KRR Weekly Writing Challenge!

I'm pleased to announce something new at KRR, the Weekly Writing Challenge!  Each week, there will be a new topic to write about, and you can either post your response on the forums or e-mail kindarspirit if you don't want to register. =)

This isn't a contest, but each week, there will be a spotlight on the main site for one story which exemplifies addressing the week's topic.  We hope to accumulate a great deal of stories by those who love discussing Kirby!

To learn more about the Weekly Writing Challenge, read the topic on the forums!
DebageldondPosted by Debageldond - March 4th, 2007Fan Showcase
A Change in Time Schedules

 This may not be considered Kirby-related news, but I am bringing it up to spread the word of it. I hope you don't mind.

 A new U.S. law extending daylight savings time by three weeks, clocks will jump forward at 2am Sunday, March 11, in part to help save energy. Canada will also be extending the normal daylight savings time change. So the change will take place a week from now.

 Read more at this forum topic.

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - March 4th, 2007News
KRR weekly Writing Challenge Week 2

Thanks to Bazzoka and Jirachi Girl for our new logo!

We got quite a few participants for the first topic, and it was hard to choose just one! Instead, if you aren't a member of the forums you can read all the entries in this extended update =) You can also post here about how you got into Kirby if you want to, and we will probably archive all of these responses under a new section. Afterall, it's a pretty good topic that many should be able to contribute to if they want to. It's long, so grab a snack or a drink or something. Great night time reading!

This week's topic can be found here.

Also, please check out our new friend (affiliate), Super Mario Legacy

kindarspiritPosted by kindarspirit - March 10th, 2007Fan Creations
Another Month, Another Mailbag!
And since it is my other duty to this website, I will say-- yes, a Fan Comics update will be coming within the week.

But I'm here to present to you Mailbag 34!

Click the full story to see it all!
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - March 12th, 2007Information
Long delay!
Ugh, again. Ah well though, I bring good things! Specifically, the subs of episodes 52 and 53, 'Demonic ChocoCapsules'! Go watch! (Also there's a batch torrent for 41-50, so help seed it if you have any of those episodes! It'll be a while before you can download from it though.)

And have ya all voted in our demographics poll? Man, it strikes me how many more guys there are... And what's with all you under 13? You shouldn't be on the Internets. :| There's dirty stuff and crazy people! Your parents had better be supervising you.

Oh, and a new Guru Q&A. 
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - March 18th, 2007Other
It's a shame because Get Fuzzy is an excellent comic.
Yo, internet.

First, I swear, I forgot about comics. They'll be updated soon with more of Mango's series and a new series someone's started to send in to me. Hopefully this weekend.

There's another Mailbag after only eleven days because of a fairly strong response to the discussion theme-- sorry if we didn't answer your letter, but it might've just been too silly to be included at all!

Also, plans are beginning for a Wi-Fi Tournament this summer for everyone who visits KRR and will be playing Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. If you have any input on the matter, please feel free to respond to the Pokémon Topic on the forums, or leave a comment here.

Oh, Bucky Katt? I'm watching you.
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - March 23rd, 2007Information
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