Ask Guru Gobbo #154

This sessions breaks new grounds! Not with earth-shattering answers or provoking inquiries, no. This sessions is revolutionary 'cuz of its gigantic quantity of repeated and rehashed answers. It's just huge. Thirty-plus. It's almost four sessions worth of regurgitation. Jeez, folks. There's a search box. And a lot of these were covered this month.

And, yes, it is shorter than normal. Abbreviated sessions have come out before. They're just really, really rare and only done when it's just been way too long (nealy three weeks) since the cache reached six questions and nothing else good 'n' new comes in. That being said, don't hold your breath on the next one coming out any time soon.

- November 22nd, 2009

  1. Chapien
  2. Steve Valor
  3. Slimestslim
  4. King Of Butter
  5. Kirbymaniac
  6. Kirbyfan28
  7. Heyitskirby
  8. Superyoshi888

As everyone knows, Spring Breeze and Kirby's Dreamland are practically the same game. However, do they both count as 'cannon', or is Spring Breeze just a retelling of the original Kirby's Dreamland (what I mean to say is, are they technically two different stories, or one and the same)?

- Chapien

Squeaky Bogg

For as much as storyline and consistency matter in Dream Land (Hint: it doesn't!), no, it's not canon. It's just an abbreviated recount of the first adventure not titled Adventure that Kirby went on against King Dedede. It was nearly as complete as the first Dream Land. Remakes are not canon, by my standing. It's like re-releasing a movie in high definition. It's not a new movie. It's not a sequel. Pretty much, it just looks better and may have some bonus features. Same story, same events. Not that complicated.

1. How come some enemies and bosses from KotS3 were added to K64?

2. Why is there only ONE Squishy in KatAM?

3. In relation to the 2nd question, who are the mole, armor, and shark boss mirrors of?

- Steve Valor


1) (a) Is there any reason they shouldn't be able to? (b) These two games are part of the so-much-discussed Dark Matter Trilogy, which are all connected due to be being directed by the same guy. They have a closely linked pool of characters that really only appears in these titles, hence the recurrences.

2) There is? Well, you're wrong! There's exactly three, by my count. One in the game at the bottom of a water scene in Cabbage Cave, and then two bouncing around in the begining title animation with the parade of characters. Yes, that is a bit weird. This is such an unusual occurance, in fact, that the sole in-game appearance is noted on the Japanese Wikipedia page of the game. Shocking.

3) Those enemies you oh-so poorly described, Moley, Mega Titan, and Gobbler, are not "mirrors" of anything. In fact, the entire concept of the reflections of other bosses is really a misconception mostly spawned by King Golem, who is just a similar boss like how Lololo & Lalala were repeated with Pon & Con and Nruff & Nelly. Really, only Dark Meta Knight and Shadow Kirby were copies made by Dark Mind.

I know I said before that the entire reflection gimmick fell apart when they just had plain Kracko, but I've more recently just blew raspberries at the entire accepted belief and understanding of the Mirror World.

2-Who is stronger knuckle joe or meta knight?

3-Is meta knight magical? In the games after fighting kirby he just disappears.

6-How come everything kirby inhales goes to the stomach? It is impossible,if anything it would get stuck in the espophagus and kirby would of chocked to death.

10-Why did kirby come to dreamland?And why kirby and some other star warror?

- Slimestslim

Squeaky Bogg

If you're thinking "Those numbers aren't in order,", it's because the rest were chopped out and dumped in the repeat response. Why didn't I repair the number order? Because it was a lot in the Repeat Response!

2) There's no contest. Let's break it down: [Games] Knuckle Joe is a pudgy dough-ball of a regular enemy while Meta Knight commands his own sub-game and is a boss time and again. [Brawl] Joe is a trophey; Knight is regarded, I believe, as cheap due to his awesome. [Cartoon] Knuckles is some punk kid while "Sir" Meta Knight wields a legendary sword, has a legendary reprutation, is a destined warrior against overwhelming evil, and about every other "Love me more than every other character" cliché you could imagine. Yeah, I'd say that Meta wins this contest.

3) No, he doesn't. He wraps up his cape and then just springs away. Well, at least in the first two appearances. There's a bunch of other stuff that would warrant interest more than simply vanishing from sight, like turning his cape into wings, all of which has already been addressed in previous sessions. Try searching for it.

6) There's so much wrong with this. First, what Kirby inhales does not go to his stomach. It's caught right there in his gaping mouth first. Then it goes to his stomach after he swallows it. Second, you don't chock on your esophagus. Blockage in the trachea, the windpipe that leads to your lungs, causes choking. The esophagus goes to the belly, and you don't breath with that organ.

