Ask Guru Gobbo #74

Hey, everyone, guess what I learned while away at a bioenergy science conference in Wisconsin? We are so screwed! And now, answers to things other than the energy crisis. You know, positive things.

- October 18th, 2008

  1. Game Qube
  2. Riddler
  3. Bah Humbug
  4. Kirby Fan
  5. Mexora Ghost
  6. Mirrior Pikachu
  7. Avery
  8. Kirby Kid
  9. Kirby Kirby Kirby
  10. Leint
  11. Waddle Doo
  12. Um
  13. Luca

Where can I find sheet music for the trumpet for the "level clear" song?

is it possible that the meta knight in kirby super star is actually dark meta knight?

- Game Qube

Squeaky Bogg

1) If it's not in our Sheet Music, then I dunno. Sorry.

2) No, it's not possible. There was a lot of speculation about this appearance of Meta Knight, even back in the day. When it first came about, a rumor of Meta Knight being possessed by Nightmare circulated. The bit went that, rather than being defeated by Kirby, the evil whisked away into the swordsman and drove him to do evil things. This explained why, suddenly, Meta Knight had grown large bat wings and super powers. However, that was a lie, and the super powers and wings stayed behind. The Mirror World/Country/Whatever was not even in the picture yet. In fact, it was many years away. They had no idea they were going to make this game let alone a Dark Meta Knight. No, this concept is what can be called a scraping retcon. Meta Knight just was, at that time, evil, plain and simple. It wasn't until the animated series that he took on a more goodie-goodie role. I've made note of it before that even the unaired pilot placed the winged, masked puff with a straight edged sword among Nightmare's forces rather than with the good guys. That would have been sweeeeet.

riddle riddle heres a riddle

my first is the same as my third

my second is the same as my first

my first rhymes with the past ense of what kirby likes to do

my fourth is the letter after the kirby gurus name

my 5th is the first letter of what i hate what i hate

my sixth is my seventh is the word to say what you call yourself

my eight is... why bother you probably know

my ninth... is the final letter

my whole is a grump with a cold shoulder

ps. is is not chimera

pss here is my real question: why does no one make a kirby hack that would be great

why is mk always appear at the most random second in the show

- Riddler

Squeaky Bogg

0) Der... 888Chilly? I dunno. I answer facts not riddles.

1) I think no one makes a Kirby hack can be found in Mario hacks. The plumber has a huuuge fan base. Out of the piddle amount of people who can make a hack, there's probably a good dozen or so. Out of them, there's only a handful that ever welly complete the project. With Kirby, how many fans are there? Well, let's see how many giant Kirby sites are out there. Oh, right, you're on, basically, the one.

2) Meta Knight has to pop up at strange times. That way, he can seem more mysterious and announce what Kirby's skills are called. And be lame. "Meta Knight, why not do something to help?" "No... I must... let him learn to defend himself. Now, play my mariachi band."

hey in kssu when you run in to iron mom on the map in dyna blade during the fight the caption says 'vs IRON MAM'. am i the only one who noticed this?

- Bah Humbug

Squeaky Bogg

This is the same game, if I recall, that gives Galacta Knight the title of "Galactic Knight" in one scene. Technically, "Iron Mam" is accurate the katakana and the original Japanese spelling of the name. It really is done with the "ma" katakana since it is said "mawm" rather than "mohm". So, yeah, it's a flub, but not as bad as the complete naming misnomer, which the "Galact-" one entirely is. No language barrier there, just sloth.

first, my question is does meta knight ever laugh, look like he is smiling behind his mask, or show any sense of happiness in any way? and second, is he kirbys freind or enemy?

- Kirby Fan

Squeaky Bogg

1) You can, in fact, in a good amount of occasions. The most general point in time for such a reaction is when watching TV. He finds it very amusing, apparently. His eyes also change color to coordinate for his emotions, which I thought was stupid, but unless they wanted his solid mask to display "Batman" syndrome, they needed another way to convey just what was going on behind the mask, rather than morphing it unrealistically. Because, after all, that's what a flying, heroic marshmallow game is all about~!

2) I'm actually rather surprised this question doesn't come up quite as much as I always think it will. Well, it did in the first ten sessions, about, but then it lulls. I covered this really early on before, fully. It's worded best back then in, in fact, the first and second sessions.

"Behold, I am your Arch-Rival, come from the dead! And I am actually Mexora. Unnamed Arch Enemy, I only mock "dark" and "cool" characters like Meta Knight, Shadow and Zero. Now my Land-Whale has become a skeletal steed and I have revealed myself, I can ride over and ask you some questions.

1: Your answer made me think that Galacta Knight name comes from both Galaxia and Galactic. It inspires both Meta Knight and cosmic stuff.

2: I have heard the SSBB remixes of Gourmet Race and Marx's Theme, and they were great! G-race seems perfect for Revenge Of The King, and Marx's Theme gives a good feeling of a evolved Marx, like Marx Soul. They made me think "what music direction should Kirby go?"

PS:I am your long lost twin brother. Oops, that was saved for the plot twist of the 75th session.

