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A quick note, folks. Asking "when will blank be updated?" is not a legitimate question. I can't really say when things will next be updated. I don't control the updating of a lot of pages, or am simply unable to do the updating myself. I cannot see into the future or predict the actions of other staffers. So, stop. Just be patient. And, um, give me cake.

Then, I want to share with you folks a question I got. Yes, up here in the header. I just want you to take a look at it: could there be a second anime because about the 3d anime. I didn't change any of that! That's verbatim how they typed it, complete with no question mark, which is puzzling considering that it's supposed to be a question. What can I even do with this? I don't even understand what they're talking about or if they had a stroke mid-sentence. This is the type of refuse that gets thrown at me, not even counting the people who think their funny that accuse me of drug use? Yeah, way to be revetting, anonymous poster. That sure was deep felt by the black void I call a heart.

- September 1st, 2009

  1. Hannah
  2. GigaNerd17
  3. Zero Two Fangirl
  4. Meta Knight Lover
  5. Qtie4U
  6. Armando
  7. Dark Espeon
  8. Hey It's Kirby
  9. King Of Pie

Why can Gooey have almost the same ability to inhale like Kirby, except he uses his tongue?

- Hannah

Squeaky Bogg

Is there a reason that Gooey shouldn't be able to eat things with his tongue? King Dedede can inhale things exactly as Kirby does. Some folks, like Snooter, Mr. Frosty, and Droppy can also eat stuff as per Kirby, but only the latter copies abilities. Moving on, other-series Yoshi as well as both same series Peloo and same-series and predecessor Chameleo Arm both have a lashing tongue to gobble up their enemies. Why should Gooey be restricted from this capability?

Gooey has a similar yet different method of intake to Kirby in Dream Land 3 since they, the creative creative team behind the whole of the Dark Matter Trilogy, mixed things up. Games like Super Star mostly had all helpers be the same mold with a different copy ability. Amazing Mirror just had a trio of carbon copies to the titular character. Dream Land 3 was more inventive and offered multiple possibilities to the same seemingly mundane feat of eating a foe.

Kirby would inhale, Rick would scarf down objects, and both Gooey and Chu-ie lash out with an appendage. Each has its own advantages. Inhaling offers more reach up and down as well as acquiring multiple foes at once. However, it doesn't work underwater and can't take in certain enemies. The other guys can only take in a single target at a time, but they can do so when submerged and against pesky Scarfies and Mumbieses.

So, the reason is variety. Gooey was intended to be like Kirby but not identical. The game worked off a non-power based helper creation system, so Gooey needed a means to affect enemies when without an ability or even to get them in the first places. He wasn't to be as good but still have an edge up on his co-star. Thus, an elastic tongue was good competition to the sucking force.

1. In "Super Smash Bros. Brawl", the Halberd's wings unfold like a bat. However, in "Kirby Super Star Ultra", they seem to spontaneously form out of some sort of energy. Does that mean that these two ships are completely different models?

2. As far as I can tell, in "Revenge of the King", the majority of plant life has changed from green to purple. Is this due to Whispy Woods, King Dedede, or a freak natural disaster?

3. In "Kirby Super Star Ultra", when you defeat Kracko, his eye explodes. Emphasis on "explodes". However, he reappears in "Revenge of the King" and "Helper to Hero". How do you survive your own self-destruction? :/

4. In "Quick Draw" and "Kirby on the Draw", everything seems to be themed after the Wild West. In "Samurai Kirby" and "Kirby Card Swipe", everything seems to be themed after Traditional Japan. Are these "cowboy" and "samurai" settings part of different timelines/universes, or is Kirby just dressing up?

- GigaNerd17

Squeaky Bogg

1) They unfolded in Super Star, which as far as I'm concerned is the only one that matters. They probably just wanted something flashier for the cinema scene. Of course, as I've pointed out, those Ultra cut-scenes are plain stupid and inconsistent.

