Ask Guru Gobbo #75

I can dance around like a monkey or get down to business. ... Too bad, business it is.

- October 19th, 2008

  1. Theorizer
  2. Zero-Slash
  3. Trex24
  4. Kirby Master
  5. Yummy
  6. Hyper Waddle Dee
  7. Nate
  8. Sharnay
  9. Fait
  10. MetaKnight7
  11. Arrol
  12. Noob
  13. Rgijaba
  14. Enoc

Uh, Zing! Heloooo! Am I the only one who caught that? It session #70 or something, a guy named, "Blast from the past" asked you the very first question you ever asked! This may just be one of my many ... THEORIES. But i think you completely missed the joke. So on with the questions.

1. Why doesn't Meta Knight ever inhale stuff, like Kirby. It is clear that that is the trait of Kirby, and his kind, so why doesn't Meta Knight ever do that?

2. Uh that's it.

- Theorizer

Squeaky Bogg

0) No, I caught it, I just didn't really care. I've been pressed on time and don't have the ability to play with answers.

1) While it's true that Meta Knight should be able inhale, by sheer assumption, he wears a mask. That gets in the way a bit. Also, the mask is worn in assumed shame of his true identity. He doesn't wear it for protection. Once it comes off, he hides his face and flees the scene. He doesn't like what he is. He has a severe identity crisis. He's not going to be openly displaying an ability of that kind when he's trying to keep it under wraps.

I have to disagree with you on the "LOL" topic. However, I do have something that I hate the most: Internet memes. Who friggin' cares about them? I don't care about the Numa Numa Dance or Caramelldansen or whatever that song is called. It's all just a bunch of hyped-up Disney Channel-loving teenager crap that I will not even want to watch/listen to, Disney Channel and the Internet memes. I may not have been on the Internet as long as you have, but I do think these memes (or whatever they're called) are useless. The only thing I like is, for example, "Cold Snowman is Cold" and so on and so forth. Other than that, I find them useless and annoying, just like Myspace. Now, I will wait for the streaming amount of Kingdom Hearts fanatics to attack me with oversized keys.

And I'll have a Kirby question/opinion next time.

- Zero-Slash

Squeaky Bogg

Well, yeah, I agree. I hate that stuff. It's lame.

You once mentioned, in a preveus session, that final abbilitys deserve as much as a revew as ouch kirby. Well, let's face it, ouch got a revew. What do you have to say on it?

- Trex24

Squeaky Bogg

That statement preceded the review. In fact, the review of Ouch! was done as a total parody to that exact comment. You're kinda looking at it in a backwards fashion.

Okay, So I have played Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, and Kirby Nightmare in dreamland... I've beaten Kirby Squeak Squad so many times I threw a fit at myself for not getting a new kirby game... And I beat Kirby Dream Land's Extra Mode Daily. I have a few questions...

* I own a gamecube, a N64, a Gameboy, a DS, and a Wii. There is a classic gaming store near where I live... Could you reccomend a good challenging kirby game for me, please?

* In your opinion on Kirby's Dream Land, who (on extra mode) do you think is a harder boss- Kaboola or King DeDeDe?

* If you had a choice to face 2 dark Nebulas (at the same time) or King DeDeDe from Kirby's Dreamland (on extra mode), Which would you think would be harder?

*Do YOU ever get bored from playing Kirby?!

Thank you very much!

- Kirby Master (Of my neighborhood)

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby games aren't really known much for "challenge". You seem to have the latest few, remakes of older ones, and the first. There really aren't much more to fill in the gap. Dream Land 2 and 3 are definitely not on the list of "tough" games. I wouldn't think Crystal Shards would be, either. Sounds like you pretty much got all the Kirby-like Kirby games down. I guess you could try Dream Course for some related but slightly different challenge. Getting all gold medals in that is pretty tough.

2) King Dedede is much more difficult than Kaboola, I'd think. A lot of it has to do with the lead-in to the King battle. Kaboola doesn't ever seem to really take me down, even hard Extra Game. It's just simple dodging. Of course, Dedede is, by right, the same formula. I seem to slip more on him, tho'. Yep. Still abbreviating it.

3) I've never faced Dark Nebula, so I can't gauge that question.

4) I don't seem to play it as much as you, so i don't really think I'd burn it out like that. I mean, really, that's a lot of play.

What was the episode of Kirby of the Stars where all the villagers pretend Kirby is dead and make Dedede and Esgargon feel bad? I remember seeing the 4kids version when I was little but I forgot what the episode was called and what else happened in it.

- Yummy

Squeaky Bogg

The episode, "De-appreciation Day" was about a "prank day" instituted by King Dedede where he played "jokes" on the townspeople, which led to the event that caused an explosion that, while not killing Kirby, the Cappies made the royals feel it did. Ha-hah!

