Ask Guru Gobbo #136

And now, this stuff. More head biting, head piking, and head- uh, wigging? Why not. I can make up expressions, sure. That has to describe one of these questions.

- May 31st, 2009

  1. PokeMega32
  2. Leint
  3. Qtie4U
  4. Chimera
  5. Yassen Cossack
  6. Jonghyunchung
  7. Bynine B
  8. Oscar9898
  9. Kirby Maniac
  10. Ramorvee

Hey Bimblesnaff! I was wondering something about Kirby Wii. I've noticed that you usually refer to it as "Legend of the Stars" or something similar. I could've sworn it had just been Hoshi no Kirby like the original, not Hoshi no Densetsu like you're implying... Did you make that name up, or was it officially announced? Also, when was it announced that Dedede was the main villain?

Also, in the last session, Anonymus [sic] asked about Wham Bam Jewel having no story. I have a feeling he's referring to the little backstories it gives on the pause screens for some of the final bosses. (Like the info on Galacta Knight being brought through time) However, WBJ did in fact have one of these, and it basically does explain the character...

- Pokemega32

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yes, I made it up. I always do that; pull stuff out of thin air, don'tcha know? I love to falsify on something that is considered a major interest to a site dedicated to giving accurate and precise information.

No. This is real. That's what it was called years ago. It wasn't an official thing or even a big thing, but this was a name given to it. Now, I only more recently startd to use that title to refer to it, but it's been around for nigh-on five years. It's just a lot better than saying "Kirby Wii" -- especially since back then it was "Kirby GCN". You can easily identify something with a title such as Legend of the Stars as being the horribly developmental helled Kirby title no matter how many systems it bounces to. Hoshi no is, like, every Kirby title ever. What help is that? And I'm not a fan of putting systems to game titles. If you notice, I pretty much only go by Crystal Shards. It doesn't make much sense to say you're playing "Kirby 64" on your Virtual Console, do it?

"Legend of the Stars"? That's an identifier. Sure, there's no real title confirmed for it, but saying "Kirby Tenetive" or some other tripe sure ain't helping it. I see "Legend" and figure "better than nothing". Now, this stuff was said, but it was four years ago. Longer, even. I don't know where it came from. I really don't know why it came about. All the information really said about the game can be squarely summed up now: "Hey, a new Kirby game. Dedede steals Kirby's Warp Star. You have helpers that stack or something. Time for it to flounder for a few years." That was it. Seems like only one star to me. Dedede is a definite solid, tho', especially with his Dedede Bot revamp from Dream Course.

Go anywhere -- Wikipedia, Kirby Wikia, IGN, even people here at Rainbow Resort. Plenty of people call it by Legend. Not everyone. Mostly those who remember or use one of the previously mentioned sources. It's been so long since anything new has been said about the game that most all information can be disregarded. The initial product was milk, and it could be cheese by the time we see it. Fancy cheese, too. The good, smelly, old stuff.

2) Probably! I wish people would read things they have in front of them to not make me look stupid. Of course, everything I said still holds up, really, so only the wrongly spelled unknown looks the fool. Lucky for him he kept his identity a secret.

Stale questions are stale. Like week old cookies. I've got a question that I want a second opinion on. Considering all the Kirby games, what power do you think is the most broken in the series? I know you've done best, worst, favorite, etc., but I don't think I've ever asked about a game-breaking move so...

And just because I can, what is Bogg smoking?

- Leint

Squeaky Bogg

He's smokin' the pipe -- literally! The wood is just on fire. He either doesn't understand the concept or the not-his-perscription glasses blind him that much.

Anyhoo, the most broken ability, out of all the games, is unaminously Tornado in Squeak Squad. It's powerful, it has invincibility time, and it hits a lot. It rises up time and again as being just unfair to the game. Now, something like this beats out UFO and Smash since those were supposed to be rare or hidden abilities. They're worth their might. Tornado is just a regular thing like Beam or Fire; nothing special. However, it has so much power, all agree, that I've heard (which means one to none), that it is plain cheap.

