Ask Guru Gobbo #73

Yeah, yeah, I know. It's a "worst case" scenario, people. Just because you have a bomb shelter doesn't mean you want to use it. Anyhoo, most answers to more questions, questions asked a looong time ago. Or three days ago. By my standards, long.

- October 16th, 2008

  1. Airride Master
  2. Mirrior Pikachu
  3. 888Chilly
  4. Zero-Slash
  5. Peyton
  6. Rgijaba
  7. 190049
  8. Kirby Star 10
  9. Whateva
  10. SuperComputer276
  11. Kirbychu HR'D
  12. Error Taxi

Hi.I'm still Confused on how to put pic's in the picture gallery. I signed up though! Thank you.

Oh and I (probably!)Won't be asking very bye!!!

- Airride Master

Squeaky Bogg

First to answer a question you submitted on the 14th, no, I have not forgotten about you. You see, since I've been on vacation, I stated numerous times that answers were going to be coming later and not to be expecting anything fast like. Of course, that didn't stop question flows from blowing in at a faster-than-when-being-answered-daily rate.

Anyhoo, getting to the meat of the non-darkness affiliated matter, submission, yes, is rather convoluted and needlessly over the top. There should be a link near the top (where all the links are) that says something like "submit artwork". Then you select the files to upload, then you put in the description for each piece, and then it gets added to a queue of other submitted pieces until a moderator, like myself, comes by to give it the thumbs-up. Steel tipped, pilot garbed, Spinja Thumbs Up. Even though his name was, like, Ace or something. Inside reference with a reference? Now I'm just trying to confuse people. For reals.

Why did Squekey Bogg get plastic surgery?

- Mirrior Pikachu

Squeaky Bogg

Squeaky Bogg didn't get plastic surgery. That was a reference to Bögg, his Swedish cousin or something like that. It was all well explained (ie: poorly and barely).

hey when are these people going to update this place? (that was rhetorical)

but seriously ssbb page has not been updated it says it was last updates in 2006

and also i was thinking u should make a sprites section. similar to iconsbut u can also download backgrounds and finally can i post up sheet music here

- 888Chilly

Squeaky Bogg

1) You're worried about the Super Smash Bros. Brawl page being updated? What about the Canvas Curse page? That's an actual Kirby game, not just a Kirby-ish game that technically is its own and unique franchise separate from all of the included video game properties. I've always held the believe that Rainbow Resort should loosely, if at all, cover Super Smash Bros. information and stick our guns to just the puffball's own endeavors. There's plenty of sites out here dedicated to all things Smash that do a much better and complete job. Kirby himself, however, gets no such State-side lovin'.

Really, tho', I don't know when that page will be updated. I've said it for some other pages or information, but I can't update it since it would require intimate knowledge on the subject, and since I have not even so much as played the game, I don't really want to go about and fill in information that I very well can't verify or at least think is right.

2) There technically is a sprites section. It's in the downloads area for RPG Maker pieces and parts, if not scattered about in the individual Games. Backgrounds, for at least a lot of the new games, can be found in the Pictures gallery.

3) Whoa, where have an area for Sheet Music? I actually did not know that. Here I had some long winded response about how sheet music was dead since no one compiles MIDIs anymore since the advent of faster downloads and MP3s. But, yeah, I guess you can submit sheet music. Like everything, I suggest sending it to me. You know stuff gets updated then.

Since Nintendo is releasing the DSi, do you think they will release Kirby's Dreamland 1 and 2, along with any other Gameboy title for download in the DS Shop? I hope so.

- Zero-Slash

Squeaky Bogg

Let's ask the wise old man of the mountain. Hey, all knowing, ancient geezer, does Nintendo like money? They do!? I'm amazed. Well, yeah. If they are making DSi just a portable Virtual Console, then I'd certain think they'd want to market games from one of their most noteable faces, not to mention one of their top sellers. Unless they plan another remake of these games, which I doubt, they'll be popping those suckers out.

What do you think of the new look of Capsule J2?(I like it.)

