Ask Guru Gobbo #88

Hi, everybody. It's time for... you, the same thing that comes around every day, about. You know the drill by now. It's about twice as fun as the dentist's drill. About!

- November 19th, 2008

  1. Meta Knight7
  2. Sapphire Kirby
  3. Clone #60
  4. Patrick Nobles
  5. Indiana Freaking Jones
  6. Dedede-Daimyo
  7. Irvin
  8. Tricia
  9. Kirby 4 Ever
  10. Cubone King

Honestly, Metaknight is awesome. (albeit coming from a nineteen year old guy who likes kirby, nintendo,and generally starcraft) Anywho, if MK did met these fangirls obsessing to the point of delusions, he would hide. as for you,i would challenge you to death combat, But as the 7th Metaknight, my journey is to destroy Kerringan. Yes there are seven, and we all have a close inner circle. Instead of sending any of 2-6, the first Metaknight will destroy you! Wahahahahaha! oh wait! My question is why there are 10 billion Kirbies occupying Dreamland when I left there? It is more annoying then Metaknights 2(Dark, who is currently incapacitated) and 3(Mexiknight, as the KRR mailbaggers call him, who has not had a job since the series).

- Meta Knight7, current wielder of the Rainbow Sword

P.S. KIRBY WII WAS EATEN BY NEXT GEN! also my waddle dees have been infested and i'm out of ammo for the gun i also wield and am about to-



The ten billion Kirbies phenomenon is one caused by lack of creativity and, really, the games itself. It's hard to really pin blame on the folks. I assume you make mention of how everyone and there cousin chooses to use the name fill-in-the-blank Kirby for a screen name at Kirby sites or makes their fan character unoriginally named ___ Kirby. That's the line I'll follow as you can't mean billions of Kirbies in the games when there are only six officially: Kirby, Keeby, the three Mirror clones (the yellow one in that batch is technically a different one than Keeby who preceded the Mirror), and Shadow Kirby. That's a far drop shy of billions.

The problem is that there are, by right, several "Kirbies" in Dream Land. They were, after all, the alleged people of the realm originally. This was changed over time to being just Waddle Dees in order to make Kirby more unique. However, even despite this, we still have Meta Knight and Keeby, to a lesser extent, that show Kirby has legitimate brethren and is not some special, unique variety of thing. This all exists without acknowledging the several Mirror World varieties. But, the games cause a problem yet again when they just have unexplained copies running around. In Nightmare in Dream Land, Air Ride, and Squeak Squad, it should just be understood that those three others are just to allow multiple player participations, but people instead see it as "There's a lot of 'em, and, for no reason, all are named Kirby."

Additionally, the gaudy costuming of Kirby with copied abilities and the reference to him as "that-power Kirby" led to a whole slew of imagined incarnations. People treat it like its an entirely new character rather than just a missed point on a previously well meaning gimmick.

What I don't get about the billion Kirbies phenomenon is that it only seems to happen in Kirby fandom. You don't go over to a Mario Bros. forum and see everyone dubbed "____ Mario". No, there's a wide variation of enemies whose names are taken upon. It's not so narrow minded. What do Kirby user names focus on? Kirby, Meta Knight, and to a lesser extent King Dedede and Waddle Dee. Other references are rare at best.

... Wait, what was this question even about? It seems to have been near random ranting and incurred the same in response.

Hi, Bimblesnarf! Glad to see you have recovered.

My first question is actually more of a request. The Japanese KSSU site has released a bunch of official artwork for Kirby, his abilities, and his helpers. These images were obtained(Ripped) by KRR forum members and can be found in the Fountain of Dreams section of the forums. My problem is that no one has actually tried to put them on the site, as our SSU info is seriously lacking (which isn't your fault, you're busy with other parts of the site.). My request is that you or someone who deals with pictures were to look at these pictures and see if they can be put up on the main site. This would make me very happy.

My second question is a question. In KSSU, after you destroy main cannon #2(where is main cannon #1?) you beat up Mr. Frosty and the left wing randomly blows up. Why!? Did Mr. Frosty fly into the wing and explode? or do wings explode as much as Team Rocket?

- Sapphire Kirby

Squeaky Bogg

Busy with other parts, and I don't have the game.

1) I noted those pictures in the forums, actually. And I thought, just like you, "Oh, great, time to put them up on the site." Then, as I was looking at them, I noticed that they were on the site, right in the Multimedia directory. I assumed, "Oh, great, the guy already saved them there and, by all logical right, linked to the pictures on the page." I ... never actually bothered to see if they where there or not.

2) I'm pretty sure there is the assumption that Kirby is causing destruction and damage to the ship as he's progressing and/or off screen. All of the crew are there to stop him, but once he gets to a weak point, it can kiss its Pooky good bye. Also, Mr. Frosty is linked to ship wings. It's a little known fact about the lard tub.

how do you intend on defeating your unnamed archrival? a Giant robot? a clone army? Backdropping him 100,000 times or untill he splits in two?

- Clone #60

Squeaky Bogg

I have absolutely no clue. Illiteracy is a mighty foe, but with enough work, I shall -- Oh! You mean Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy. That's a world of difference.

