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Hm, something seems off about today. Something seems, I dunno, foreboding. I can't quite shake the feeling. Well, regardless, I think today will go off without incident. Isn't that right, regular Ask the Kirby Gurus assistants, Ice Cream Island Crew?

Minch Frella Treca Bloon

- August 26th, 2008

  1. Animaster
  2. Leint
  3. Meta Knight
  4. The Eccentric and Hyper Waddle Dee
  5. Chris
  6. Pink Guy
  7. Sapphire Kirby
  8. Sharnay

Now to pick apart the color schemes of other characters. This time I'll start with Link.

Link is usually seen in green instead of red. This is since green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness and fertility. Green also means safety(Link is usually trying to keep Hyrule safe and peaceful). Strangely, my sheet says that green is also good for vision(maybe I should wear green more often).

In heraldry it represents growth and hope(a common theme in the Zelda series). Ganondorf/Ganon is usually dark green which is associated with greed, ambition, and jealousy, fitting in well with his character. He's also seen in black(symbolizing evil) and has red hair(for vigor, willpower, rage, leadership, longing, and malice). Although Ocarina of Time gave him some brown as well which, if my sheet is right, symbolizes stability, something Ganondorf isn't known for.

Now for a Kirby character. Hmm, why not King Dedede. The King is often seen in red robes. This possibly signifies that he is the (theoretical) king of Dreamland. That's about the only thing I can think of as far as color goes(although his blue body may be related to his flying ability).

Next time, I'll be covering Meta Knight along with a few other characters.

- Animaster

Squeaky Bogg

I don't really think I can say anything on that. I mean, it's not really a question. I guess I could add that red is grouped with food or appetite, or is supposed to stimulate it, so that could have bearing with the gluttonous ruler. Yay, I'm helping!

This questioner has a follow up in Session #43.

Do you think Kirby has special cloning powers? I've always wondered how he can replicate himself to do a little dance after he completes a level. If he could do this at will, wouldn't it make his adventures a heck of a lot easier?

Which enemy sets do you like better? The ones from Adventure/Super Star or the ones from the Dreamland/Crystal Shards games? I personally like the first ones better as the second ones seem to simplistic in design.

Why don't Dreamlanders learn to wear any pants? You'd think at least DeDeDe could show some dignity and put on some pants as well since he is a self proclaimed king.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) The replicative abilities, I'm certain, are just a little, happy, end-of-level celebration thing. I don't believe that it's to be taken as him creating clones of himself.


O'Contraire, simple boy. The multiplication occurs upon reclaiming a Twinkle Star. As seen at the end of Dream Land, the stars have the ability, when united, to expand the hero to an enormous size so that he can carry away a full castle. If they held this sort of power, it falls well within reason that, individually, they could generate copies, even if temporary, of Kirby.

2) It's hard to say which is right, at the original Dream Land had some rather complex figures in it, with oddballs like Benny and such. However, the general feel I prefer, since I take it as more true to the series, is that simplistic appearance shown in the Dark Matter trilogy, mostly since it fits Kirby better. It's odd having a pudge like Kirby, Waddle Dee, or Broom Hatter next to something like Heavy Lobster. Not all to blending.


I like balls. Balls easy and bouncy. Yay!

3) Clothing is used to cover one's nethers, and I guess that's not a worry either in Dream Land for most video game characters. I'm just glad that Kirby keeps it fairly consistent unlike how Sonic characters goes, where you have some that are stark nude outside of sneakers and the rest in full dress. Sense much? As for King Dedede, I don't think he has much of a reputation to maintain, you know?


Typically, as long as it can't be taken as offensive, a character is in the buff. Such examples are easily noted in games such as Pokémon. Machop, a vaguely human appearing creature, is sans pants, but has to put on some briefs as he further evolves into a buff, muscle bound muscle head. A naked weird thing is okay, but a naked buff guy raises questions and makes people uncomfortable. Likewise, this carries through with Jynx and almost any female character. The more "feminine" their shape, the most clothing they have to put on. Having one unclothed creates a lot of discomfort and unease.

Why do some people consider me "top tier" in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

- Meta Knight

Squeaky Bogg
Because, by general consensus, Meta Knight is a powerful and unbalanced character. Tiers are determined, rightfully, from tournament play and who was mostly used to win them. As of such, he is seen as being good, possessing too many good moves and abilities that rank him up with the rest of the "top tier" contenders. I personally think that ranking such arbitrary aspects in a fighting game is a stretch. Such could be done in, say, Pokémon, where the stats are numerical. This gives you at least a launching point to determine "who is better than who" that can be modified slightly with considerations of move sets.


That hack only has the praise he does since he never got to fight a real contender such as myself. But, I wonder, how could a warrior who has only failed be ranked so high? glorified marshmallow trumps every one of his attempts, and he is allowed to even be in this game? I shudder to think why.

I just saw that episode of the anime about how lololo and lalala were one person but got split in half by a demon beast. And I was wondering if the same thing happened to Sword and Blade? I mean, they're always together, too. I know one of them would probbably have to have a bow, but that could be hidden by the helmets! Blade sounds kinda girly in the japanese version anyway.

