Arcana II Card Master, OST
 Today, I feel a little like exploding. For some reason, my bandwidth has reached an all-time low and I have been having the hardest time keeping connected to KRR's FTP, or using any sort of network connection at all, proving very hard for uploading things. The frustration isn't stopping me, however. Here is a lovely update!

 Going further with the Related Music project, I have uploaded Arcana's Soundtrack. I don't know how many of you have played that game, but it is one of the three RPGs HAL made. I really didn't like the game at all. Too difficult and a bit mundane. The soundtrack however, was just amazing! I think was maybe the first game that both Jun Ishikawa and Hirokazu Ando both worked on! Even before the Kirby's Adventure days. You heard right folks, this soundtrack is on-par with the legendary Kirby's Adventure soundtrack we all love.

 Don't believe me? Why don't you have a listen for yourself (), and go take your picks? ... However, if you want Track 35, The Symphony of Elemen, please be patient, as the FTP is still being difficult, and that is the last one to get up there.
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - July 3rd, 2007Multimedia
It is mailbag 39. It's a pretty good one that sees the resolution of a Mailbag subplot and the introduction of several new character dynamics. It's a riveting read and probably a milestone as far as the revived too-many-people-answering-simple-letters dynamic goes.

ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - July 6th, 2007Interactive
E3 2007!

If you've been keeping track of E3 this year (which you had better be!), you'd know that Nintendo held their conference today.

While nothing specifically related to a Kirby game was mentioned (boo D:), another game with Kirby in it has a release date now.

E3 Nintendo Confrence

Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be out in North America on December 3rd, 2007 (exactly six years after Melee came out in North America). Let joy be had! :D

If you'd like to discuss Brawl, or any other news from E3, we currently have a number of topics at the forum for the very purpose of discussing this new information. Come check it out!

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - July 11th, 2007News
Blah, still no new Kirby game info! Keep your fingers crossed though. (Personally I'm hoping they're doing an anime sequel along with it but it's just a dream. =P)

Today I bring you one of my favorite and most insane episodes of Kirby of the Stars. Go watch 'Fatastrophe! Snack Junkie' (with some healthy snacks of course.)

Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - July 12th, 2007Other
Kirby game-related news! Wow!

I hate to be bumping the update for Episode 61 of the animé, but I thought that I should post this news on the main site so that non-forumgoers could see it.

According to this blog article a member of the forum posted, Kirby Wii has not been abandoned just yet. Good news for us!

Hopefully we'll actually get to see some new info finally!

Disaster KirbyPosted by Disaster Kirby - July 14th, 2007News
Kirby Mangas are Weird
Kirby Manga update. See full story for more.
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - July 16th, 2007Multimedia
Flash from the Past
   With all the new things and opportunities flying around for the puff ball, why not finish what was done first. Now, I know what you are thinking: "Who is this guy?"
   No one cares about that. What is cared for is a huge dump of Kirby instruction booklet scans! Actually, no one probably cares about that either...
   Anyhoo, some folks actually take care of them things. Surprising, isn't it? Be sure to relive (instructionally, at least) these classic games:
BimblesnaffPosted by Bimblesnaff - July 19th, 2007Games
These are Prosperous Times!
 Good morning everyone! Today I have another Related Music update! This time, it is of a very small and wonderful overlooked gem named Trax. It is a small, short, and ever-so-sweet game. I recommend you go and play it sometime. The music itself is actually uncredited, but it was made by HAL and around the same time Jun Ishikawa starting working there. Put two and two together?

 Here, have a listen.


 Anyway, currently there is a larger update in the works. Very large. It will be an update of insurmountable proportions!  Stick around for it! You'll love it!

Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - July 22nd, 2007Multimedia
You'll never believe this!
But someone from 4kids has contacted Kindar and I, asking our thoughts on Kirby DVD releases!

So of course we have to find out a larger fan opinion. I must direct your attention to the newest poll! Please vote!
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - July 22nd, 2007News
Some Guru stuff!!
Hey!  I FINALLY got around to making a Games FAQ for the Gurus section!  I even used fun pictures to make it more enjoyable to read!  Go check it out.

Also, I did another Gurus answers to add to this.

Kirby WarriorPosted by Kirby Warrior - July 23rd, 2007Interactive
Kirby's Dreamland 3 Manga
 Skip the introductions and get right to it!
Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - July 23rd, 2007Multimedia
I wonder what would happen, if I filled this update with feral cats?


Mega WarpPosted by Mega Warp - July 25th, 2007Multimedia
Can you believe it? Joe in Super Smash Bros: Brawl! (Yeah I totally saw it coming!) Sure it's just as an assist trophy, but still awesome! I wonder what other helpers will appear?

Kirby is shocked too!

I do sort of wish they'd used the anime model, er, or maybe one that wasn't quite so... fat? Seriously Joe looks like he has a case of the mumps here, but oh well! I'm betting since his voice actress Minami Takayama is already in the game doing Pit's voice, maybe she'll do Joe again too! :D

Other than that all I have is an update to the Kirby Cosplay page with my Meta Knight costume (shamelessly showing off :D), and a new set of Guru answers.
Ivyna J SpyderPosted by Ivyna J Spyder - July 27th, 2007News
Mairbag Foulty.
Mailbag 40 is up! (There's also a new theme for next Mailbag for those of you who seem to enjoy them.)

Oh yeah, a link. [Here you go!]

As Fan Comics dude, I suppose I should begrudgingly mention an update will be made to the section sometime during the first week of August, or sooner, depending on how bored I am.
ArrEmmDeePosted by ArrEmmDee - July 28th, 2007Interactive
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