Ask Guru Gobbo #26

Today, I try and not reuse any icons. Can I pull it off? Probably not! How knows, though, I may bet lucky. ... Yeah, there was nothing much like a theme I could put here.

- August 15th, 2008

  1. Mr. Game and Pie
  2. Animaster
  3. Kirbychu HR'D
  4. Awesome Kid
  5. Leint
  6. Phantom K
  7. Fofa720
  8. Chimera
  9. Pokemega32

1 when you showed all you avatars at once you didn't show the faceplant one, why?

2 did you realize that the mailbag still has the squeeky bogg animation after you send something

3 are you going to do something about that?

4 next time I right should I actually put in a Kirby related question?

- Mr. Game and Pie

Squeaky Bogg

1) Simply, it wasn't made yet. That session debuted on the 9th while I didn't even create the face-to-ground Dead image until the 10th, which means that it didn't come about to get uploaded until the 11th, which was the time it debuted in a session.

2) Of course he is -- I made it! Seriously, tho', there's a lot of Squeaky Bogg still looming about in the Mailbag. I made the new submittal and processing stuff and just stuck the images there for fun. There was suppose to be an updated version made for, oh, quite some time now, but I've never gotten around to it and no one was complaining about the current suck-fest. Roll that all up with the fact that, honestly, I expected everyone in the Mailbag to quit the site by now (hey, two folks did, so I wasn't far off), and you get your answer.

3) Oh. Hm, well, I kinda said stuff already, a little. Yeah, I assume I should fix that junk up. I made that submission page when I knew next to nothing about what I was doing. I've gotten a little better at those things. Maybe by MB 55 there'll be new styles.

4) The questions you asked are actually site content related, which still makes them wholly acceptable in terms of use and appearing within this Q & A.

Color seems to play a role in Nintendos games and being an artist I think I can pick out why Miyamoto wanted Kirby to be yellow instead of pink. A couple years ago my art teacher gave me a couple sheets on colors and their meanings as well as their associations.

Yellow is associated with joy as well as food(ala Kirby's massive apetite). Yellow is also seen as a childish color fitting well with the Kirby series in general. Not to mention that yellow is easy to spot. Although, yellow is also associated with cowardice(a trait more fitting of Dedede than of Kirby).

Pink on the other hand denotes feminine qualities and passiveness(dreamland much?). As well as signifying romance, love, and most importantly friendship(think of Kirby's many allies). In America pink is thought of as a "cute" color.

This is just a thought and I've had the sheets for a few years so trends have probably changed since I've had them. I can apply these sheets to other characters in Nintendo's flagship series, but my thing is long enough already.

- Animaster

Squeaky Bogg

Yyyeeesss. I mean, yeah, that's all sound and good. It's quite a nice follow up to the priorly established meaning of colors. I haven't had much depth of knowledge in the matter, truthfully, and this puts a nice bow on the subject.

I'm sure Nintendo and all game character creators put thought into what colors to use. Everyone does, from fast food to product labeling. I know that red, in Japan and kabuki theater, is associated with heroism. You can find these on Mario, Samus, and Kirby. Oddly, Link falls out of this realm, although the Master Sword does have a red hilt. Strangely, the counter, purple for villains, is not seen too much.

This questioner has a follow up in Session #37.

This questioner has a follow up in Session #43.

Hello again. I was just thinking about a few thing, and I hope you can help me.

1. How come Kirby's ability goes away when he uses Cook Kirby in Brawl, but it comes back when the move is over?

2. How old is Kirby?

2. Do Kirbies die naturally?

3. How do you type with boxing gloves on?

- Kirbychu HR'D

PS: I still disagree with you about the shoe/feet thing.

PSS: (>'-')>

Squeaky Bogg

1) The reason is... it's Smash Bros. Kirby is also using all sorts of abilities at once without without eating anything in between. It's just stuff he can do in his games, so, regardless how it really works, the skill comes out as a special move.

2) I've dodged this type of question before. How would this be quantified? You can't really give any sort of numerical data as to what his age is since there's no basis of comparison. It is unknown how fast Kirby's people age or what standard of time would be used to measure it, Earth's or Pop Star's travel about a central star. On top of that, Pop Star is a star, so what's it doing even having years? Regardless, every manual states that Kirby is a spry, young boy. This really just puts him beneath young adult as he could still be in his adolescence.

2) What the!? You have two number 2's? I don't even know if I can answer the question now. I mean, what? A-what!? Really, tho', it's assumed that Kirby will age and die like anything else. It's never expressly stated that anything in Dream Land is immortal, and, since he is described as a young boy, it can be inferred that they age.


Addressing the tail, that's fine. You're welcome to disagree with anything I say, especially an opinion. I try my best to put forth the best hearsay and evidence to support the matter, but if a juror can't be swayed (again with the court metaphors, I know), then I guess that's a hung jury.

On a final note, I prefer "post postscript" as opposed to "post subscript". What's that about?

(I'm back...)