Hi again!

1) Do you need previoius affiliation with the site to be in the fanart gallery (like the forums)?

2) How long does it take to be accepted?

- Hyper Waddle Dee

Squeaky Bogg

No, it does not. You just sign up in the gallery for use in the gallery. Approvals normally occur at several points within a day, at least once. It occurs whenever a moderator logs in to see new sign ups.

who is grill

- Nate

Squeaky Bogg

Grill is an onion witch fought as the final, super, for-realsies boss in Kirby Kirakira Kizzu, or "Super Star Stacker" as it pretty much can be called.

What would've happen to dreamland if kirby never crash-landed there?

Out of all the kirby minigames in each of the games, which is the most popular to play?

Lastly, where did meta knight and the other star warriors (past and present) came from? Did they use to live in a unknown planet? Did they ever had parents or siblings, And how old is meta knight anyway?

This was really the last question: what does sword and blade knight look like under the armor? And if eNeMe created kirby, how did he get the power to copy abilities?

- Sharnay

Squeaky Bogg

1) Dream Land would actually be a bit more peaceful without Kirby there. King Dedede, sure, got a little bit of monsters and such early on, but he only really got into the game to get rid of Kirby. Plus, Nightmare only really only sent over the strong, troublesome critters when he knew a Star Warrior was in town.

2) I really don't know. Being "popular" would require what everyone else thinks on the matter. I'd think that the Super Star classics would hold some good weight in the department, Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby.

3) "Star Warriors" are not a particular stock or breed. They come from all sorts of species and planets, even. They are more of just a "chosen soul", if you would, people born to a special destiny. They have parents and sibling just like anyone or anything else.

4) I'm getting sick of these age questions. Really. How is this suppose to be quantified? Dedede is said to have ruled for over a hundred years, and we don't even know if those are Earth years or Pop Star years, and they never give numbers. This is not disclosed information, or even hinted at. Meta Knight is, by all accounts, an adult, either young to middle aged. Numbers are meaningless.

5) The whole Sword Knight/Blade Knight appearance speculation had focus prior.

6) Nightmare made all of the monsters with the abilities that Kirby copies. It stands to reason that on his ultimate creation, he could be able to make the ability of ability copying. I don't even see it as a questionable matter.

Do you know who or what group of people were in charge of creating enemies in Kirby's Dream Land?

- Fait

Squeaky Bogg

Do you mean in the game or on the production side of things? The two can easily be completely different.

Game-wise, no one made the enemies. They were just the servants and underlings of King. The enemies are never "made" by anyone, except for N-Zs which, I'm pretty sure, were made by Dark Matter.

Production-wise, the character design team made them. That would include Masahiro Sakurai himself and, possibly, Mogami Kurand, who was the only other guy to have "design" in his role.

I'm done messing with you now. any who, on to more serious matters. Uhhh... has anyone actally compared the original wham bam rock's face to the newer one?

I think that in Session #73 you said it did not change. I've noticed quite a few actually. First and foremost, the face is all brown. Secondly his lips do not look swollen, if you catch my drift. Please respond, as I want to know if it is me, or the face really did change?

- MetaKnight7

Squeaky Bogg

Man, I have no idea what I thought I was looking at before. I could have sworn I saw something of the new Bammer, but I guess it was just either old footage or I wasn't paying attention. Most focus, after all, has been on the new bosses, not the old ones, and doing such a change without change (that makes sense) isn't something I've come to expect from the Kirby people. Yeah, you're right. It's an entirely different look, wholly. I was too lazy and pushed to bother checking it and just chalked it up to other people being stupid. Well, also, I was going off of prior statements regarding an appearance shift. I assumed it was only a cultural change and not a complete makeover. Bammy is all stone now, even the eyes, which makes a lot more sense when you get down to it. It definitely helps promote it as some ancient, giant cave spirit/force, too, rather than some big bloke with rocky hands only.

I've heard that the Kirby game for the Wii is still in production. Is it true?

- Arrol

Squeaky Bogg

Yes. You could have easily heard it from me. Release of the Wii title was last said to slotted for release on this very year. They haven't made any other announcements since then regarding the game. Rightfully, it can only be assumed things are still on track, but, on the flip side of the coin, the prolonged silence and shortening time left in the year really pulls into question Nintendo's intentions. We can only assume it's still green.

Aha, but Rgijaba, since you have revealed your evil plans to kill me, I will not go for the pie(some evil genius you are)! YOU HAVE FAILED! Better luck next time (not(throws rock at Rgijaba's disfigured face)). SHUT UP MOM I'LL DO IT LAT-wait pretend you didn't hear that. I has some questions ask:

1) Why are people asking the same questions over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and ov-*slapped*

2) How would Ometon react if Squeaky Bogg punched him in the face?