2) The level changes from "Green Greens" to "Purple Plants". Yeah, it's just a toxic forest. You know, 'cuz plants can be poisonous on their own. They don't really need human interference to do that.

3) Everyone used to explode. Wham Bam explodes. Kaboola goes down in flames. Kracko died in how many games total to date? He went boom in Dream Land only to appear again later in Dedede's castle. This isn't anything new. This isn't anything surprising. Waddle Dee bursts into stars, for crying out loud. It's just a game thing.

4) Yeah, you reeeally need to remember the game you're over-thinking here. Marshmallow. Lives on a star. Friends with a hamster. Fights for dessert. Do you really think alternate time-lines and past temporal manifestations are coming up in the game makers' minds?

Hi! Have you noticed that on Youtube there has been a lot of Zero Two (02) stuff. Well someone said on Youtube that 02 doesn't have a big drop of blood coming from his eye in the english version of Kirby 64, but in the Japanese one he does! The bad thing is that I can't find any video of a Japanese 02 fight on Youtube! So is it OK if you tell me if that's really true about his eye? (P.S. I know that I'm probably acting stupid, but I was just curious.)

- Zero_two_fangirl

Squeaky Bogg

The dripping red, which really is only questionably blood, can be easily seen in the official game art for . Now, as for officially in the game, there is no drippage during the battle at any part, and I watched plenty of Japanese videos to ensure that both classic and Virtual Console versions did not have this. I could have guessed as much just due to the 3D graphics in the game. Having a liquid running down the surface of something is a bit fancy and difficult to pull off.

Additionally, that same dripping official art appears in the end credits of the game, as the last image in the slide show, with crimson droplet and all. So, your pal has been duped by the ever growing cesspool that is YouTube. Boycott its tyranny today, kiddies!

My friend says that episode 88, Escargon's Nudity or whatever it's called, wasn't dubbed. Is this true?

- Meta Knight Lover

Squeaky Bogg

If only there were some type of depository for information on the animated series, like an entire Anime Section that's been on and openly linked to on the main site for years, and this fictitious collection of webpages may have some sort of Episode Synopsis that clearly listed which episodes were dubbed and when they were aired. Oh, if only such a treasure existed, my job wouldn't be necessary.

"Burning questions", "answers you can't find", "hard to find facts". These are all things that describe what this area is intended for, and none of those are this question.

To salvage something from this atrocity, your uninformed friend is probably just getting confused from a game of telephone. The episode was dubbed, but it had one scene deleted/changed on the shipment overseas. I believe it was some insignificant, split second of footage as Escargoon's shell was cracked open. It has no impact on the episode, it didn't prevent the episode from airing, so how otherwise was spread is puzzling.

I only have a question about the Storybook:

How many items can you have? (like hammer, chain etc.)

If I knew that, I might get a B, instead of getting C's all the time.

- Qtie4U

Squeaky Bogg

No, I won't. Strategy guides and the instant game help of the internet are what's killed games. It's not hugely impossible. There's a set course of actions and several possible outcomes. As I suggested before, and will the only tip I offer, do different. If you go down the same path as you did before, you'll keep getting the same result as before. Everything is static and not randomly decided. Make different choices and get different outcomes. Do things in different orders.

I know that I previously acted as though the Storybook did not exist but, after sufficient time, stopped caring to hold up the front and talked openly about it. Still, I uphold to refrain from blatant and precise info-giving on the matter.

And she asked this before it was brought into the public eye as a no-longer secret feature. So, like, she's better than everyone else who will undoubtedly re-ask for such advice.

is there any other channels besides fox where they show the kirby anime in the u.s.a.?

- Armando

Squeaky Bogg

What am I? A T.V. Guide? Don't most television directory sites allow you to search for the air times of a certain program? Well, good ones, at least. And, no, no other station shows that abomination outside of FOX or networks carrying FOX programming. For example, the Fox Block in my neighborhood came on the CW channel. Still, it turned into "Fox" for Sunday morning, since another allotment of children's programming, I think CW Kids, won out for Saturday time slots. Or the other way around, it doesn't matter.

