Ask Guru Gobbo #86

Step by step, day by day. A fresh start over, a different hand to play. The deeper we fall, the stronger we stay, and we'll be better the second time around.

- November 17th, 2008

  1. Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy
  2. Oacrina
  3. Lindsay the Wolf
  4. Melon Gummy Am Epic
  5. Weegee
  6. Spinni
  7. Prince Flarema
  8. Nishat
  9. Leint

*TELEGRAM!!!* It's from your Unnamed Arch Enemy!

"HAHAHAHAAA!" A shadowy figure, standing in the shadows, that looks and sounds very shadowy, laughs. Wait... That voice sounds different than your arch enemy's voice... But it sounds familiar... It seems eviler.. And something that may attract tons of Fan Girls... "Do you remember who I am?" You see a grin on his face... The figure takes a couple steps forward... It's...!

It's Nega Bogg!

"Yes, it's me! I'm now bigger and more evil than ever! In about 12 sessions, the event you know as The Great Invasion will take place... Ma- Erm, I mean... Your Arch Enemy's plan is actually tons stronger than last time! No, seriously... He has a couple good characters planned this time... That humongous golem-esque character actually looks pretty freaky... Anyways, I'll be there with your enemy, second in command! I've just been told the news, and I had to deliver the news...

HAHAHAAA!!! Sessions 98 through 102... Get ready!"


"By the way... What are Squeaky Bogg's greatest fears? We know his weaknesses... Is he afraid of anything? Also, what's his favorite food? ...huh? Why do I want to know that? Oh, no reason... Hehehe..."

*End Telegram*

- Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Enemy

Squeaky Bogg

Come now, you should know well by now that he favors cookies and their dough above all else.

Known phobias are a tricky thing. There's plenty of things that li'l Squeaker doesn't like, but this falls less to running in fear and more into the response of killing on sight. Such things are emos, bad fan characters, and unnecessary shinnichiha. Now, while he's generally cowardly and quick to turn tail, nothing in particular erks him. Sorry, nefarious villain. I wish I could help, but there just really isn't anything outright and easy like spiders or heights. There's just the threat of looming, creeping, swallowing apathy that washes over the shoes of Rainbow Resort and consume all within. I don't know where you're gonna find any of that, tho', or, as really is the case, where you wouldn't find it.

Oo! One did just come to mind! One of those aforementioned hates that couldn't be done in with a swift bonk from his spiked ball. Indestructible emo? Now it'll never stop cutting itself!

Really, I have two questions.

1: did Kirby ever play an instrament, other than singing?

2: is there a world map of the original Kirby: Dream Land?


- Oacrina

Squeaky Bogg

1) Kirby has never picked up an instrument from what I can recall. I believe there are some pictures of him at a piano, but those are largely fun graphics scrolled during credits or sound tests. Chiefly, Kirby mans a baton or other tool to lead the music rather than create it himself.

2) Nope. There's no map. Typically, games have world maps when they actually involve some sort of mass exploration. Kirby was fairly linear and relatively short in it's initial title. I'm sure the concept of drawing up a map never struck them as necessary.

Hello, Bimblesnaff. I have a question about fangirls.

On DeviantART, Meta knight fangirls pair up themselves or their OCs with Meta knight. If you want my opinion, it's very sickening and annoying. I've also noticed that it's also starting to happen with Marx. Why do fangirls do this? Don't they already have boyfriends? I don't, and I'm an MK fangirl, but you don't see me going around saying "Lindsay X Meta Knight"! I think these kinds of fangirls need lives. They think it's cute to pair themselves up with MK or Marx, but it's very annoying! Meta Knight isn't going to fall in love with some drooling fangirl! A message to MK fangirls: META KNIGHT DOES NOT LOVE YOU!

Thank you for listening to my rant

- Lindsay the Wolf

Squeaky Bogg

Meta Knight won't, yes, but I'm still here. Ladies... * wink, wink, wink *

In all seriousness, this is just another odd outlet of adolescent teenage female expression. If it's not Meta Knight, then it's Inu Yasha, or Edward Elric, Vash the Stampede, Harry Potter, or Tarantulus. Chicks dig robotic arachnids, right? They're so suave and charming with their cyber venom injecting gadgets. ... Well, I wouldn't put it past them, anywise. The point is, if it isn't one charming, generally darker or misunderstood bad boy or hero, it's just gonna be the next one. There's no stopping them from crushing on a fictional character. In most cases, they feel excluded from the typical rounds of society and feel this imaginary being would accept them. Read this as they have "great personalities". Shudder!

But there is no stopping the Mary Sue. Fanatic works have always been an outlet for people to impose themselves and their twisted desires into a fictional world. They insert themselves into wherever they want to get the sought after who-knows-what they want and bend the very fabric of the established canon to their fanon just to fulfill some twisted fantasy.

Then, there's the male equivalent: "Hey... that Chun Li's hot." Ah, males. So crude.

What does that elusive helper for the Star Chariot look like? *cough pics please cough*

- Melon Gummy Am Epic

Squeaky Bogg

No, how about I don't link a picture. That'd sure solve everything. I've just describe it very, very carefully.

Helper, as is its only given name, replacing any helper that was brought into the battle with this generic form, is an elusive figure. Many people do not even know it is in the the game, and sprites are hard to come by. And they are hard to find. This site, actually, only has a(n easy to find) sprite of the status box image. It is pretty much a static image with no animation, so the fact that it is skipped over isn't shocking. But, there is this sheet that has all the NOVA fight sprites in it at Dr. Shnaps, thankfully.

