Ask Guru Gobbo #71

Still in the lull of things, folks, but some questions are getting stale and need to be put out on the curb for the garbage collection on Monday. No crazy gimmicks or guests or anything. I'm just dishing them out.

- October 12th, 2008

  1. Enoc
  2. Noob
  3. Metaknight7
  4. m190049
  5. Mex-Squeaky Boggs Unknown Arch-Rival
  6. Hyper Waddle Dee
  7. Idiot-Moron Guy
  8. Waddle Doo
  9. Noob
  10. Freezing Leo
  11. A Waddle Doo With a Hat
  12. Noob
  13. Zero-Slash
  14. Luca

There's a glitch I found on kirby squeak squad a long time ago that freezes the game. This is what happened: In the first world, in the stage were you first get animal kirby, I was just messing around digging through and attacking enemies. I had dug right above were the treasure was, and a big waddle dee dropped in the pit, then I used the attack that grabs the enemy and scratches foes. But once the attack hit the big waddle dee, it died before kirby finished scratching the foe, so it was as if kirby was scratching the air, and then the game suddenly froze. Why do you think that the waddle dee died before kirby finished his attack? If it doesn't work when you try it, then probably it was just a glitch that only happens on the game my brother has, or I explained it to you wrong. I haven't done it in a long time.

- Enoc

Squeaky Bogg

Well, that sounds plausible, I have to admit. Carving up some big guy's face would require something to be there for the hop back. I can't validate this as I lack the title. They've had crazier errors in Kirby games.

OH MY GOSH! MY FANITISM FOR KIRBY HAS VANSIHED FOR A DIFFERENT GAME I FEEL SO ASHAMED. Hm, oh well, that doesn't mean I don't have questions!:

1) So your taking vacations for every 69 sessions? Well that will give people time to think of a differnt variety of questions.

2) Are there any new events soon *coughmaybetryfinishingprojectrainbowahmem*.

3) I do agree. Lol is something I just slap onto a sentence on Aim when ever someone thinks they're telling me something funny.

- Noob

Squeaky Bogg

1) No, the "vacation" is not a regularly scheduled event. I needed a break. Actually, I just have a five day work even coming up, so I wanted to establish a more staggered scheduling rather than just abruptly blanking out for a week. 'Cuz, you know, that'll probably be the case. That's soon, too, so there won't be any more of these sneakings. I'm cramming it all in now.

2) There's currently some stuff flying around with Interactive Fandom. As for the project, it's not really my jurisdiction and never was suppose to be. Take it up with somebody else. Maybe the guy who spearheaded the initiative.

"I have returned"

-Protoss Dragoon

Yeah, about my questions in session #67 and #68, for insulting me (and Metaknight too!) I challenge you to a dual of wits! But first, When is mailbag #55 coming out? Also, in session #69, that guy who "challenged" your Kirby Knowledge, if they give you grief, just tell me, and I'll take care of it for you. (Never know what hit'em). Anyways, this dual of wits does NOT involve Kirby, or games in general, as I know we will end in stalemate. Instead, it is on some knowledge I have. If you refuse to accept my challenge, You will never see your Katana Again! Muhahahahahaha!

- Metaknight7

P.S. yes i do have invisibility, it is part of my armor. heh!

Squeaky Bogg

0) A duel of wits would require both combatants to have them. Oh, nerts, I was suppose to be nice. Right.

1) Mailbag hit a schedule of every other week. That being the case, from its last release, September 28th, it should be out on the 13th of October. This means that you, having asked this question days ago, need to learn patience! And, yes, I will use any excuse possible to dig that gem back out.

2) First, the last thing I need is anyone's protection. After all, I can just block the source of any disliked submitter I feel.

3) It's good that you accept that I could trump you on Kirby knowledge, even though, by right, I would get slaughtered on any aspect from within the last decade of games or other media.

4) "My katana?" Why would, a) I even have one, and b) would I care? Katana lost all meaning as a weapon of superior craftsmanship enabling them to be graded by the number of human torso they could cut through in a single blow (History! It's full of blood and guts!) once the otaku virus dug into everyone's craw and replaced the already generic sword as the standard weapon of choice for hardly original original characters. Besides, hasn't it been established that my wielding of choice is a ball 'n' chain?

'Sup, boggo.

I noticed something...