The point remains: if you have the internet, it shouldn't be too hard to see what comes on network channels between the hours of 7:00am and noon on Saturday and Sunday. It's a ten hour stretch that can be scanned through with a swipe of your eyes. Programming varies per area, and I can't magically know every single zip code's own wacky arrangement. It was hard enough to figure out mine area.

What is the Mirror World supposed to be anyway? A alternate dimenson, another planet, a philisophical mirror of Popstar?

And for that matter what is the Dark Mirror supposed to be?

- Dark Espeon


1) Oh, nerts! Someone finally asked the question I have been dreading for nearly a year -- What is Mirror World. One of the odd things is that they completely explain what this place is, where it is, how it works, and it still doesn't make much sense. One of the problems is that it creates a sort of hole in its own plot that doesn't sit well with, well, anything?

So, as legend goes, there's a big ol' looking glass in the skies over Dream Land. Inside of here is a whole other world, Mirror World. So, you're inclined to say, "Oh, so this is a parallel mirror universe as is so common of a motif across everything?" But, is it? For, inside this world through a mirror is another mirror, the Dimension Mirror. This is where Dark Mind resides, this is where the chaos is focused, this is where Meta Knight gets sealed, and this is what's pieces need collected. It is, essentially, the entire game.

Now, purely by nomenclature, you'd just take it that the Dimension Mirror acts as a portal to another dimension, but a separate mirror is crossed just to get to the Mirror World in the first place. This causes all sorts of confusion, even to me. From what I can, looking at it at all angles, this is how the mess breaks down:

There si a mirror in the sky that leads to Mirror World, which is the land surrounding the Dimension Mirror which actually leads to an alternate universe where. This is the only way that makes sense, upon deep contemplation, for several factors. The biggest reason is that is where Dark Mind was. That mirror wasn't like a Dream Spring and just hid him away. At least, I don't think. That, too, wouldn't make sense as real Meta Knight was trapped in it while fake Meta Knight cut it apart. If it worked like Star Rod, then the lackey would have been reducing his own boss. Rather, he was just working to keep others from righting the many wrongs wrought in the reflected domain.

So, nearest I can conclude, it holds both another country or realm on Pop Star (they have worse with Pinball Land and, what, Put-put Land?), and this land through a magical portal surrounds another universe through another magical mirror. I'm not saying that's the way it is, the way that is right, or the way it was intended. I'm just saying it's the only way things add up to be said to be.

Short answer, it's really just another country on the crazy star that is Pop. Its method of getting-to is a little different, with the mirror and everything, but that's technically it. Long answer, however, is that so much has been thought up and realized while coming up with this answer that an entire exposé on the Mirror World and all its questions will have to be tackled essay style in another one of my less than famous Dream Land Discussions (name pending).

2) As for "Dark Mirror", I've never heard of such a thing, and there's good reason for it -- there isn't one! Unless that's some bogus or fan name for the mirror wielding Dark Mind or the central Dimension Mirror that leads to the battle with him, there's simply no such thing that bears that name. I dunno where you pulled that gem from, but I'm sure it ain't rosy!

Hi, I'm new here, I need to know where to click to post comments. (never done this stuff before), so I'll be able to comment on things (especially Dedede-Daimyo's Kirby sculpts )

- Heyitskirby

Squeaky Bogg

Doesn't this get covered in the RR Passport FAQ, as well as a ton of other places? The current "site membership" does not currently cover the forums, chats, or Fan Art Gallery, which is the only one it could potentially also include. This means, if you want to do things at or with submitted fan art, like vote or comment, you'll have to sign up for that wing of the site as well.

The Gallery is a crummy commercial coded, stock software while the Passport system is much newer, custom coded, and not compatible with the prior coding vomit. Thus, sadly, you'll just have to sign up twice.