How does Dedede looks like without his hat? Does he has hair, is he bold, is his hat stuck to his head? Makes me really wonder...

- Qtie4U

PS. Are Gobbo, Bimblesnaff and Squeaky Bogg the same? If so, why does it has so many names?

Squeaky Bogg

1) I would assume yes. I do not believe his hat has ever come off. I recall no official pictures or screenshots of such anywhere. If not round topped, since he's feathered? Then he'd probably have a little spike or two sticking off top, a la Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, or any other type of non-chicken cartoon character. It's clothing and not part of his body. Those red vestments do come off.

2) Hasn't that been fielded?

my question is if there is a king on {whereever kirby takes place} is there an economy

- Chimera

Squeaky Bogg

Where ever? You mean, Dream Land? Pop Star? The places and locals mentioned in every game if not in the title of?

Anyhoo, I don't really see what the king has to do with an economy. You don't need a ruler to instate a system of trade and monetary exchange. The people can still have shops and barter even if the crown doesn't have some sort of trade agreement open with a neighbor. I mean, they can stop trade with a particular group, but still.

It's assumed some sort of system exists on the planet, although it is unknown on what it is based. I would suspect food and some type of barter system, but others fabricate some type of currency from generic "stars". It's never said what they use or even if they use anything. It's all just speculation.

hi.a long time ago in like session 20 or something you said kirby runs around faster than sonic(i'm not a raging sonic fan so don't think i am)but isn't the only time the puff runs faster is when he has the wheel ability. and rember like isaidlike i said i'm no hardcore sonic fan but

- Yassen Cossack

Burst the Pufferfish

You, sir, are an illiterate hack who should return to the first grade so that you can be taught how to read. I'd suggest a different school since the first one obviously failed at the task. I'd like their name so I can report them to the Board of Education and have them reprimanded or closed to prevent any other minds as polluted as yours from dragging down the collective IQ of human kind.

Do people even know what literary devices are? What it means to creatively sculp words and phrasing to take on the likeness of another meaning? Well, that wouldn't even matter in this case as such was barely done. No, sir, you get your head on a pike.

Ball- I mean Cossack is referencing the Sonic Rebuttal of Session #19 (too lazy to get the actual number, which makes sense as he probably couldn't count, either), his vapid mind focused in to the last words stated: "(Kirby's) franchise either beat or parred Sonic in every case, which is more impressive since the round one is a full year younger. He got around a lot faster than the 'hog, and he's not even blazing fast."

How could anyone think that means he runs faster? I literally say that Kirby is not faster right there. No, I was saying his series covered more ground and branched out further than Sonics. You know, it developed faster. Did I say the puff beat the streak in a foot race? Did I say the glutton can reach mach 2? Did I say Yassen Cossack is an intelligent individual who deserves all of our respect? The answer is d) none of the above.

The worst thing is that pea-brained stupidities like this even have to be addressed, let alone are even thought at some point in time. Maybe I should make Gurus a puppet show so that all can keep up with the pace.

I have recently discovered that two of Ivy's videos got removed for "copyright infringment". What should we all do?

- Jonghyunchung

Squeaky Bogg

Not care. Be massly indifferent. Take a nap. Go on about our lives. Those sound like good suggestions?

The only thing that puzzles me is how not all of her videos were removed. Just two? Did they not notice all of the other videos she had? Or all the other videos out there of just about the same thing? What made those two stand out? Well, the answer is stupidity and chance. It was probably just a coin landing on its side. It's not like anything is really stopping them from being uploaded again, really.

What's the difference between Suplex and Backdrop? Suplex is a lot of fun, but I've never seen Backdrop before, so I'd like to know.

- BynineB

Squeaky Bogg

It depends on the way you look at it. Truthfully, Backdrop is Suplex. It's just like how Beam is still Beam in any of the other games in comparison to its appearance in Super Star. The name is actually one in the same. I mean, a suplex is just dropping someone backwards after all.