I have a few anime questions:

1: Why was The Ring Story of Parm and Memu cut from the english dub?

2: Why is Iroo named Spikehead, and Hohhe named Iroo in the dub?

3:What is the dub like? I've never actually seen any of them. I just read stuff off this site and so far it seems pretty bad. I live in Canada and we don't get the channel 4kids is on, amazingly.


Does anyone here use an RPGMaker OTHER then RPG2000 or RPG2003? I use all of them (Even vx) but there are only resources on this site for RM2k and RM2k3.

- Awesome Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) It's a bit of a pickle since everyone mentions it being cut but no one seems to tell why. I can put out theories to why it was cut, at least. I know that Kirby eats a ring and, being how stupid television execs are and how stupid they think American child are, they probably said, "Let's not risk encouraging anyone eating any rings." On top of that, the episode was about the parents? Maybe the entire focus on marriage and belated ring giving left a bad taste in the importers' mouths and they thought it would be better off skipped. Kids don't care about that stuff, right? *

2) They probably felt Spikehead was a more rad name for the edgy, outspoken Cappy child. And, really, it does its job. Hohhe, on the other hand, is not exactly rolling off of anyone's tongues. They probably preferred Iroo to it but, since the real Iroo was renamed, they just swapped them. This, again, fits with the known trend of American television folks not bein' too bright.

3) The dub is, in my opinion, about the same as most children's shows dubbed to English that don't rely extensively on action sequences, mostly horribly. I haven't seen much as I couldn't stand watching them, and this is coming from someone who has never stopped watching Saturday morning cartoons and the like. Of course, my reasons for not liking it had probably less to do with the dubbing than the show itself, although I know from experience that it certainly didn't aid the matter.

For your closing note, I think those RPGMaker programs with the resource libraries are the ones that licensed out for free, or at least have been out for free the longest. The ones that require pay, or illegal acquisition, would not get as many libraries of components floating around the internet since any Joe wouldn't be able to utilize them, theoretically.

This question/answer is corrected in Session #34.

Since I haven't seen any big music related questions, I thought I'd ask a few.

What Kirby game do you think has the best music soundtracks?

If you got one, do you have a favorite soundtrack from said game?

Which Kirby game has your favorite boss theme?

Do you have a favorite enemy/mini-boss/boss from the Kirby series?

Also, does Squeaky Bogg have a favorite hobby, food, color?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) The best music was in Super Star. That was one of my favorite things about the game, strangely. The end theme of Revenge of Meta Knight is eerily haunting and provides a fitting end to whole feel of the subgame.

2) I own no soundtracks, but that's not really a surprise. I own no music or CDs, really, to speak of. I am not one much for listening to music, at least when I have to pay for it. Free internet radio, a-hoy!

3) The best boss theme, probably, would go to Super Star with the Marx battle theme music. I really like how it blends an almost jovial, circus tune with a mystic and sinister underlying, um, thing? I don't know music! It's there, though, really.

4) My favorite mini-boss (since I've covered my favorite enemy) is Bugzzy! He's a crazy, deranged bug that will beat the tar out of Kirby, and who knows how long that sticky stuff has been lodged in him? Plus, he gives the rare Backdrop ability which I love oh-so much. I really liked him in Adventure and Super Star, but I've seen screen shots of him from Nightmare in Dream Land and had to ask, "What!?"

5) I ... don't think I've ever given him any types of hobbies or activities to do. Well, if I had to reach, I could always just pull out some trends in his behavior from fan fiction and comics. I guess he's pretty keen on trying to take over the Rainbow Resort. Outside of that, he loves to bash in the heads of emos and Kirby clones with his spiked ball. Outside of that, it is established in the few pieces he has appeared in that loves cookies, particularly cookie dough, and favors purple, which is why he had his shoes dyed that color. 'Cuz I say dems are shoes!

Many people say that DeDeDe isn't evil, he's just greedy. But isn't greed the route of all(most) evil? In his defense it'd be better to say that he's well intentioned but often lets his greed get the better of him. Because saying that he's not evil, just greedy is kind of ironic imo. Unless you have a different vision of what "evil" means.

- Phantom K

Squeaky Bogg

All true and valid points, my good sir. However, the grounds you tread upon are shaky and theological. Defining evil is tricky pickle, or a trickle! No, that's no good. Um, a picky?

My stupidity in wordsmithing aside, there are levels of evil. It's hard to say what's more demonic than the other, but a definite scale is there. First, Greed. It's one of the seven deadly sins, along with Gluttony which the King also demonstrated in his initial heist. Really, this is about it. This was his only real display of evil in a canon scope of things. I don't even know what Dream Course's or the related titles' deals were or why Kirby had to roll his way through them. I mean, the King's kind of a selfish jerk, but it never really was never really displayed outside of Dream Land. Up until the animated series, Dedede was breaking through new ground as a good guy. That sure came to a screeching hault.

