Ask Guru Gobbo #108

How about a little X-mas Eve Eve Gurus action to go with that last minute cookie baking and gift shopping? Hah! Like I'd get it done this early.

- December 23rd, 2008

  1. Airride Master
  2. Indiana Freaking Jones
  3. Conspiracy0
  4. Kirbyfield Monster
  5. Lindsay the Wolf
  6. Cra-Z Diggy
  7. Noob
  8. Darkest of Matter
  9. Nickolas The Bold
  10. Luther the King

OK, I took your word, but KWRPG II won't work! Is it because I have Windows Vista or do I need the "Full" version? I downloaded The "Update" version but there is no .exe file. Can you help all knowing Guru? I'm Dying to play KWRPG!Thanks in advance Bogg/Guru!

- Airride Master

Squeaky Bogg

Windows Vista may be the source of your problem. The game was developed for older operating systems, and while Windows had a pretty good streak of back compatibility, I don't know what untold horrors could lie within Vista. It could just be as simple as checking to run the sought program as if on an older version (if that feature still exists) or it could be impossible. Now, keep in mind, I help people with Kirby trivia. I am not tech support. I would recommend looking to a place that does, or the Kirby Warrior RPG website as they have probably chronicled every question anyone has ever had with running the game. It seems kind of silly to be asking about one website at another, know?

As for the version, yes, you need the "Full" version. The updates released just patch up the actual download to right any wrongs that have been discovered in the code since its release. Rather than make the player download the whole juggernaut again, it's generally easier to give them bite-sized bytes. Of course, that rule of internet courtesy was from way before the high speed fueled bit torrent and viral video age.

When are you going to update the Recalled Fan Creations?

- Indiana Freaking Jones

Squeaky Bogg

By the time this is posted, that section will most likely have been updated at least once. The area wasn't going without notice, despite its long stretch without anything added. Nothing was being added to the list of received submissions because, while things were being submitted, nothing was accepted. A lot of people really the mark of the idea and just used it more as a "Hey, I thought of this for Kirby, wee!" Long lists of boring text that were sterile of the charm and child-like whimsy I tried to paint with the opening. I may actually be parsing out content from this one, either sooner or later, as it just doesn't belong. I'm a little sickened at how much, "When KSSU came out..." beginning bits I've gotten, frankly.

Hey gurus, I'm new here thought I'd ask a few things.

1. How does KRR choose its staff, or hire some more to update it more constantly?

2. I signed up to join the forums a month ago, and my account still isn't activated. Wtf?

3. Does anyone on this site have a steam id or xbox live gamertag? I can't be the only one with either...

- Conspiracy0

Squeaky Bogg

1) Update? That's something the staff rarely if ever does. Most of the "staff" that gets hired are forum frequents who get a good reputation with the current moderators to, themselves, become moderators to replace those that left, and thus the cycle repeats. Most of the actual site updates, however, are just performed by a long standing, select pool of elder staffers, like Ivyna J. Spyder or the like. Anyhoo, the actual selection process, even for that, is generally just a current staffer passing a baton off to someone they have a good rapport with. That's how I got my foot in the door!

2) Yes, I will wash those figs, but enough about produce hygiene, your account was activated because ... well, I don't know. Sometimes things like that fall through the cracks. Maybe it was no one has been looking, they thought you were spam, mistook you for a vengeful banned member, or you won the unlucky Spite-of-the-Day lottery. I'll work my magic and get 'er fixed lickity split.


... What?

3) There's a giant topic in the miscellaneous board at the forums about friend codes and the such. It's a Nintendo-centric site, but I'm sure some people spill out any of their other gaming network IDs. I don't do any of that stuff myself, so I've never delved into it. That'd be like a vegan going to the butchers.

Yo Gobbo. Only 2 questions for you today. Let's get started!

