Updates and more
'Sup resorters. How's your New Year going so far? I've been quite busy myself.

First off, a new fansub! Go watch ep 47, 'Come Home, Dear Waddle Dee'. Be sure to discuss the episode at the forums. Oh, and the fan favorite 'Dedede of the Stars' is coming soon! I've closed the forums poll put up a poll regarding the subs. Please vote!

I've also made lots of updates to the Kirby Squeak Squad section. Story, Feature, Abilities, and Mini-Games are all updated. I'm working on the other sections. I've also updated the KSqSq section over in the Gallery. Also, a new batch of Guru answers!

Now, regarding the results of the forum poll... Go to the Full Story! And dangit, if you haven't already signed up at the forums, click here to do it!

Oh, for those of you having technical difficulties with signing up- send an email to KindarSpirit or Debageldond and they will sort it out. Not to me! I don't handle that stuff.
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - January 7th, 2007Miscellaneous
Forum Notice
Just a brief notice, the forums will be a bit wonky around noon CST tommorrow, as I'm going to be applying a little patch that will modify a few of the forum's features. Details are here: Here
Edit: Most of the changes that were planned have been applied. Thank you for your patience. :D
DiskmasterPosted by Diskmaster - January 8th, 2007Interactive
Link It!

 Not much time for small talk today, I'm afraid. I have to rush this one in and get to other business. A while ago, you might have noticed that we (KRR) are now affiliates with The Spriter's Resource. Great thing and all, but in the process of updating that, I forgot that I made all new Link Buttons for the occasion. It slipped right by me. So, I'll be placing them up as of now.


 It is quite unfortunate that the Link to Us section has been outdated for so long. ... Well, the only panacea for being outdated is to update it. I just did that, right? Well, that only lasts so long. So, you guys can help out too! I'd like to give KRR some more web-uniform link buttons. Those are 88 by 31/32/33 (button), 200 by 40 (flyer/mini banner), and 468 by 60 (full banner). It would be really cool if you guys could lend a hand. You can make one from scratch, or I'll make it real simple too - just use this Simplified PSD File (for 88 by 31) so you won't have to trip over getting alot of fonts and layer styles.

 Upload the buttons you made to your own webspace, like Photobucket or ImageShack, and place them in the comments for this news. If all goes well, I'll place up a few more Simplified PSD Files for Web Banners and Flyers at a later date.

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - January 14th, 2007Links
About time I've updated!

Okay, I blame it on other things that I've been doing, but I hadn't updated AbilityFest in quite a while.

Well, for those of you who have been waiting, I've finally added all of the submissions from mid-November up to now. I've also added the new abilities from Squeak Squad to the list, in case any of you have been itching to draw them. :P

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - January 14th, 2007Fan Creations
Dang weather
One day it's 70, the next it's 30! What the heck. Well at least I don't live where they're getting ice storms!

Aaanyway. I got TWO new episodes subbed! Go watch 'Pupupuland Sightseeing Tour' and 'New Anime Series- Dedede of the Stars'! (Remember that the torrents are slow at first! If you have trouble with them, check at the forums for help and other options.

I've also updated the Squeak Squad sections. I have pics and info for Enemies, Mini-Bosses, and Bosses!

Also, the 50th guru answers thing. Man, 50. That's crazy. I shoulda done something special but I forgot.

Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - January 16th, 2007Miscellaneous
A minor cleanup.
The Great Cave Offensive cameo icons page has been cleaned up so you can actually see the full list of icons now. ( Link )

Reported by someone at random in the chatroom.
DiskmasterPosted by Diskmaster - January 17th, 2007Information
Quick update
Not much today. Just a new poll, and a new set of Guru answers. Oh and I updated my FAQ.

Yeah apparently Squeak Squad is selling well! Over 800,000 copies in Japan, and I think 200,000 here is what I read. He's way more popular over there, isn't he.

Edit: Oh fine, I changed the poll options and reset it. Vote again.
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - January 25th, 2007Information
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