On the Faces of Gobbo page... Burst the Pufferfish was left out of the page! Also, the "Ometon2.gif" figure, with the thicker lines, was left out. And also those alternate color versions of Treca. Which reminds me... Nega Bogg and Manga Bogg are listed under the different Bogg Faces. Aren't they technically different characters? Shouldn't they be under Guests?


Y'know that Story Book? (For those that don't know what I'm talking about, click here.

My god that thing is so fun. I've spent hours on that thing going through many alternate endings... but my god, I can't get the best ending! I've recruited Bogg + Ometon, I've shrunken this, I've used my hammer there, I've used my chain on this, I've used the beak/nose thing Bogg drops here... But I can't figure it out! I know you usually answer all questions concerning this with Ometon's what or some other phrase that doesn't answer the question, but PLEASE! Can you give me at least a few tips or a nudge in the right direction!? PLEASE!?

- m190049

Squeaky Bogg

1) Oh, so someone was smart enough to go to the Face directory before there was an actual index page to check things out? Well, the other Ometon graphic was just a duplicate, inferior version. Of course that wouldn't be listed (and is now removed), and the other versions of Treca follow the same course of action. I didn't know whether I wanted to go with Butter Pecan flavor or Rainbow Sherbet, so I uploaded all three to get opinions on them. Then, I realized I had no one to ask for such information. Hm.

But, yeah, those other guys should be moved to the Guests section. If it was a "Bogg" image, I was just sticking it under "Bogg". As for Burst, he was left out since his icon size doesn't match up anywhere near to the rest. I didn't want to have that distorting the rows. Besides, who cares about Burst? The sooner he and the associated moments are buried and forgotten, the better. 'Zairight?

2) No, I don't know the story book. Nope, I know nothing of it, despite fixing that link up when I could have just as easily deleted it. Yep, I haven't the foggiest to what you mean. You crazy, M-dog. Crazy as an M-fox.

3) Hey, even I had trouble getting the best ending, which I think I did the whole of once. Of course, in what, I don't know, as I don't know what this ending is even for. Story book? I can't even read!

* a generic teleportation noise (BZWAAOWH, to be exact) is heard, and a generic portal appears, showing a combination of Galacta Knight and Nega-Squeaky Bogg *

Mere Mortals, I Am The Unnesssecilring Or However You Spell It User Of A Deep Voice Shown Through Useless Caps, Your (Cue Generic Metal Music) Unnamed Arch-RIVAL (Not Enemy)! I Host My Own Question Service, And You Shall Fall From The Wrath™ Of My Furred And Legged Whales I Didn't Make Up In My Secret Identity! Some Questions Before The Duel:

1:What Is Your Least Favourite Antagonist?

2:Which Do You Prefer, The Gooey System Of Dreamland 3 Or The Helper System Of KSS/KSSU?

Oh, The Mutant Land Whale Still Eats Plankton. GENERIC PORTAL ACTIVATE!


Clichély Yours

- Mex-Squeaky Boggs Unknown Arch-Rival

Squeaky Bogg

0) I prefer BAMF myself.

1) My least favorite enemy, ey? Well, if we're going for big shots, then I'd put the embargo on Gobbler, aka: Gabriel. Man, I hate that guy. For the first strike, his name. Ugh! "Gabriel"? He's a shark, not an archangel! That poor de-romanization always sticks to me. Back to point, normal water bosses are pretty cool. Orca is neat, in a way, and Sweet Stuff's name says it all. Gobbler, however, doesn't have the Dream Land style of water battles. I could never reflect anything with my water gun and there's no Kine to water spit stuff. Since powers also don't work underwater unless they are a weapon, he has limited options in battle. Normally, I think I just hide in a corner with Angel and peck him with arrows. The battle is grueling and not in the difficult way. It's really annoying. That's strike two. Last strike? Floatation ring.

2) I liked the Gooey method of helperdom (big surprise there). The Super Star method was too broken. There's was no limit to making a helper and, since I always played two player, when they died or were near death, they just had to run into another enemy to be reborn. There was no real limit on a helper outside of abandoning your ability. Oh, yeah, 'cuz it's not like you had those poured all over. The Gooey system not only required you to have life to summon Gooey but knocked the maximum vitality down a peg. Being able to eat him to recover back that lost life and, yes, even refresh him seemed a better fit. Plus, he could do all that Kirby could, in a since. Really cool.