Why do you hate Tiff (Fumu) so much?

- King Of Pie

Squeaky Bogg

Well, shucks. Someone asked specifically for me to blam this disaster to smithereens? Just remember, folks, they asked specifically. It's not going out of my way when it's so direct. I consider this, oh, educational more than inflammatory.

I've said numerous times here and in other rantings that I do not approve of the animated series, and I've been pretty vocal on expressing my distaste for the unbelievably annoying, bendy-armed bowling bit-... pin named Tiff. One thing that I want to just say right now is why, exactly, do people feel they have to say both of her names when they mention her. Yeah, I know it's also Fumu. I've called that nightmare by both. I translate and know the original Japanese names as part of my job here, not to mention on being a repository of Kirbyverse trivia. Comes with the territory an' all.

As for why she is such an atrocity, first, there's her general character type -- the Wet Blanket. Her entire personality is geared towards being annoying and grating. She's supposed to rub all the other, fun, outrageous characters the wrong way. In a cartoon that should be unabridged zany, crazy fun, she sets everyone down and insists they care about the environment, don't watch so much television (the worst statement for a TV show to make, I'd say), and, I dunno, eat healthier? Well, those latter two are the corner stones of Dream Land daily life, so she's already cramping the style and spirit that Kirby embodies. It's like Cookie Monster saying that cookies are a "sometimes food". Nuts to that!

That's an independent opposing opinion. Separate from all other considerations, she's horrible. I don't know why or how anyone could like such a dry and uptight character. Now, I'm shifting to completely skewed reasons against her. Here's a biggy: who is this? This is a cartoon about Kirby. It stars the titular pink puff and his friends from Pop Star... and this yellow thing... That came from no where... Despite there being an ample supply of supporting females in the games that could have just as easily taken her place. Ribbon, Adeleine, even Chao or bloody Blob would have had deeper rooting into the series that birthed in the animation. But, no, either in wanting to save the embarrassment for that group of girls or wanting to doom the character, a wholly new, completely unfitting entity was crammed into the lacking void that made this blunder... That being the show itself... Not Tiff... who's also a blunder in her own right.

Moreover, she opened up the floodgates to allow in the wave of disasters that padded out the ranks of that Saturday mourning cartoon. In the pilot, "Fumu" was just "girl", a pale yellow character who didn't speak and therefore was ten-bazillion percent better than her replacement. Sadly, she still set a standard. From here spread out "original" characters. It's like a fan fiction: you read it for the adventures of the characters you are a fan of. When someone has a greater number of fan characters hogging all the scenes and focus, this author is called a doofus and their work is ignored or belittled. When the same is released under the name "Kirby: Right Back At Ya", people love it.

Outside of having origins in nothing, she doesn't even look like she belongs in Dream Land. Look at Kirby, and what do you see? A ball with flippers. Look at Cook Kawasaki, and what do you see? An oval with flippers. How about the humanoid Poppy Bros.? A ball stacked on another ball with smaller balls floating nearby. Tiff? She has full arms with fingers and elbows emerging from a bowling pin shaped form. This fits in with nothing established. But, it doesn't have to. It was obvious that the animators said, "Nuts to this 'Kirby' guy" and just made their own thing. They just tossed in the marshmallow enough times each show to warrant using the title.

And that, little Timmy Pie, is why I detest Tiff. She's a horrible character who sprang from no where to about steal the show since the alleged protagonist was rendered mute by his own creator. I see the episode "Fumu-tan of the Stars" or Tooned Out as a confession. The creators really didn't care about Kirby and actually saw her as the star and driving point of the show. She was a mole, a Trojan Horse, that corrupted the only chance of a Kirby cartoon. I detest everything she is, everything she has done, and all who support her.

That, and do you have eyes? She's heaps ugly, yo! Chunky Knuckle Joe is better than that broad.

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