Now that's the real deal. They're exactly the same. However, there are actually three distinct Backdrop/Suplex abilities. All of them follow the same general outline of slamming an enemy after pressing a direction or jumping. In Adventure, the capture process occurs through an inhale, just like Throw does. In Super Star, the newly dubbed Suplex had a dashing tackle and a featured an extended moveset, as all abilities did in the title. This was pretty much the lariet, quick stamping, and pinpoint kick skills. In the remake Nightmare in Dream Land, Backdrop was given the newer dash capture to set it apart from Throw. As said, all of these are really exactly the same thing.

who is the main enemy in kirby squeak squad? the squeaks or the black star thingy

- Oscar9898

Squeaky Bogg

This is rather ambiguous questioning. The Squeaks are the major foes in the game. They are fought non-stop through every level of the game and, themselves, make up, what? Three or four of the actual boss battles? They are the doers of the wrongs, they are acting on their own, so they are the main evil in the game.

Dark Zero, a.k.a. Dark Nebula or "black star thingy" as you oh-so eligantly put it, is battled as the two part final boss, but it is not what I would call a "main" enemy. Of course, I don't even think that's a real antagonist term. The eye is, yes, the final boss of the game, but it flies out of the blue to take on this role.

In previous games, Dark Matter has jumped out at the end for the final battle(s), but that sinister force was behind all of the game. It's who took over Dream Land, who possessed King Dedede, and did everything. That's who Kirby's fighting against. Dark Zero isn't even known to exist. Most of the time, Kirby thinks it his dessert. He spends the whole of the game warring with the Squeaks who are acting on their own accord, not dark influences. They are the trouble makers, they are the bad guys, they're in the bleedin' title of the game! Yeah, they are the main enemy.

1.In Kirby Wii do you think that King Dedede stole the Warpstar for a reason like he did in ADV\NiD

2.Do you think that Marx,Drawcia,and Zero will be revived again and get new zombiefied forms?

- Kirbymaniac

Squeaky Bogg

1) There's nothing really left to suggest that this is still the plot, or if it wasn't going to be changed before the release. The statement was made so long ago and early in the now greatly extended development, it probably has little merit left. Still, I do not know if there is any alternative motive to it. The makers, from how trends seem to be leaning, want to make Dedede the villain again, rather than the misunderstood or misdirected hero? However, the King could need the star to, I dunno, power some sort of device to use against some greater, true evil from reaching Pop Star. Who knows? It's pretty pointless to speculate on a game that only may be coming out or may not even be debuting in the same fashion as when first announced.

2) No great evil in Kirby ever really returned. Dark Matter and kin are the obvious exception but with very good reason. Those games were all directed by the same guy and were really part of the same run. All of the other titles are more disconnected in origin and development staff. King Dedede isn't what one would label as a "great evil", and is more a big, bad boss. Nightmare and Marx only have two titles under their belts since they were both in remakes. Everyone else, though, is a one trick dog. Enemies aren't supposed to show up more than once. They aren't meant to. They're made to cause trouble, get defeated, and stay dead. So, no, super zombie versions of those guys won't appear in later titles, unless those are remakes of their original games.

Squeaky Bogg is cooler than a lot of other Nintendo characters, and it would be awesome to play as him. Think of it. Riding that yellow thing, throwing those spiky purple balls, jumping at enemies and biting them. That would make a sweet platformer.

- Ramorvee

Squeaky Bogg

Wow, does no one know about Save the Day? It's been out and hocked here several times. Were those all missed? No one pays attention? There's even the developing Tuesday Knight Titans which has Squeaky Bogg swinging his chain like no one's business. Yeah, that sucker was heralded way back towards the end of the IF: Knights stunt, and no one even acknowledged it.

"Eeuuu, we want fan games. We want a Squeaky game." Well, okay, here's a dump of them out there that you can actually help shape. "Eeuuu, you can't give an emo what they want. We just like to whine about things. Eeuuu.

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