- Mexora Ghost (The Formerly Unnamed Arch-Rival)

Squeaky Bogg

1) I thought you said you were asking questions?

2) Kirby will probably go in the direction of good, better sounding music since now all of the possible platforms can easily handle such.

3) Silly specter, someone didn't pay attention before. You can only have one twin, and I know his exact location.

In kirby air ride when I pasued the game near a waddle dee I thought I saw it's mouth or nose. and why are they bigger than kirby in that game?

- Mirrior Pikachu

Squeaky Bogg

1) Mouth, possibly. Nose, probably not. They do have mouths, as has been pointed out before and seen in Kirby Super Star. I'm not sure how such faired in the Ultra update. Noses, however, aren't so much displayed. Kirby has been shown to sneeze and inhale through his nose, but little anything even like nostrils was ever shown. They are there, just unseen.

2) They are bigger due to lack of graphical foresight. I know some people may say, "Couldn't they just be big Waddle Dees?" No, that's stupid. That's just the sort of thing they'd want you to think to cover up their flubs. They probably started off with something like bounding boxes when designing the game. Each character took up so much space, and each probably took up identical volume. What was not thought of, is my guess, is that Kirby takes up more space on his rides, which would mean his sprite would have to be smaller. In comparison to the non-Air Ride riders, they appear tinier. Whoopsie.

is it true that kirby ate gooey to gain his copy abilitys

- Avery

Squeaky Bogg

I believe so, yes. If Kirby, having to had lacked any sort of ability to inhale in Dream Land 3, could suck up his partner Gooey. Normally, doing so would just give Kirby life. However, Gooey could have an ability that couldn't just be wasted, so it would just transfer over to Kirby. Now, currently, my SNES is on the fritz, and I can't super-verify it, but it seems perfectly logical.

How did king DeDeDeDe get the powers that kirby has

is meta knight the same species as kirby.

I recently read the page that said galagtic knight might be the futere kirby .impposible! don't you think it is more likley galaxy knight was a iegndary warrior from the past?

why do you think just because kirby can't talk he's nothing the person who created him did not want kirby to talk.

just wanted to know what do you have to do to become guru

- Kirby Kid

Squeaky Bogg

1) Back in the day, Dream Land I, no one questioned how the King was able to inhale and exhale or later, in Adventure, when he could inflate and fly. Of course, back then, it was just "Hey, there's Kirby, a Dream Lander, and King Dedede, another Dream Lander." There was no concept of Kirby's uniqueness or his own special powers. Here, you assume there's an entire realm of folk just like Kirby. He's mundane. No, at this point in time, the first two games, you just said, "Oh, so, like, everyone can do that stuff here. It's no big deal." And, it isn't. It shouldn't be. However, with the wonder/blunder of ten years passing, such things begin to chip away. Kirby begins to be set off as more of an individual. They still have some haunting memories of these earlier days, like King Dedede's basic battle tactics which can never be taken away, but they try their best to ignore it. Well, too bad. I still remember everything! Lies! Reject the lies!

2) You'd have to be blind, dumb, and possess a nail in your head to even consider otherwise.

3) Did you read that futre Kirby bit, oh, here? Such was just covered. I agree with you. Originally, when typing up a response to the linked to prior question, I held it in mind that NOVA said, "Long ago" somewhere in this speech. However, the pause screen specifics say that NOVA had to bend time in order to get the warrior to fight Meta Knight. If he was simply imprisoned eons ago, then there'd be no need to bend temporal fabrics. He'd just have to pop popsicle Galacta in the microwave, defrost, and sic the thawed threat back on the galaxy. No, it seems like they went throught specific lengths to set it up so that the warrior came from the future. Who knows? Maybe, in a later Kirby title, Kirby needs to stop some new threat who, in the end, adopts the mantle of Galacta Knight, and he has to seal him away with NOVA's aid. Being from the future, it allows a recurring role from the knight. He can always be imprisoned to meet the same end in Ultra. That works fine in continuity. However, if he was from the past and killed, then he has no shot of return.

4) Yes, English please. ... What? Not acceptable? Well, shoot. Anyways, trying to answer this, Sakurai did not want Kirby to speak in the animated series. It was his wish, his immovable point. The silent protagonist. I, however, hate this fact. The Kirby mangas have Kirby chattin' it all the time. That works great because the mangas star, guess who? Kirby. No interpreter, no made-up characters like Tiff. It's Kirby functioning autonomously. I know that Sakurai wanted him as a mute, effectively, but I see this as author suicide. Of course, I don't care about this fact or if people don't like that I don't like this because, in the end, this is not the whole of Kirby. This is, what I consider, a minor wing to whole structure. I visit and enjoy the rest of the complex often. That far off point, no. I don't care. People should stop caring that I don't care. I think I got that, right? Hard to really tell.

5) Accident. Sure, there are "details" that go on to that, but it was all really just a well connected accident. Help Nook started up. It largely was what once was Gurus. It was easier to merge the two to allow question/answer searching, and so they were. I kinda proved that I could pull my weight in the knowledge department, and thus grudgingly adopted the moniker.

