Ask Guru Gobbo #42

Hey, everyone, stick around after the show for me to admit stupidity!

- August 31st, 2008

  1. Phantom K
  2. ... What?
  3. Sapphire Kirby
  4. Pompadour
  5. Sapphire Kirby
  6. Guest
  7. Cly
  8. SSS Warrior
  9. Chimera

People theorize that Mrs. Moley in Squeak Squad is avenging her husbabnd Mr. Moley or something dumb like that when Mr. Moley is clearly shown as unconcious and not dead when he's defeated. Are people stupid?

- Phantom K

Squeaky Bogg

No, but I have an idea of who may be :P You do not have to avenge the dead. Vengeance can be collected for anyone who has been wronged in anyway. Killed, hurt, or cheated out of some cash, there's lots of reasons someone could seek out pay back.

I liked KRRR radio yesterday but there still is no link to it. will Rainbow Resort still be here in 20 years?? How many questions do you get a day? Where is everybody?? There are no updates from anyone but you and the mailbag people!!!!!!!!

- ... What?


1) There's no outwardly located link to KRRR- Radio since it is an unpolished area. Work and consideration still is needed to build up a set format to how the section will go. Right now, the directory mainly just contains tests and prototypes to what would be shows. It's kinda like other sections I have spit out, If You Could ... and RR Election '08 in which there's no hard, permanent link to there anywhere on the site, unless you count the Quick It box on the main page. However, this is just suppose to be a rotating flash of what's been most recent and minor to the site, and they only remain since nothing else has pushed them off yet.

2) This site could be here in twenty years, who knows? Assuming the internet still remains, there isn't the over all shift from HTML to some other code base, and GameSpy still exists after all that time, it's perfectly plausible. However, then, it may become more of a museum for the games that were Kirby and just house all the acquired game information, all thirty-six, including Kirby's Dream Land 4 on the PlayStation 5 after Sakurai buys the rights to the character in 2013.

3) No one else has any posted updates since, well, what is there to update? The newest games haven't spilled out much new info yet, so those game pages can't be filled out. Most all submissions and fan creations or words are being well tended to. Everyone else is kinda just shrugging, saying, "Okay, cool. I'll be over here if you need me."

This place has been crazy, hasn't it? Fake assistance, time travel, and the worst sound ever (just kidding, don't kill me!), you need to get a security guard. I suggest Burst as he doesn't do anything now that the Sonic fans who bug you are gone.

Like I said before, 3 things and I'll never talk of this mirror bosses thing ever again. (Readers, you can skip to the bottom for the question).

First, I just meant that Acro and Gobbler were mirror counterparts because they are both aquatic animals (a mammal and a fish) that fight underwater with similar attacks. Plus, I don't have Dreamland 2 or 3 and never battled Ice Dragon (outside Dark Adeleine's painting in Kirby 64).

Second, With the Dedede thing, I was saying that in Dreamland 2,3, and Adventure, you battle Dedede thinking he's the final boss, when there really is a truer evil. Dark Meta Knight fills this role in his second battle, as you have to battle Dark Mind soon after.

Finally, When I said you took your mirrored enemies too seriously, I meant that while I few mirrored enemies as bosses with a similar attack style of a being on Popstar, you take in the factor of similar appearences. I always believed they cheated with Kracko, as you know.

I have learned, though, that both of us have our own opinions and it is frivolous to try to change them. I am now done with this topic, as you were a long time ago. If any one is to mention this event ever again (besides Bimblesnarf) then I, Sapphire Kirby, will be forced to inhale a chaos emerald (yes I went there!) and become a giant floating hammer made of blue sapphire called the Sapphire Hammer and whack those who who bring up the event-that-must-not-be-named. Hopefully, I won't have to do that.

I do have a question, though. In Kirby 64, how did Acro get to Aquastar? Magic? Plot hole? Or maybe Acro is a flying whale, too!

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) I know that Gobbler/Gabriel and Acro probably are in the same boat, but I just wanted to point out how the stated actions of jumpin' and spittin' really are shared by most everyone. The Dark Meta Knight/King Dedede thing, tho', I scrunch my hand over my head to. Thought you meant there battle styles were the same, not the scenario under which the terms of the fight were had. My bad.