3) The American version of Kirby Of The Stars stinks, but how is it in other countries? Does King Dedede have some weird Texas accent in Scandanavia?... I don't even know where that is...

- Noob

Squeaky Bogg

1) People ask the same questions repetitively since, while going down to the question sending form, they scroll right over the "Search" box and don't even bother to see if a prior question exists. For the most part. I know some folks do. A lot don't.

2) This is a trick question. Squeaky Bogg has no arms. He cannot punch. Also, there is no such thing as an Ometon. It's the Rainbow Resort's sasquatch.

3) I don't think the whole "southern Sheriff" really translates in other countries. I don't know for a fact, but I would take it that another, corresponding accent would be used in place of the American classic.

1.What is Crimp?

2.What is Shelkoo?

3.What is a Topper?

4.What is Eibun?

5.Please provide me with more infromation on all of these guys.You see, Kirbypeidia has all of these unmade, and I dont't know who any of them are!I've searched, just probably not hard enough...

- Rgijaba

Squeaky Bogg

1) "Crimp" is "Climb", a wall walking, explosive spitting foe seen in Squeak Squad. The massive "all enemy" list was compiled before the English names were placed into the respective page, so the wrong names were placed into file. That page should, by all right, be erased. It just needs, well, finished before it can be removed. My advice is not to look at a big list of blanked out names and wonder, "What's that?"

2) "Shelkoo" is the false name given to Coner, the hermit crab enemy. It is a phantom like "Meta Ax" and such where the name never was in the game and probably was circulated by some strategy guide. I thought I got rid of that sole, annoying link before.

3) Topper is an enemy in Canvas Curse. I assume, from what I've read on it on the site (the real site parts that has info on games, especially newer ones), that it is square shaped, metal enemy with four pin, two from the top and bottom, that sits in place and hangs between two electric currents. It just blocks the way.

4) Eibun, from what I can tell, is "Bun", the super-sized throw enemy from Squeak Squad. See "Crimp" for details on why.

5) I'm getting a little sick of people say, "Eeeeh, Kirbypedia doesn't have articles written. I'll complain about that while flooding questions. I'm sure that near daily updates to the site and polishing off that project can be easily managed." A-no.

I made an amazing discovery! So, one day my brother found another glitch (we love to search for glitches) in kirby squeak squad and it goes like this: Get ghost copy ability, then go to the first level of the third world, control biospark, then keep going until you see one of those cupid things, then right when the cupid thing is right over the cliff, perform the grabbing attack on him. Biospark should go up, then down to the cliff and die along with the cupid thing. If done right, kirby should not have died, but the screen doesn't move with kirby. The screen stay as It was when biospark died. I thought maybe the game thinks that I'm still biospark but since he's dead I can't control him. I tried to find the door, which was hard because I couldn't see, but I finally did it. It just got me to the next area normally. I was expecting a glitchier result, but nothing. I tried this again and it worked just like the last time.

Since I knew it was safe to replicate, wanted to do some tests on it. My first test was to see if I could somehow get unstuck differently than going through the door. First I brought along two copy abilities, one being ghost, the other was hammer. I thought if I used hammer(or any other copy ability) It would tell the game that I'm not in ghost copy ability form any more and that the screen would follow me again. I didn't work. Next I tried something that I probably shouldn't of. I performed the glitch and right before biospark fell to the cliff(and this took me a couple of tries) I pressed select, which was to discard the ability, and the screen would follow me again.

I thought that test was pretty successful, but when I went through the door, every thing was glitchy. There was a big treasure chest, so It was common sense to go and get it but once I did the squeaks started chasing me, but they were the only thing that wasn't glitchy. I went to the end of level door and then It brought me to what was like the area were you can get any copy ability except with no copy abilities, and it was all glitchy. There was a glitchy yellow block, which by now I was pretty freaked out by the effects of this glitch, and was afraid to touch it. After a while I calmed down and eventually touched it, and then I couldn't believe my eyes.

It was block kirby, but kirby didn't discard the ability! I just stood there, shocked. After a while I calmed down again and pressed B to see what block copy ability did. The game froze. I restarted and tried to replicate the effect, but I couldn't. I guess block copy ability will always be a mystery. I just thought you might want to know.

- Enoc

Squeaky Bogg

No. Block is not a mystery. It was a place holder. It was said before. It has been formally explained. It is just Triple Star with a coxcomb. This is painfully obvious from Kirby holding Triple Star in his hands with this false ability. It was what Triple Star was suppose to be. That's it. No secret meaning, no profound hidden coolness. It's leftovers in the back of the fridge, aged, stinky, and green.

It is interesting, however, that you were able to find this all. Your scientific manner of approach is commendable and solid. I guess no matter how far along Kirby games get, they'll always have errors open for cracking. Good stuff.

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