- The Eccentric and Hyper Waddle Dee

Squeaky Bogg
There are so many holes to this theory, where should I begin? First, if one was a female, they would refer to that character as being a "she" instead of a "he". The only gender switch I know of is the one pulled on Galaxia's voice, which really only half-counts since its an inanimate object, so that's the first, definite shoot-down. Second, Splice 'n' Slice or whatever it was called produced two exact doubles of the cut individual, only varying by masculine and feminine attributes (bow, lipstick, eye lashes). Blade and Sword Knight are entirely different in all respects outside of fact that both wear a kind of armor and wield swords as weapons.


Have you ever known HAL to hide bows? Female characters are, typically, blatantly so as to eliminate any question of the possibility.

Is Meta-Knight related to Kirby?

- Chris


Meta Knight is Kirby's older brother. Estranged over the years, Kirby went on living the lazy life while Meta Knight was hard at work training to be the best he could. Greatness naturally came to Kirby, and he was able to save the day numerous times. Meta Knight, however, vowed himself into the King's service and carries out the will of the rule.


Meta Knight is double of Kirby created by King Dedede. In their initial battle at the top of samely named mountain, the King was able to inhale Kirby. Little did Kirby know, but the King copied Kirby's natural talents at that point and produced a helper from that ability. We have seen that Dedede has several of Kirby's abilities, and know that a helper produced from a copied ability bears a different color.


Meta Knight is the son of Kirby. The great Star Warrior, in the distant future, had the child with Fumu. However, the evil of Nightmare was able to transcend the space time barrier and returned to the past. Kirby's exceptional son traveled back in time to assist his father but, alas, missed the approximate point and arrived far before Kirby had even awaken as a hero to the people of Pop Star.


I am Meta Knight's son. Yay!

In case you couldn't tell, there are plenty of theories about if or how Meta Knight is related to Kirby. The thing is, they (HAL) aren't telling us what it is, if it is, or even if they have any idea what it could be. The whole thing is basically a teaser to generate interest in the character. Dropping something as small as, "They look alike" is what catapults a character into the untold popularity that he has obtained today. It's all been covered before. One small spark of mystery ignites a fire of intrigue.

does anyone know for sure where nintendo got the Idea for Kirb's name and color?

- Pink Guy

Squeaky Bogg

The origin of Kirby's name has been a case already tackled. Sakurai pretty much does not recall, although there is speculation as to its roots. The color, seemingly, is just the color. Nothing really inspired it. It's just how Kirby's maker saw him being. Color, too, has been touched upon.

I promised to be short and sweet this time, so I will! Technically, there are a few (3?) more things I'd like to say , but I'll save that until next time and finally let the sleeping dog lye until someone else wants to wakes it.

In the anime, Knuckle Joe would always rub his hand where his nose would be if he had one. Is there a particular reason he does this?

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Squeaky Bogg fails at touching his nose! Anyways, that's a common sight in Japanese media, from cartoons to video games. In fact, I'm pretty sure someone in Street Fighter does it. It's a display or arrogance, a cocky gesture that shows you don't care or know you're that good. It's suppose to be running the index finger along under the nose, but since Joe lacks both the nose and thing fingers, he (and Kirby imitating him) just produce a hand sliding against face motion.


If I had fingers, I'd do that.

Every time I defeat an enemy or get damaged in Kirby's Dreamland 2, I always get an extra life (even though I already have 99 lives now.) How do get my game to stop doing that?

Also, in one of the cappy storylines in rainbow resort, it said that the cappys migrated back to dreamland because they were sent out of an earlier source. Were they like banished or something?

Last, how did dedede became king if dreamland was found by the cappy tribe?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

1) Judging from the fact that you have 99 lives, I would take it that your score is maxed out as well. When you have maximum score, anything that earns you points will grant an additional life. Sorry, but you're stuck with that ding at every scored point. I guess you should have earned less score while playing.

2) "Cappy story lines on Rainbow Resort"? Do you mean in a fan fiction? If itís in a fan fiction, it's probably just some fan generated junk that has no meaning or bearing on the actual storyline.


Is that from a fanatic fiction? It sounds poorly constructed enough to be from the actual show. Not much thought went into that thing at all.

3) The good king has never had a given reason for his reign. No mention of how or why he is accepted as King was ever given. The animated series does list him as being ruler for the past three-hundred years, however. Everything else is left unanswered. And that's not just me being unable to find the answer, that's truth. They never say in the entire series.


Judging from his "daimyo" title,* he would probably fit something close to a feudal lord. As in the European feudal system, the lord is an intermediate between the king of the land and a smaller, established village. They take care of more local matters, much like a mayor, in place of the king. Of course, this is just a crash course in ancient governmental systems, so it's probably ripe with error. Yay!

* This answer is corrected in Session #42.

Hey, wait a minute; I don't have Ask Gurus official assistants! Get outta here, you guys! No one cares about you or your unwritten story lines! Yeesh, horrible. Well, I have a feeling that tomorrow will okay, though. ... Right?

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