2) All whales can fly! Really, tho', Acro moved worlds the same way that Whispy Woods moved from Green Greens to Vegetable Valley to Grassland. Well, okay, you may be able to agrue that, since his face opens upon the tree each time that his merely transferring his conscious to another timber, but is that logically the case? Okay, how about I say its the same way Wham Bam Rock gets from a cave in Pop Star to an outer lying celestial body? I think the same applies with Fatty Whale. Gasp! He must be a flying whale, too. Or, they game makers just don't care about explaining stuff like this. Guess which one is probably the case? Real Kracko in Mirror World? Why not!

It's Pompadour again! I have a few more questions to ask.

In whatever session it was about the deleted "Block Kirby" ability from Squeak Squad, the Kirbypedia article you linked to said that it was "one of the many things deleted from this game". Just wondering; do you know what were the other "things" taken out of Squeak Squad? I checked the Kirbypedia for anything, and it seems as though "Block" was the only thing mentioned.

And another question... what do you think of the sprite style used in Nightmare in Dreamland/Amazing mirror/Squeak Squad? Honestly, I didn't like it. Kirby was probably the biggest problem for me. I don't know why... I think it's because his eyes look funky. They're glossy, and stick out too much. Also, Kirby doesn't seem to show as much emotion compared to games like Super Star or Dreamland 3.

I didn't appreciate them reusing the same sprites over and over. Even in Canvas Curse, Normal Kirby (before he turned into a ball) looked the same as the two GBA games! I'm glad Super Star Ultra will use a different style.

On a different Kirby Subject, I recently found out about the Extra Mode in Kirby's Dreamland, so I played it to see what it was like. Boy is it difficult! But anyway, what did you think of the different enemies? Like, the black Bronto Burts, and the weird things that spew stuff at you, and all the other extra mode enemies? I found them pretty cool. Too bad they've never appeared in a Kirby game again.

That's all the questions for now! Thanks again!

- Pompadour

Squeaky Bogg

1) Luckily, I have an answer for this because of a recent question/showing. Thanks, Leirin. It looks like you could get some type of crazy touch screen borders and have different foods. Not as cool as Block, granted, but other stuff they didn't include.

2) I actually liked the Amazing Mirror/newer sprite style. I probably shouldn't since elements like the inhale were changed to mimic that in the animated series, but I really just like Kirby's overall movement and wiggle. And, yes, the circular mouthed inhale with waving arms. I still liked Dream Land 3's now. Super Star's seemed to be too much "Rrr, mean Kirby" in comparison to the others. The blocking sprite along pretty much covers that, tho'.

3) I like all of the Extra Mode enemies, actually. Koozer, the dark Bronto, is oddly liked. It's something about his mysterious face. But Blopper, who I'm assuming is that thing that spits stuff at you, is my favorite enemy of all time. I weep every night over his lack of reoccurrence.

I'm seperating this from my previous question so it wouldn't be too long.

If no one has answered you about it yet, in Squeak Squad, you reach Boss Endurance by collecting all the Boss Badges (aka beating the game). Boss Endurance is similar to Adventure's VS. Boss where you battle all the bosses in order (no mini bosses or waddle dee like Super Star). You do get to go to the castle with all the ability bubbles before the 1st boss (King Dedede), so you can have up to 6 abilities (1 current, 5 stomach). You also get a Maxim Tomato bubble in the room before you enter King Dedede's room. You get Extra Mode by getting all the 120 treasure chest in the game. It is just like the other extra modes as you are timed to see how fast you can get all the treasure chest. better yet, you can go out of order, meaning you could battle Dedede last (how it should be).

Also, why do you pronounce Dedede's name Di-day-day? The anime (dub atleast, not sure of the original)and Brawl pronuonces it Dee-dee-dee.

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Mostly, that is an inflection I impose on the name. The three syllables are all suppose to be the same, but when I wind up pronouncing it, I put different emphasis on the first. Chalk that up to me being a stupid American.