Truth be told, I haven't the slightest clue how this final battle will go. No tactics, no plans, not much of anything. I'm certain that there will be questions answered amidst the chaotic combat, however, to which I'm not certain if they'll aid or impede the villain's efforts...

How do I join this website?

- Patrick Nobles

Squeaky Bogg

That varies upon your definition of the phrase. There are several parts to the website, and many interpretations can be made by your statement.

The Forums work like any message board system that is all the rage these days and has a simple "Create an Account" link. Typically, wherever one is asked to log in, there is one of these. It may be called, "Sign Up For an Account", "Become a Member", "Register an Account", or any variation of such, but they all mean the same thing. You just fill in the requested information (contact info, user name, password), and you're set. It's so easy, there's hundreds of dud accounts that people have made and never used. Wow~!

There's the lesser used News Comment which just allows you to comment upon recent site updates, normally entirely off the mark. This works just the same as the forum account but can also be done without registering for anything. It's so worthless and pathetic that it should be vanishing soon and get replaced with something better, let's just say.

There's the Kirby Fan Art Gallery. The public is free to sign up for it as they wish to contribute artwork. At the top of every page is a set of links. One of them is some varient of the account creation jargon previously mentioned. Click and follow the drill.

Kirbypedia is a part of the site not open to public application, so you won't be able to sign up for anything here. However, you can still contribute information if you want.

The only other thing I could think you'd mean is how one might become a full-fledged Staff Member and work on the site's seedy underbelly. That, also, is not an open application position. There are occasionally drives for staff members once the higher-ups realize that most of the staff has dwindled to dust.

Now, you probably meant how to sign-up for the message boards, which is why I covered that first. That's, as it stands, about as joined to the site as one can be since it is considered the crux. Nothing else, outside of what is mentioned above, requires signing up or joining to make use of on the site, as it currently stands. It's all open access to the public until the passport system gets finished.

... What?

... What?

Copy. What do you like/dislike about this seemingly useless ability?

- Indiana Freaking Jones

Squeaky Bogg

Copy is worthless, truthfully. It's sole purpose in being included in Super Star was to shine in two gimmicks within the game. Kirby certainly didn't need an ability that gave him abilities. That's just redundant. The only near use it had in being for standard play would be those rare times a player could find a T.A.C. and then a mini-boss with not other enemies in between. A true rarity, if even ever occurring. This would allow Kirby to snag the grand prize before even toppling the titan for the power. That, or snatching Crash from Scarfy.

That is the best it can muster normal usage, at least. Copy wasn't made for Kirby to use regularly, however. It's motives were two fold, in my point of view: the second player and Milky Way Wishes.

When a second player takes control, a scenario I am well familiar with, being a helper is kind of lame. There, player one gets to ditch abilities for new ones at his hearts content. The second human player doesn't get to have this fun, unless, that is, they get to be T.A.C. This effectively makes the second player a clone of Kirby. They get a full range of choices when it comes to abilities and then some. The minor differences between the two level out the advantages and disadvantages, but it still leaves the players on pretty equal footing. That's a nice thing when your brother always gets stuck on the second fiddle. What? Super Nintendo was played with fiddles, didn't you know?

The other, and probably more prominent, purpose of Copy was to ruin the gimmick behind Milky Way Wishes. Yes, make an entire game about Kirby not being able to copy abilities and needing to find special super power stations to call them up endless and then make it so that an obvious green star houses an easily obtained permanent Copy ability that pretty much allows Kirby to copy as normal. Granted, I fully recognize that this is a secret and was intended as such. Once you know about it, however, kiss the twist of Milky Way Wishes good bye as you're never turning back.

Hello Bimblesnaff and all readers of Ask the Kirby Gurus. Let's get right to the questions!

1) Referring to my very first question, (but not wanting to dwell on the past), King Dedede sometimes has a light yellow stomach/torso, while other times it is the same color blue as his face. If it's really an underbelly spot, then wouldn't it be consistent with each game? I believe it is actually an article of clothing, exemplified by Brawl, but regularly displayed in simplified Kirby-graphics. What you think?

2) Would you consider the Kirby series to be reflective of Taoist concepts? For example, the series often expresses using the enemy's strength against them, the blurred line between what is "good" and "bad" in characters, the soft and flexible becoming hard and strong, and the most prominent feature- circularity in everything. Also, there are Whispy Woods and Kracko, as well as countless other characters, who are representations of the "living" natural world. Moreover, Kirby sets off on his adventures in the spirit of "non-doing"; after all, he simply completes the job by eating and going about as he normally would anyhow- unless he were to spend the day amid Dreamland's "lazy lifestyle".

3) (Not really a question, but an observation) In Super Star Ultra, when Kirby summons NOVA, the giant comet looks like his old, reliable self. However, later in Meta Knightmare Ultra, when MK summons NOVA again, he looks like he did after Kirby destroyed his galactic nucleus- gaping hole, gears exposed, and literally cockeyed. Plus, he does not emerge from a rip in space, as he traditionally has, but rather is pieced back together by the power of the 8 stars. This deteriorated, defective state of his may be the reason why NOVA brought back Galacta Knight instead of a more powerful opponent for Meta Knight's request (Though I do agree with your analysis in session 87).