1) I don't understand. Why, in Kirby Squeak Squad, does Kirby need to inhale twice as much to swallow a big enemy, but doesn't for a miniboss who's twice the enemy's size?

2) In light of the Holiday season, doesn't Dedede's robe remind you of Santa?

Happy Holidays!

- Kirbyfield Monster

Squeaky Bogg

1) You really don't understand, huh? The heavy inhale bit started in Amazing Mirror, not Squeak Squad. Regardless, the difference between a super-sized regular enemy and a battered up mini-boss is the adjective affixed to the latter -- they don't put up a fight. The larger-than-your-average-bear foes can still offer some resistance to the gastric fate offered by Kirby's mouth, but an incapacitated body can do no such thing. They just go with the flow right into Kirby's belly.

2) Yeah, I read Brawl in the Family's How the Dedede Stole Christmas comic, too. I always equated the robe more to a boxer's, light and silken, than to a furred parka, but it certainly fills the role.

Hi, I have two Kaabii theories. Can you tell me if they are likely to be true?

1) Do you think it would be likely if Sword knight and Blade knight were the same specis as Fumu/Bun except they are wearing armour?

2) I think Meta knight was partners with Garlude before Jerca. Because if you go back to episode 19 and look at MK's flashback, you'll see that he has the Galaxia with him and he didn't get the Galaxia until Garlude died.

- Lindsay the Wolf

Squeaky Bogg

1) To dissect this quandary, it has to be solved by proxy. Now then, the animated series never shows any masked character unmasked. Sword and Blade keep their true faces hidden as does Meta Knight. However, we know that, from the games, Meta Knight has the same appearance as Kirby. This is believed to remain true even when crossing the continuity lines. Thus, by association, if Meta Knight looks the same, Blade Knight must be the same, and we know what he looks like. See Blade Knight Revealed for further explanation. That being said, with him being some sort of weird cyclops, he probably has more to do with Waddle Doo than the Tiff/Tuff crowd.

Moving down the list, while Sword Knight is touched on in that previously linked reference, he is never unmasked in the games. Therefore, there is no in-game reference for the alter ego's face. I look at it this way, however, as do many other folks, like Ivyna J. Spyder, which I can tell from artwork they've drawn. The "this way" is the elongated protrusion from Sword Knight's helmet. Armor, being heavy, should not have a long, jutting section on it unless it is protecting something, such as a long, protruding piece coming from the back of your head. With such a grossly different anatomy, I doubt they would be the same.

2) That's... not really a theory. That's an observation. If information was presented on air, then it must be taken as factual. Of course, the show loosely maintains consistency.

I had just discovered this section of KRR a few weeks ago, so I decided to scan through all your previous sessions. In session 28, you said that the Halberd in Squeak Squad was a brand new, rebuilt ship, as opposed to the same ship from super star, just repaired. And although you put up a convincing argument, I must say that, having played the game myself, I beg to differ. For when you get near the end of world 7 (where you fight Meta) you go into a large, mechanical level whose entrance is underwater. It is not a big stretch to think that perhaps it is the sunken halberd that you are entering. Also, as you actually duel with MK, You can see the sea trough a large window in the background, and as the fight progresses, the scenery changes from sea, to sky, then space. The logical conclusion is that MK has repaired his sunken battleship, and is putting it back into the air as he battles you.

I hope that I have enlightened you with the knowledge of someone who has played the game on this subject.

- Cra-Z Diggy (Who doesn't actually have a KRR account yet)

Squeaky Bogg

You're going through all of the Sessions? Dag, yo. Even I wouldn't do that, and I wrote them~!

Off the bat, yeah, you're right. As I was reading your question, I just kept thinking, "I said that?" Chalk another one up to questioner misdirection on information I am not personally privy to. They asked if it was repaired, and thus I think, "Oh, so the Halberd is back and flying around. Why else would they ask if it was repaired? Economically, it should be new." My mind begins to drift off to things like Super Smash Bros. Brawl than Squeak Squad at this point, particularly with the "new look" comment I made, imagining the battleship cruising around. Since I don't own the game, it doesn't immediately spring to mind that the level is called Secret Sea.