This question has response in Session #72.

Hi! No one probably remembers me from session 30 something, so I'll just shorten my name to "Hyper Waddle Dee"

Anyway, the questions:

1. Why is Marx in the 100% complete video in KSSU if he's already dead(twice)?

2. Most mini-bosses create stars, but why does Phan-Phan create apples?

- Hyper Waddle Dee

Squeaky Bogg

1) Everybody is there. They're also in a theater and applauding Kirby who just handed a number of them their butts on a plate. It's a like a big celebrations, like a wrap party when a movie is finished. It's not exactly like Kirby is all that serious a game. Besides, Marx shall never die! Hah ha-ha-ha!

2) Most mini-bosses actually don't make starts. Back in the day with Dream Land I, the methods of malice were bombs, blocks, and Waddle Doo. Of course, stars were only made by King Dedede. They were his thing at the time. A bit later in Adventure, they ranged from coconuts, bugs, false Wheelies, ice cubes, musical notes, bombs, tumbling turtles, and, in only two occasions, stars. One of those two was only some of the time as Bonkers also tossed the exploding coconuts. Dream Land 2 saw boulders, spike balls, sandals, ice cubes, and blades. Two of them, again, made stars. Supe Star saw nuts, bugs, dishes, cubes, bombs, and three cases of stars. Dream Land 3 had rocks, flames, spikes, sandals, snowballs, and one case of stars. Amazing Mirror gave us missiles, fireballs, gift boxes, ice, apples, and stars on one and two separate half occasions. Phew. Lastly, Squeak Squad featured rocks, coconuts, gift boxes, chii balls, bubbles, ice cubes, smaller ghosts, and stars on the one and two separate half occasions.

So... no. Far from most mini-bosses produce stars. Granted, more make stars than any other type of item, but stars are typically the "lazy" solution for something to be inhaled. Eight make stars their sole source and two are split in their ammo stockade. Given that there are, less the Squeak Squad themselves, twenty-three different mini-bosses, the star count isn't even half.

Has Kirby ever had a spin-off series?

- Idiot-Moron Guy

P.S. Get well soon, Squeaky Bogg!

Squeaky Bogg

Nopers. Unlike Mega Man who cashed in early on expanding his franchise which is now an unruly juggernaut, Kirby only has his "sports" games to be called his children. Most things wouldn't seem plausible without the loveable puff ball as the lead role.

if you know when kirbydreamland3 will come out on the Wii could you tell me?!

- Waddle Doo

Squeaky Bogg

Yeesh. That was announced as a potential '07 Virtual Console release? Talk about behind. Well, be assured, that ol' RR will be spitting out details when it comes out.

This is a question for Rgijaba:

What would happen if I STOLE one of your pudding pies? Then I conquered during battle and took your throne? Then I was no longer a low rank noob but YOUR RULER! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH-whatever.

Now a question for BIMBLESNAFF! * applause tape plays *

1) Hey I noticed the spiderweb on the main there going to be anything happening at KRR this halloween?

2) When is the winner of the KRR ELECTIONS going to be announced? What if the winner is overthrown and defeated and we will have a dictator! Then he/she will make all of you do slave work and you will never be able to quit and the- nevermind.

3) When will Squeaky Bogg's/Bimblesnaff's (I forgot) unamed arch enemy going to strike again?


- Noob

Squeaky Bogg

1) 'Fraid not, at least none that I know of. The only fright here is the truth.

2) The RR Election '08 has been scheduled to end, as it was back in June when it started, in November. Always said that.

3) I don't control Squeaky Bogg's Unnamed Arch Rival. He's a completely separate person, and my mind control device is on the fritz right now. He'll come by when he comes by.

in kirby and the amazing mirror, kirby's slide attack can hurt bosses if he has the fighter power. Is this their excuse for leg sweep?

- Freezing Leo

P.S. gooey's made a cameo in the amazing mirror, he is in the crowd in boss endurance

Squeaky Bogg

1) I'd believe it. Since down and both buttons produces a slide in this game, I see no reason why a type of sweeping kick would just replace this function. They are, after all, virtually identical. I can honestly say that I've never thought to use a slide kick against a mini-boss let alone with a certain ability.

2) No, there's no Gooey. I know the scene you speak of. Straight from the picture gallery, you can see it here. The only blue things I see are blue colored Scarfies and Rollons. No Gooey. The blobular princess is in another castle.