In conclusion, I'm glad to see you're back Bimblesnaff. How was my "proposal"? Too much, huh? I'll send examples soon enough. In the mean time, all fans of my work, I am presently working on a masterpiece of artwork based on Kirby Super Star Ultra. This Emaki (long picture-scroll) will surely blind fans of the game with Ultimate Awesomeness upon completion, at New Year's time. Till then- I'll be seeing ya later!

- Dedede-Daimyo

Squeaky Bogg

1) Consistency? In Kirby? Hah ha-hah! Oh, silly Daimyo. No, they just change things, a lot. It is irrefutably seen to be a belly patch in the official artwork for, I believe, Squeak Squad. It was probably changed to the robe wrap for the same reason Mario was given stitching on his denim over-alls: higher graphical resolution makes regular game sprite designs look lame. I'm sure they tried it with the belly splotch instead of the robes, but it didn't sit well visually, so they smacked on the kimono.

2) You had me at the start but kinda lost me later on. It does seem like, tho', that it definitely smacks of Taoism. Who knew the li'l pudge could be so deep and philosophical? And here I thought he was more representative of Hedonism or Satanism. Look at that face. It totally wants you to worship the dark master.

3) I hate to say, but... that doesn't make any sense. Yes, NOVA is busted up something fierce, but he goes through a very lengthy and well documented conversation with Meta Knight about the opponent he is about to unleash. Despite his physical damage, the machine is still communicating well and shows no cognitive impairment. He doesn't glitch and send out a wimpier fight. He was working fine. And, also, how was Galacta Knight not the best to offer? I mean, the guy was sealed away for being such a threat. He was really bad news. I do not believe there is any hint of misdirected reasoning behind the battle with Galacta Knight. It's an interesting concept, but I just don't see it holding up.

4) You're making a long picture scroll?! Well, I hope you have a long enough scanner. Size can be a real beast when transferring art from this world to the digital world. I blame dem pesky Numemon, always "sludging" up junk with their "sludge". Really, did anyone ever buy that the pink poo shape was "sludge"? Honestly. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Stay outta my food. Especially these swirls of warm strawberry flavored frozen yogurt I've been finding on the digital ground lately. At least, I assume they're strawberry given the color. Guess I'll find out~!

Squeaky Bogg would like to apologize on behalf of Uncle Gobbo for his gross incompetence and manner, as well as for completely derailing this session. But, hey, whatcha gonna do?

who made that game on this website called meta knights dreamland? And how?

- Irvin

Squeaky Bogg

The second thing said on the title screen is "Press 'c' for credits" which tells that FBI made it. And, if that wasn't clue enough, it says it right there on the title screen at the bottom. This game was made by what you call good ol' fashioned programming in Java. Key inputs were corresponded to sprite movements. Or, the way I see it, this game was a very lazy graphical shift. It was, as stated, a re-do to a Java version of Super Mario Bros. Advance 2, but it didn't bother to change very simple things, like mention in the help that the character used is named J-rio, a cheap naming for Java Mario, or the fact that none of the sprites correspond to their actual size for purposes of collisions and bounding. I'd stick to Gooey x Moogong.

I Was Wondering. Did Nova Seal Galactic Knight

- Tricia

Squeaky Bogg

My assumption is yes. I don't believe they actually say how the imprisonment actually came about, other than him being too powerful, but it falls into perfect reason that someone wished for NOVA to away the destructive force after collecting the power of the nearby stars. At least, that's the way I look at it.

I have 3 guestions.

1) How do you become a person working on this site?

2) Why does Meta Knight wear a mask?

3) In the anime why does kirby always go "poyo poyo poyo poyo"?

- Kirby 4 Ever

Squeaky Bogg

1) Staff members are recruited for this site largely when there is a void to be filled. When old members fade away or retire and work ain't getting done, in comparison to the already existing lack of accomplishment, then a recruitment drive is had. That, or you just luck into it by being tapped by an existing member to fill a position that wasn't in existence yet. That's how I sank my claws into this site, tapped by the founder Kindar Spirit herself. Of course, while there are many ways to become a working member of the site, all agree on this one truth: asking to become, not how just requesting to be, a staff member means you aren't cut out for it. No one likes a begger.

2) Meta Knight wears a mask to hide his identity as he is ashamed of who he is. His kind are weak, gluttonous, lazy dreamers who frollic all day. He is hardened and stern. I wouldn't want that damaging affilitation if I was a feared swordsman, would you?

3) I actually recently learned that "poyopoyo" is the onomatopoeia in Japanese for the sound a baby makes while it totters about on two legs. Basically, waddling. So, in Kirby's childish banter, he is actually further saying, "I'm a baby" in affect. And that's one to grow on. Of course, there's other views I hold, including practical trademarking to spitting on us all.

How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

- Cubone King

Squeaky Bogg

You know, I actually counted that once. Seriously. Too bad I lost the scrap cardboard (don't ask) that I kept the tally on. It was years ago, and I have moved a good number of times since thing. Things like that get lost. It was somewhere near 126, I do believe.

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