I don't even know, really, why the guy asked if it was repaired or new. It wasn't operating! It sat on the bottom of the Orange Ocean, right where Kirby left it. Oh, eighty sessions ago, when I was so young and naive in my answer information gathering. As opposed to now. ... Ignore the BS Kirby no Omotya Bako game series question.

I gotta say, C-Z, if you're going to be going through all of the sessions, you'll probably find a good few more like this one.

Wait I just remembered a question! Who won the KRR elections? I knew there was a question out there that needed answering.

- Noob

Squeaky Bogg

You weren't suppose to speak of that blunder ever again~! In truth, I don't even really remember. I think it wound up being Waddle Doo or something, not that it really mattered. Meta Knight was the true winner, by right, after the first day of voting.

Hi! I've got a quick question I'm not so clear on. OK, so I've heard these characters, places, etc, are in the show. The list goes: 1. Air Riders 2. Dyna Blade 3. The Battleship Halberd 4. Bonkers 5. Marx (before transformation), and 6. Phan Phan. Now are any of these true? If so, what episode(s)?

- Darkest of Matter

Squeaky Bogg

You know, this site has a Kirby Anime Section that features an Episode List that just tells all of the episodes and who was featured in them. It's been there for years. Not really hidden at all.

The only ones that aren't blatantly foretold on that comprehensive list are the Air Riders, listed each by their name, who were featured in Episodes #96 & #97 (American #50 & #51); Battleship Halberd, first in the episode, shockingly enough, titled "Takeoff! Battleship Halberd", was a big point in the last three episodes of the series; and Marx, who was never in the show. I think someone saw the brief cameo of Poppy Bros. or something and got confused. There may be a generic, small purple demon beast, but it's not Marx. I know the episode, and some people have said they look like Squeaky Bogg. They're so generic and bland that people make them look like what they want.

Hey, it's me again. I would like to bring up two things and one question:

1. As a response to a question from Session #107 about Gooey making appearances outside of KDL2 & 3, Gooey DID get a trophy to himself in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Just thought i would mention that.

2. While i'll admit the anime tanked, i would like to mention it did have a surprisingly large amount of fanservice. Three of the six of the animal friends appeared, many old and new enemies like Buggzy (Who was massacred in appearance and use) Chef Kawasaki, Whispy Woods, Lovely the Flower (Those flowers from Super Star) Lololo and Lalala, Dynablade, Kabu, and even N'ruff and Nelly and Pon and Con appear in the Acore episode! And not to mention the anime had many great remixes of classic tunes, some allusions to obscure Kirby things (I.E. Making that pathetic octopus enemy from stage 3-1 of Kirby Tilt n Tumble the monster of the first episode, episode 29 had a homage to the spicy curry power-up from the original Dreamland at the end of the episode)And keep in mind they actually brought BROOM of all powers from Dreamland 3 back just for the show, along with a creature similar to that Broom miniboss from the final level of Dreamland 3 (But looked more like the brooms from Fantasia if you know what i'm talking about :) in that Harry Potter parody episode at the climax! If that isn't fanservice, i don't know what is!

3. Gobbo, do you ever visit the site Brawl in the Family? You know, that hilarious fanmade comic that stars Kirby as well as many other video game characters? (Also, the newest one is a parody of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with King Dedede.

4. I'd also like to clear up that unlike Kirby's Adventure's 'terrible' GBA remake, other than the new content and obvious graphical updates, KSSU is pretty much just a straight port of the original, and that despite what a previous session asker said, no new invincibility lollipops have been added. I know, ive played both the SNES and the DS version. Just wanted to let you know that. The only real difficulty change was making the copy ability planet of milky way wishes more obvious by putting a slightly big green star over, but thats not worth making a mountain out of molehill over.