Did they ever have Kirby toys at any fast food restaurants? I'm a collector of that kind of stuff.

- Weegee

Squeaky Bogg

Wendy's had some Kirby toys back in 2003 when promoting the animated series back when, which, as I should have expected, has no mention on the actual site. Yeesh, that's behind.

Anyhoo, the four toys were a "pullback bowling" Kirby, a Magic 8-ball Cook Kirby, a pull back racer slash back pack clip, and a ... Kirby board game. Yes, it's pretty easy to see why these weren't too easily remembered. They're nothing compared to the awesome Super Mario Bros. 3, of which I still have my back flipping Goomba. He don't quite back flip anymore, however.

How come on the main ask the gurus page Squeaky Bogg is dressed up in silly costumes?

- Spinni

Squeaky Bogg

He's dressed up in goofy costumes since someone requested it. At the time I made those graphics, I was well, but then had my arm snap. Since the images were only good from Halloween to Thanksgiving, which was my original prediction of sick leave, I put the images there to get some face time. Now, I'm just leaving them there until Black Friday.

Okay, I'm VERY CONFUSED with this site. I have had all my recent comments deleted by, I'm assuming a staff member, and I don't know why. So, could you tell me what would be the reasons that someone is blocked? I'm trying not to get upset about it, but it makes me cringe just thinking about it, especially since I don't know what I did. And since they keep deleting my questions as to why my comments are deleted, I'm starting to get upset, since I'm not getting an answer. Thank you.


- Prince Flarema

(P.S, I can't think of an actual Kirby question at the moment, sorry)

Squeaky Bogg

No, that's an appropriate question. It has to do with use of the site. Anyhoo, the reason for this was told you out front by KRR Staff: "Comments being made on this article are strangely not commenting on the article. Please heed the rules not to post pointless discussion here. That's what the forums are for."

Summed up, you and others were warned to not flood the news articles with off topic banter. They have hard enough of a time staying on topic. The drivel was removed. Staff doesn't mess around. They aren't just going to warn you again. No, the fat is cut off from the meat and discarded. It had no bearing. I wasn't the one who did this now, but I can't say I disapprove of the actions. Things should be clean, cut, and streamlined to maximize efficiency.

does kirby air ride have realy 4 kirbys like kirby and the amazing mirror?

- Nishat

Squeaky Bogg

There are and there aren't four Kirbies, if that makes any sense. There are four players in the game, each one of them represented with a differently colored Kirby, yes, but there aren't really four Kirbies.

Amazing Mirror tied the multiple Kirby clones into the story line. They were made and were always present. This title was a platformer, which is more tied to the actual canon and storyline of the series. The non-platforming games, such as the racing and sport, are considered a bit further off and exist really just more for the fun of it. There's no significance in there being multiple, multi-colored Kirby types. They are there just to make graphics easier and to give all possible players a fair chance at play. It's sloth in development and more in explanation, I'm afraid.

Do you think if the anime series never existed that Meta Knight could have gone down that dark road to evildom and perhaps maybe have become more villainous instead of becoming well... more goody-goody?

Honestly, I'm curious on your opinion on this. As of the games that have come out that feature Meta-Knight, I don't really see him as being particularly evil or good. I see him as being selfish. I believe that could be his drive in Meta-Knight's revenge as he wants to run things his way, but I also see why he's so called "good" in Adventure, KatAM, and SS. It's because he doesn't want to have his life run by some two bit shmuck who's trying to take over Pop Star or in the case of the Amazing Mirror, just wants the bad guy dead because he one upped on Meta Knight. Basically, I think his main drive is that he's completely selfish and cares for no one but himself. The only reason he helps Kirby is because it benefits him. Could you tell me your opinion on this? I'm ready for your rapid fire! :D

Not a Kirby question, but are you going to have anything special planned for the 100th session?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

1) I really gotta get that essay on Meta Knight up. Yes, I do believe that in deed. He was heading down the path of being Kirby's new great enemy, in my opinion. Dedede was taking the back seat to this guy, even becoming more of a good guy, while the carbon Kirby copy would ascend to the ranks of top bad dude. Now, that's not to say that the tired "Sonic formula" wouldn't occur. You know, Knuckles was a foe and then turned good, so then Shadow came and, I think, did about the same. Well, good or to an anti-hero. It's really the same thing.

That is a very good analysis of the knight, however, an angle I never really thought much of. That take certainly would allow the game makers to ride the middle road between the pre-animated and post-animated series, which is sort of the actions they took with King Dedede. To not offend the old fans, they'd keep him in a "me, me, me" light, but, in order not to confuse the followers of Sir Meta Knight, people could easily just assume he was acting justly. Of course, as has been done with King Dedede in just the storyline for the GameCube/Wii title, in which he steals Kirby's warp star, it seems the game makers have decided that they've been sitting on the fence long enough. What this means for the futures of anyone, I can't truly predict, but my gut tells me evil king and good knight. It also tells me to stop eating things I find in the couch cushions, but it's not the boss of me~!

2) Now, I sure don't have anything planned for the big dub-O, but it looks a certain Unnamed Arch Enemy has some scheming in mind. Onoz!

Repeat Response:

  1. Meta Knight Obsessor wanted convincing proof Kirby was a boy.
  2. Helper 2 Hero ask how to get the Star Chariot helper.

Kudos and shame on anyone who got that intro off the bat. Mostly, shame on me for using it.

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