Is there ever a Kirby game not rated E (excluding Smash series?)

- Kirby Kirby Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Nope. They are all "E" or, possible, that "K through A" rating. They've never had anything to warrant any higher of a rating.

Just reminding you as the day approaches, Bogg should dress up in something as halloween, even if it's something small as replacing his mace with oh, say a butter knife.

Just a few silly/not so sily questions then I'm off. Which Kirby look do you like better. The old before anime look Kirby or the Anime inspired Kirby look?

I don't know if I'm ignorant on the fact, but did it ever say in the Adventure manual how Nightmare possessed the fountain or Star Rod or whatever in Dreamland to begin with? It's been ages since I've last read it (and it's probably lost with the rest of my NES stuff now...)so I've forgotten...

Yes, a Kirby abusive question because everyone loves those. If he were to sleep on a bed of spikes, would he pop and deflate like a balloon? After all, he already pretty much acts like a breathing balloon anyways.

Does Kirby actually have a body or all face? If it's the latter... then since Meta Knight has a similar build... that's not a mask he's wearing... it's a suit of half armor... that covers the front... right?

Last one. Why are there doors like everywhere? They exist in clouds, in the hills, under the water, in the middle of the sky? How... can doors exist like that? Let alone who made them?

Thus ends my sillyness. Totally enjoy these sessions. You always give such humorous answers.

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

0) Oh, snap! Thanks for the reminder. Him, and the previous predicted path had the day landing more on the 100th session. Things sure slowed down.

1) One of the problems is that the general graphics and spriting improved since the prior games. Really, most of it was Game Boy sprites and, what? 3D models of early quality? Not really a contest. They just, over all, got a lot better in the oughts when compared to the nineties. Plus, I really do like the new inhaling.

2) Honestly, how long have you been a Kirby fan? It doesn't matter, really, but did you actually expect something to be explained? No, the explanation is that Nightmare came to Dream Land. That's about it. He went into the fountain to... taint it. Bad stuff.

3) Kirby would not pop when put on a bed of spikes. It's an actually physics example of pressure and surface area type stuff to put a balloon onto a bed of spikes and weigh it down with a brick. The balloon should not pop if the spikes are in great enough number to distribute the force. Kirby, being of a more durable material than stretched latex, would definitely survive. And, if you want proof, I direct you to Beakman's World. Yes, I watched that. Good stuff.

4) Kirby and such have bodies. What they really lack is a defined head. The structure is instead located on the front of the body. So, they are basically chest faces or stomach faces.

5) The doors use to make sense, appearing when leading Kirby into a tree or building. They got a bit lazier as the series progressed, but they still, for the most part when not secretive, connect from some logical point to another. A corridor is easy enough to explain, as well as the junction between them. The problem comes about when they needed to pop on large, glittering stars to tell people "THIS IS A DOOR". That makes it more, "... What?" and makes baby Ometon cry. So, it's really just a necessary evil from game design. However, since you wanted to know who made them. Benny. Yes, Benny did it. Where do you think he's been all this time? Falling out of Bubbly Clouds? Well, yes, but he landed into a door building school and now has amassed quite the fortune.

why is Bimblesnaff having surgery? P.S Kirby is awsome!

- Waddle Doo

Squeaky Bogg

I wanna know where this surgery thing came from. I remember stating mental breakdowns, vacations, and people wondering if surgery was needed for the kayfabe explosion storyline, which, in itself, should have answered that no such thing was happening. But, back to the mental help, those don't require surgery, unless a lobatomy is gotten, which doesn't really "fix" anything.

Have you been saying tho' because you don't really know how to spell tho'?

Prove you know it! Spell out Tho' without Looking in The Dictionary!

- Um

Squeaky Bogg


1)Here's another "what does this monster do in the show?" question! What does scarfy do in the show?

2)Project R.AI.N.B.O.W. just says rain...

3)When's ep.66 gonna beup?;P *whaked with mace*

4)Sorry.Heres cookies.

5)Have you ever made up a name for an enemy who dosen't have a name/not has a name anounced yet?I called the enemy who replaces Grizzo in"Revenge of the King" "Chea Chea" and the enemy's that replace Lovely "Roselin".

Well,bye for now!

- Luca

Squeaky Bogg

1) Scarfy is a cute pet that people like and multiplies like mad, but the cuddly critter is two faced and has an evil side, I think only at night. Rather than turning angry cyclopse, however, it just gets grumpy. What a cop-out.

2) That's not rain. It's the collective tears of the patrons at Rainbow Resort over its blunder.

4) This is delicious! </300 PG>

5) Not normally, no. At least, I don't remember any that I've thought of. I don't get the whole "cheeta" thing with Grizzo's replacement. It's obviously a sabre toothed tiger. I'd call it something like Grizzo's name, too, like "Sabro" or "Trini". Five-hundred points, folks, five-hundred points for those who got it.

To be fair, we aren't that doomed with the whole "fate of the planet" thing. We are, in fact, worse than that. Hrhr.

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