Greetings, Bimblesnaff! (Or Ice Cream Island Crew, Bimblesnaff's glow-in-the-dark nose wearing cousin, or whoever is doing this session.) Two things I wanted to ask.

1. I tried submitting a mini-boss to the mini-boss creation thing, but there was an error when I tried submitting it. Am I the only one having this problem?

2. While playing Super Smash Bros. Brawl the other day, I noticed that the Kirby series had a large amount of trophies in comparison to the other series. I realized that all the trophies in the game were either taken directly from their SSBB model, or from the game they came from (For example, the Animal Crossing trophies were all taken straight from Animal Crossing: Wild World, the Pikmin trophies were all taken from Pikmin 2, the Zelda trophies were all taken from Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, etcetera) It was then that I realized that all the Kirby trophies were taken directly from the Kirby Wii game! Think about it, why else would they have Golem as a trophy, as obscure an enemy as he is? Because he was going to be in Kirby Wii! His trophy even matches up with his Kirby Wii model! Now we at least know some of the enemies that were planned. Seeing as Bomber is a trophy, it can be assumed that Crash was going to be an ability.

- A Waddle Doo With a Hat

Squeaky Bogg

1) There was some, oh, "temporary breakage" in the system. Yeah. The file that stores all the submitted entries, for everything and not just those in Interactive Fandom, gets cleared every time the parts are removed. Well, sometimes this requires the file to have certain parameters reset, and I'm sometimes rushed and don't check every instance. So, this junk happens. It's better now, or at least should be.

2) That's flawless logic there. It's true that 3D modeling is hard work, and just swiping a model from another game is the smarter thing to do, not to mention a ton easier. Still, though, the video trailer from oh-so many years ago gives a pretty good idea of what will be in there. I think Bomber is some news to the news.

I spent HALF AND HOUR trying to figure out how to finsish the story thing and I kept dying! I seriously should find something else to do, but do you have any hints...?

Oh by the way, is that car falling down Niagra falls yours?

- Noob


You ... you should give Bimblesnaff money. Just... send him money. To him. Not me. I'm the Ometon. Really. Give Bimblesnaff lots of moneys.

Before the mass theories of Galactic Knight start coming in, I'm going to send a theory just like Leint's theory on Meta Knight:

Galactic Knight was made to give Meta Knight a fight against some even cooler bad guy to support the Kirby franchise.

And about your response to the question I sent you before, I didn't mean a new main character every three games. I meant a new character that'll become part of the games, but not get in Kirby's way and may help him like Kirby's pals did in Kirby 64 (opening areas, jumping on vehicles, ect.) and maybe even become part of the story (but not in that kind of way like "Kirby & So-and-so and the Whatever"). What I'm trying to say is for Kirby to have a pal like Waddle Dee in Kirby 64, but that's just my thoughts.

- Zero-Slash

Squeaky Bogg

I think I stated something to that effect on Galacta Knight, being the "Meta Knight" for Meta Knight. I have a feeling that the dude (... right?) will falter and vanish into obscurity like Fatty Whale did before the remake of Super Star. Nobody cares about you, you heart attack waiting to happen. A pipe and obesity? Talk about a death wish.

Yes, that's right, folks. I turned a question about Galacta Knight into an open mike night on the obese. Because I can.

what does heavy lobster do in the show(i'm asking these show themed questions becaurse the 4kids site barley has episodes)?

Also,when is project R.A.I.N.B.O.W. gonna be updated? It's starting to get cobwebs!

- Luca

Squeaky Bogg

1) Heavy Lobster is the last monster deployed by Nightmare to battle the good guys, rather than being a tool of Meta Knight's on Halberd, which ironically is used to fight against Nightmare. Inconsistancies! Anyhoo, it has indestructible armor, so Kirby just freezes it. Can't guard against thermal energy.

2) Yeah, I know. Ain't it grand?

Repeat Response:

  1. Kirby Kirby Kirby wanted to know the best ability to use in Kirby Super Star Ultra in the True Arena?

I normally spare the commentary at this part, but I want to encourage people to click the Repeat Response up there. It's golden. I'll give you a moment to notice the humor in the incident. ... Find it? It was Kirby Kirby Kirby who asked the question I decided to refer to whenever any asked about games I've never owned or played in the future, so he does it again. Ha-hah! Comical!

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