Off topic! Back to selfishness, a Chinese fable I love is "The Difference Between Heaven and Hell". It's only about a page long, and all it says can be easily summed up. Hell has a long banquet table filled with food and three meter long chop sticks. Everyone starves. Heaven, too, has the same table with the same food and the same, oversized chop sticks. Everyone feeds the person sitting across from them. It really puts forth the notion that evil people are those how care only about themselves.

But that's how evil is defined in the real world. In video games and fantasy, you get purveyors of death and destruction who try to enslave, destroy, or utter wipe out all of existence. These cartoony, over-the-top sinister forces are ladden with bones, skulls, and black or red coloring. This is the evil that Dedede is not. He just wants food. By all right, yes, he is evil, but in comparison to the abysmal forces that crawled out of the pit, things like Dark Matter, he's a ray of sun shine and lollipops! Lollipops, by the way, are now available in ray form. Take that, makers of Ring Pops!

If Vee is a girl why did Tiff fall in love with her?!?!?

- Fofa720

Squeaky Bogg

Um... well... Ask your parents.

Did she really fall in love with Vee or was it just overwhelming adoration? I've heard it both ways. Hm. A poor choice of words on my part, given the situation. Tee-hee! I think people read a bit too much into things and see a strong liking for someone as strange new feelings. Regardless, I think this just might be as simple as, can I say this here? Girls liking girls. That subject flies a lot more readily in Japan and such, but Puritan founded America still says, "Whoa, you can't have that in our cartoons!" Of course, they also say "damn", "hell", acknowledge alcohol, and allow actual dying of characters over there. Meanwhile, we change it to, "You sent him to the other dimension!" or "bubbly soda". Le sigh.

This question has a follow up in Session #29.

what would happen if kirby ate a digimon

are you getting annoyed of me asking questions and who would win between kirby,sonic,mario,megaman,and chimera

- Chimera

p.s.please use the face-palm squeaky bogg

Squeaky Bogg

I would assume he'd gain the respective element held by said Digimon. They are grouped into categories and with powers, similar to Pokémon but more complex. Any Angel type would obviously give him Cupid (which is really the Angel ability), fiery foes for Burning, frosty for Ice, etc. About the only ones that don't fit nicely with a power would be the garbage/scum monsters like Numemon. I think we can agree that he'd get Needle from that. Hah-ha! Brawl in the Family is hilarious.

As for the battle royal, the outcome is simple -- the Chimera would be king. No investigating on this one, my mythic lore from days of old is right and true in this case. The Chimera was a fire breathing beast with an impenetrable hide, as was the style for monsters at the time. Why, it was only slain before since Bellerophon atop the winged Pegasus drove his spear down the monster's throat to cause it to choke on molten iron. Yeah, none of those other guys have long, metal shafts handy, so they're toast. Plain and simple. Now, if you meant you instead of the mythical Chimera, yeah, you'd be first to go.

Hey Bimblesnaff...

First of all, your little avatar thing should have a pic where he's wearing a helmet, for questions where he should be ducking and covering... XD

Anyways, what are your hopes for this "Revenge of the King" mode in Super Star Ultra?

Like what the gameplay could be...

I'm not keeping up with the news, so hopefully they haven't already announced what the mode is about...


- Pokemega32

Squeaky Bogg

Sadly, neither am I. I know Nintendo Power covered some details on Meta Knight Ultra's gameplay, but that was sparingly at best. I don't think there's as much concern about leaking stuff about with Revenge of the King since, well, it's not Meta Knight and won't make frenzied fans go psycho.

I think it would be cool if you could be Dedede, but I know that's not the case. The very name itself tells otherwise. No, I believe this will basically be something like Spring Breeze or Dyna Blade: a series of platform levels with no real gimmick. I'm going to assume that the difficulty will be higher than that of Milky Way Wishes, and wouldn't it be grand if they tried limiting Kirby in some way? Like, powers wouldn't hurt bosses or at least the King himself? Man, that made him way too easy in the first Super Star.

Anyways, as for predictions and expectations, I'm drawing a blank. He obviously takes some action but what or against who is left a mystery (unless that's been revealed). Here's hoping it isn't that he stole Kirby's Warp Star as that would be ill tidings for the similarly plotted GameCube/Wii title. I'm going to hope that his plan is just something against Kirby and not some wide, all inclusive retaliation. If he, say, just blew up Kirby's house or hid his keys, that'd be perfect. Just something to kinda stab back at the puff for being so mean or righteous.

Repeat Response:

  1. Esuld wanted to know about episode #66 and subtitling. Obviously, someone didn't read the main page.

Well, folks, I just want to add that there was something else I could have included, but I went against it. It seems a certain "favorite" of ours came back to try another stab at Kirby fans. I would post it, really, but it was more painful to acknowledge than comical. I really ought to start cleaning things up. I mean, it's nothing against the established regulars, but as for folks who have "your computer" sending in messages typed out in 1337 and angry Sonic fans, I'm just cutting you loose. Hopefully, that will lead to a more pleasant time for all.

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