Speaking of stupid Americans, remember that little pony by the name of Pokémon? Now, they go out of there way to put that little mark over the E to tell people, "Hey, you say this differently." Now, look at the King's name in katakana. It's E's, not I's. The Japanese language consists of five vowels: a, e, i, o, & u. Unlike in English, they are pronounced the same all the time (... basically). As of such, the I is pronounced "ee" while the E is pronounced "eh". To a lot of people, that doesn't seem to make sense. E not being said "ee" when the name, itself, is said "ee"? A bit backwards, but this is the case in a lot of language translations/romanizations. It's not "Po-kee-mon", despite how some of the terrible dub voice actors would want you to believe in the show. Much the same with Kirby. Pick up Avalanche and go to the sound test. They clearly recognize that the name is Dedede, not "Dee-dee-dee". No, I believe this change was made for two reasons: Americans are stupid and they felt they had to simplify it for them, and, moreso, it rhymes with Kirby so they could put it in the theme song.

Let's put it this way: It's Waddle Dee. It's King Dedede. If it was suppose to be "dee", wouldn't it be like the Waddle's surname?

Anyhoo, that's his name. I may not say it right (okay, I say it no where near right) admittedly, but I know it is not "Dee-dee-dee". I use to say it like that, too, way back when I only had Dream Land I. After I learned better from hearing it, I put the facts together and verified the information, which really made a lot more sense.

This answer has a follow up in Session #44.

This answer has a follow up in Session #45.

Wait... then who hosts KRRR Radio? I FEEL SO SCREWED UP! (bangs head on cabinet)


Well, there's the question.

- Guest

Squeaky Bogg

Um... I host it? I'm confused as to where this question is coming from. Is it in reference to my multiple acknowledgements of a Bimblesnaff who always seems to be sounding different? They're all just me, and in fact are all just called by the same name, just using a different comical voice for differentiation and humors sake. All but Producer Ems, that is. He was a guest voice.

I just noticed... The music for the grass levels in Squeak Squad stems from the music in Stage 1-3 of Dreamland 3! Previously, I thought it was completely new.

Now for a question... Umm... What's the hardest non-final boss?

- Cly

Squeaky Bogg

When confronted with the ultimate battle, I give props to the one and only, truly only, first appearance of Meta Knight in Adventure. Not in any other game or remake, just that title. You had to use the Sword (from what I knew. Apparently, you can wait it out), and it lacked much reach. It was a hard fought battle, and I died many times.

Is tiff and tuff an evovled from of a cappy?

- SSS Warrior

Squeaky Bogg

N... no? I mean, wouldn't take it so, no. I've stated my beliefs on it before. They are just some generic species of faux-anime garbage inserted into the series to take away the elements of Kirby from the show. I really don't get why everyone puts so much thought into, "Is such and such an evolved form of whatever?" I don't think Kirby delves into such things as complex as evolution and species differentiation.

Besides, the real evolved Cappy is a Blopper, as seen in Dream Land's Extra Mode. Fungus become sweets, apparently. It's perfect logic!

how did you get the idea for the squeaky bogg icon???

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

Amazingly, it was a total fluke. I drew out a bunch of faces for Squeaky Bogg to use on some long winded feature I wound up never making. It was basically a total chew-out on the site, staff, and situations in general. However, in time from point A to B, things changed and looked up, so I never got around to making this big spiel where I went postal. I wonder if I should even be saying this all? Anyhoo, the icons were to be displayed next to each paragraph of the rant to convey just how I felt. It started with a happy face, moved on to sarcastic, and then bounced between disinterest and violent rage. Since those were polished but on the back burner when this thing came up, I thought, "Hey, yeah, that'll do." And thus, the Icon was born. Now, if you meant how I came up with Squeaks in general, that's another story all together.

And now, a retraction: I am an idiot.

As of late, I've been singing a lot of King Dedede with some crazy spit outs of feudal Japan and whatnot. Here's the thing, I was going off of his name being, in Japan, Dedede Daimyo. Thing is, this is just a user's name here at Rainbow Resort who, since they are so very awesome, I got swept up in it and confused to the point where I started thinking, "Oh, yeah, this person's user name comes from Dedede's Japanese name." No, that's Daiou. It's like a one letter difference. Anyhoo, that name means "big king" instead of "big name". Shoot damn. I'm a moron.

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