- Peyton

Squeaky Bogg

Haven't I covered this? Well, since the initial shock value of the defacement of my former Capsule has passed, I guess I should second-look it. In truth, I like the J2 design. I think it is very sleek and appropriate, not to mention a lot better than just a Waddle Blue. However, J1 was my Jet helper. Actually, he was the only Jet anything. It goes in the same boat as Rolling Turtle. I never really cared for them much at all before, but, like so many things in life, once it's gone, you realize just how much you miss it. J2 is better, really. That doesn't mean I have to like it, tho'.

0.Did that procrastating noob,Noob, threaten me?I'm afrad he ain't getting none 'o my pies.I mean, it's my assistant's job to sort out the pies, and I have NO idea where he put them.But, either way, I'll just bake a new pudding pie and set it on the window still to cool.Then Noob comes to take it, the detanator I'll put in it will blow him up, so not only will he not get the pie's chared remains, but he won't get a chanse to over throw my crimanal organization!Given that fails, I'll just send in my minions to whip him, and give him a few good smacks with a wet noodle.Now for the questions:

1.Did Nruff 'n Nelly do anything in the anime?

2.Did Pon and Con do anything in the anime?

3.On the anime's "Nature" picture, there are all these oddly colored animals.Do they have names?

4.Tell me all about these animals.

- Rgijaba, self proclaimed evil geinus and lord of pudding pies

Squeaky Bogg

0) After reading, or more of trying to read, that initial text block (I won't call most of it "words" since they appeared to be slamming the keyboard with your nose more than anything), I think I'm finally going to say what's been on my mind since that first day long ago you came abouts: "You really only can be a 'self proclaimed' genius since you can't even spell that word right once so far." Now, onto answers :D

1 - 4) Nruff and Nelly did jack. Pon & Con were in the same boat as their related pair from the previous Dream Land title that they mirrored. There's a trend developing, if you notice. Yep, worthless critters that have no names. They, collectively, made up a worthless pile of nothing that had one episode about the grand, old tree they all lived in the roots of. Acore, it's name was. Like a grandfather Whispy sorta guy... oak. Guy oak. They all came together to help save the tree. I think this just involved the standard minor revolt against oppression schtick.


Hey, do you know when episode 67 comes out!? =D

* shot *

But wow, it finally came out. Better update the FAQ and other things to 67 instead of 66!

...Oh, and so this message isn't skipped...


What's Squeaky Bogg's favorite food!?

Or, uh... What's Ometon's favorite food!?

I've been stuck on something for a while... What part of Omenton are it's Eyes/mouth?

Well I THINK that the small white and blue circles on the opposite colored areas are its eyes, but I'm not sure...

Hey, you recently had a Nega Bogg. What would a Nega Ometon look like?

Hey you've mentioned several times that blopper was your favorite enemy... Although as you know, Blopper hasn't appeared in a WHILE. So, what's your favorite modern enemy, one that still regularly appear in games?

Well, anyway...

~With a lowercase m!

- m190049


0) I probably should, yes, or at least update it to "Don't ask when the next episode will come out." Of course, I don't think anyone will be as fevered for #67 since it lacks Meta Knight in a penguin suit. That was the only real reason it was such a desired episode, I believe.

1) What Squeaky Bogg likes to dine on has been covered on numerous cases. ... Okay, twice. It's cookies.

2) ... Who?

3) I never really thought it was that hard to discern. His right eye is the white shape on his blue half. His mouth is the bluish whole on the bottom of his white half. His left eye is in the upper part of his white half with the tear shape below it. Also, ... What?

4) A Negometon would look, amazingly, just like Nega Bogg. Or, maybe, a flamming triangular prism. There's the whole of one person who may get that.

5) Huh. I thought that I mentioned this back when I declared Blopper as my number one. Well, number two belongs in the toilet, and crude humor aside, the second most cherished foe is Broom Hatter. That little sweeper doesn't even do anything and pulls off being cool. I was stoked when he got his own ability, even though it was horrible.

If you had to rate the different Kirby show theme songs (Japan, U.S.A, Italy), which would be your favorite?

I still like the English one but I rate it 3rd, I blame the Jazz music. Skit-Scat!

I don't like the first Japan one so I rate it 4th, why? I don't know? Why is Tiff and Tuff in 3D?

The second one though, is much better 2nd . And the winner is Dododododo Kirby!

The Italian one is fun, up-beat and fits Kirby the best which is kinda ironic when you think of it...