5. Speaking of which, what IS the point of copy other than acting as a substitute for the other abilities and inhale?

Cheerio, hope to hear your responses soon.

- Nickolas The Bold

Squeaky Bogg

1) Yeah, probably. Smash Bros. aren't Kirby games, in the strictest definition. Sure, they're games, they have Kirby, but they are more a series all their own. And I use that to justify missing it.

2) Dude, totally not how I define "fan service". I mean, not at all. Still, you know what would have been a greater service to the fans of the games than a bunch of appearances of characters and the like from the games? Being like the games. You know, Kirby being an autonomous hero who is fully competent, sucks up and spits stuff out who travels around with his real friends, not to made up bowling pins with arms, to save the day from ever looming evil, not a small bit, one game villain. No, they put just enough stuff in the games to try and hook fans of the original into the "new Kirby" into tolerating it a little bit longer. That being said, refer to Bimblesnaff v. You're Not Suppose to Get Me Started for why I won't acknowledge any counter points to my rant. What do you mean it doesn't say anything about that there? It says not to! That's enough.

Besides, that octopus enemy was not the same mollusk from Tilt 'n' Tumble. For starters, that's Flotzo from Dream Land 1. The tentacled demon beast was named Octakon. And the ability isn't called "Broom". It's Clean.

3) Cough. Aside from already mentioning it this session, the comic and its praises have come up a good number of times in previous bits, as early as Session #26 and as recently as a month ago. That's about one mention per month or every twenty sessions. It's pretty well publicized here for being a fan comic.

4) Yeah, I already got the full skimmy on all minor changes made between the original and the new Ultra flavored variety months ago by Plaz Durock. I really wish people would stop acting like they have to inform me of things like this. In fact, I don't want people to inform me of anything. Unless it's, "You totally botched this answer", this is my soap box, not yours. Ask a question or go home.

5) Copy's point was to copy stuff. I guess that went without saying.

About Kirby 64...

1) Are N-Zs dark matter?

2) What is the importance of the Kekes (witch enemies) flying in the background when they don't do anything?

3) It is said that when you collect all shards and enemy cards, as well as beat boss battles, you play as 'evil kirby', a version with 02's wings, HR-E's claws, etc. Does he exist for real? If yes, what about on the virtual console?

4) What is Miracle Matter? Are those red spots on it eyes?

5) Where can I find a sprite sheet for 02?

6) Is 02 pronounced "Zero Two" or "Oh Two"?

- Luther the King

Squeaky Bogg

1) In my opinion, yes. They're his little dark bundles of joy, like drones to his queen bee.

2) There are a lot of things in Kirby that don't do anything. In Dream Land 3, there's these little blobs that you can step on and smish, plants you can sway by walking by, and other such things. It's aesthetic. Ooga-booga boo! That's purpose enough for many of things.

3) No, you don't play as that. That rumor comes from an image of Kirby shown but not played as once you win the Boss Butch. You can see "Boss" Kirby here.

4) Yes. He's a white, geometric shape covered in red eyes that changes to different "elements". Also refer to his deal and who he is. Miracle Matter is not really that hard of a concept to accept when you have a courageous marshmallow traveling between worlds to battle evil with a star he can call on a cell phone.

5) 0² doesn't have a sprite sheet. It's polygons. Only 2D sprite games can have sprite sheets. There could be screen shots and pictures of it, but no sprite sheets.

6) It's rightfully said "Zero Two", although I know I abbreviate it as "Oh-Two". That's the molecular formula for atmospheric oxygen, however, and the bosses name is Zero (0) in Dream Land 3 before his Crystal Shards final form.

Repeat Response:

  1. Cra-Z Diggy asked where to find all the Squeaky Bogg icons.
  2. Huij asked when Recalled Creations would end, except he was a total douche bag about it, and this came even though he was the one that it was directly explained to before.

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