus, having the two is the easiest way to keep a weekly-to-more update going on the site with another scheduled event occurring on the front news as well. It's all a ruse of activity.

5) I'm going to do you a favor and pretend you did not just say any of that.

6) The surname of "Bogg" predates any lousy and pitiful on-line game/quiz by, I'm certain, the better part of a decade. Seriously, do ya think I take anything from popular culture? Nay, Bogg comes from Lynn Bogg, female mascot for my personal website, whose name came from Bogg Lynn, a dead cat (don't ask), which may have came from a Druid character I used in a MUD, which later developed into surname of Bimblesnaff the Fiend and just wound its tentacles into most of the greens in my character library. Seriously, you accused me to merely ripping it off some popular crap sack on-line? I have character histories and backstories to my creations that are probably older than you. I don't just "pick" things up from places. I have enough of my own reserve to not need to resort to scavanging.

Hi its me agian!

I notice something in the KSSU website.

Phan Phan was on the enimes list and don't u think that is a spoiler for the game?

- Mirror Pikachu

Squeaky Bogg

Not at all. Having Phan Phan listed anywhere in association to Ultra is no different than Nightmare being listed anywhere in relation to Adventure, or Dark Matter to Dream Land 2, Dark Zero in Squeak Squad, etc. I could go on. I mean, how is Phan Phan any more a spoiler than Galacta Knight.

The run-down is that if you're at any website, particularly an informational website, there is going to be information on that game. Spoilers and accompanying warnings are more so needed for web pages where you aren't expecting to have up front and direct facts thrown at you.

Quick question: Do the stars found in Milky Way Wishes have any sort of official name? I just call them the Celestrial Stars since they're in space.

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

That's a bit of a baseless naming structure. Everything is in space by that standard. They aren't just floating out there, either. Those stars are well contained in atmospheres on moons/stars/planets/what have you. Something more like, I dunno, wishing stars seems more appropriate.

And "appropriate" is all it can ever be. There never seems to be a name given to these stars. Even Marx only says "the stars", not even capitalizing the word. They're just generic junk! While the end collectible is normally the focus of a game, Milky Way Wishes puts more emphasis on finding all the Deluxe Copies over something as mundane as "completing the level". Pfft!

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