Plus Ivy's back with the infamous Pengy episode. Well at least some of the old staff visits these days... I wonder who bothered her to come back?

Wow, this has to be my longest one so far...

I know it's Fumu and Bun but what kinda name is Bun, anyway.

- Kirby Star 10

Squeaky Bogg

1) I've never heard any of the themes outside of the Japanese and American, so that's all I can rate. And, no, I'm not going to go out and listen to them all. I research information not opinions. Anyhoo, the "Kirby March" or whatever it is called annoys me. I really do prefer the American "Kirby, Kirby, Kirby" theme song. Outside of the retches "Dee-dee-dee" part, I have no guff with it.

2) I think visitors to the site forget just how often there's down time between updates. They seem to stumble upon this place during a boom and take it as the norm. When I first came here, I think three times in a row there were the cliché "Hey, we're back and going to be making mad updates to this place, yo." That's not how people talked back then, it's just how I recall all memories. Anyhoo, I think Ivy just, really, finally got it done. She said she was going to finish the project, and she meant it. It's just life gets in the way of a lot of things, you know?

3) You have to make sure you are saying it "boon" instead of "buhn". That really would be a stupid name. Sounds like a bread product. Of course, the other is good fortune. Still better than food. Or is it? ... the same thing!?

do the new kssu bosses creep ya out?

- Whateva

Squeaky Bogg

The new bosses, which I take you mean the "Revenge" bosses, whom I group Marx Soul in with, are meant to be creepy and more angry than the previous lot. That was their whole intention with Revenge of the King, a darker version of Dream Land. If no one felt threatened by them, then they would have failed.

My guess is I'm not the first person to say you won't have to worry about people asking for episode 66 anymore. Now you have to get ready for people asking for episode 67.

...which one was 67 anyways?

- SuperComputer276

Squeaky Bogg

I believe it was the one I didn't are about. Wait, no, that's all of them. Anyhoo, it was the Demon Teacher episode also known as "School Scam".

I'm baack...

Anyways, here are my questions:

1. Why do you think they replaced Capsule J with Capsule J2 in KSSU?

2. Has Wham Bam Rock changed his appearance in KSSU? I don't know what he looks like in the original, but someone told me he was different.

3. Are you glad that Ivy finally dubbed epesode 66?

- Kirbychu HR'D

Squeaky Bogg

1) They updated Capsule J since it was, in all honesty, just Waddle Blue. That's a little cheesy. No other enemy really was just a near carbon copy of another. Um, ignore Bubble Head.

2) From what I've seen, it doesn't appear any real changes were made. Now, I know Rock changes to Jewel in an Arena mode, but that's technically no longer Rock, so such a statement no longer applies. *

3) Yes and no. I'm glad because it's out and I'll never get that question again. At the same time, I'm getting a little annoyed at all the "Aren't you glad 66 got subbed?" comments. I mean, it's pretty awesome that that many people held it in mind, but it's going to get tiring, I just know it.

* This answer was corrected in Session #75.

Ok, so, about the site. Would it be possible for me to supply you guys with some music? I finally figured out how to record stuff, and, knowing how Stafy music could be "related music", would it be possible for you guys to put up those files for download? (Yes this is a valid question, hence the question mark and lack of asking for episode 66.)

Also, since you guys seem to lack Super Star Ultra's soundtrack, maybe I could rip it and supply it to you guys too? :3 (You guys sure could use some help with the site, too. I seem to have a little too much freetime on my hands, maybe I could help this way!)

And, as a sidenote, it turns out that the "Revenge of Metaknight siren" is in the game version music, but isn't isn't in the sound test version of the song. Must be a sound effect now, huh?

- Error Taxi

Squeaky Bogg

1) I've said it before. If anyone ever wants to contribute content to the site, I'd be glad to post it and give full credit. I don't really delve much into he multimedia stuff, but I'm sure it wouldn't be a bother to get rigged into the system.

2) We currently lack any and all things for Super Star Ultra outside of some brief, pre-release information. I don't really know who normally develops the game pages and how they go about harvesting the needed bits for it. No game, no way of knowing what's what.

Well, that's getting things in a slightly better position. I'm still not out of the forest yet, tho', folks. Probably still not back to a daily schedule yet, so don't make me link back to the "patience" bit.

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