10) Kirby didn't "come" to Dream Land. He was born, raised, and just lived there; he's a native. That is, unless you (undoubtedly) refer to the animated series. That, now, explains reasons worse than the game series. In that scenario, pretty much, they scratched their heads and said, "Even though he's a creation of Nightmare and was thrown out by him and all that, how about we put him in a space ship for no reason and orbit him over Dream Land?" In short, there wasn't a reason outside of needing Kirby to simply be there.

10b) That's... not a question. It's not even a sentence.

1.During the hype for Brawl there were a rumor that Ado/Adeleine,along with Duster,Muddy Mole and one more whose name I forget, was Assist Trophies in that Whobby Game Festival or maybe it was that E for all demo.

None of them are Brawl now of course but those "forbidden seven" hackers who hacked in Brawl's data disc. Did they ever find any Assist Trophy data for Ado/Adeleine and those others I mentioned?

2.I can't remember which Kirby games now(maybe you can tell me which ones)but isn't it true that HAL has released Kirby games that has come out very late near the end of a Nintendo console? Why do they do such a thing?Do you think that they are going to do the same with Kirby NGC/Wii?

3.When it comes to Kirby trophies and stickers,if Sakurai is guilty of one thing, I'd say that it's making Brawl almost pretend that all the Kirby games he didn't work on(AKA mostly the games with Dark Matter)don't exist.

How come he did such a thing in Brawl when those Kirby non-Sakurai games was in Meele and it was perfectly fine?

- King Of Butter

Squeaky Bogg

1) No. Ridley had such left over data floating around in the game, but Duster (and the rest, I assume, as they were all falsely confirmed in the same batch) lack any such evidence of ever being anywhere close to appearing in the game. I don't even know who those non-Kirby characters are, and I could find that out.

2) I don't believe there's any reason for it. It certainly isn't a business-smart action to take. Back in the day (talkin' '90s), the games probably came out at the end of a system's run since, then, it was either do-or-die. If Adventure didn't come out on NES, it would have never seen the light of day. The problem with newer game design is that, effectively, technology and programming is peaked. This is why the Kirby title for Game Cube was able to shift over onto Wii. A lot of games hopped systems in this new era of consoles. If anything, that takes the pressure out of releasing a title since there never is this threat to be obsolete.

3) You really have to ask that? If you spring a creation out from your head, you're going to have it how you made it, the way you want it, regardless of what others do with it. You don't have to hate what other people do with it, but it's yours. There is no analogy or metaphor for this that doesn't use intellictual property. If I liked campy Batman as a kid, if I get to write for the comic, it's gonna be light-hearted and fun. If I was more into Frank Miller's Dark Knight, it's gonna be dark and gritty. You reflect what you like, and you probably like how you made it.

In KSSU the RoMk halberd cutscenes show kirby transporting his way around the halberd with a warpstar after he damages each part of the halberd. So why can't kirby escape the halberd with the warpstar after he busts the reactor?

- Kirbymaniac

Squeaky Bogg

Mostly, I believe, he's inside the ship. When he blows a part up, normally, it's the wing or the guns. Those are located externally or near the outside. A hole can easily be made in the wall or such. The reactor is in the core of the ship. He couldn't just as easily fly out. That'd be like driving a car inside a building. Additionally, while the ship was going down, he still had to have the final confrontation with Meta Knight. Can't just scoot away without taking care of the problem.

Is it GALACTA Knight or GALACTIC Knight? I thought Galacta until I saw the cutscene-it says "Galactic". But on the pause screen and the true arena, it says "Galacta". So I thought Galacta again. But I still would like to know.

- Kirbyfan28

Squeaky Bogg

Both! As has been covered, Ultra is ripe with naming inconsistencies. Iron Mom/Iron Mam, etc. Galacta Knight's name is "Galactic" Knight in Japan. In fact, this was the name popularly tossed around for the lancer before his English name suffixed with "-ta" became known. America changed it to be more like Meta Knight's. For what reason, I don't know. So, like with "Mam" and other occurances that I don't recall, they dropped the ball and didn't make all the changes to the name's spelling.

1. Is Cutter Kirby's hat supposed to look like Hermes (the greek myth's) hat?

2. I'm having trouble uploading paint files from AppleWorks 6 to the gallery.

- Heyitskirby

Squeaky Bogg

1) Far as I know, it's supposed to be a duck. Eyes, bill, wings. That spells a quacker to me. Hermes had more a winged pan or dish. No eyes. No bill. It had a flat, short rim all around. The hat worn by Cutter has a bill, protruding out far on one side. And a fin. So, similarities: wings, sorta. Differences, everything else. Gonna say a fatty-fat "no" on any intended connection.

2) While I'm should not be addressed for technical questions such as this, I'm going to take a stab in the dark at the problem. Paint files? Try saving or exporting the file as a JPG or GIF. You know, some acceptable format. Program specific files, like .xcf or .spp or whatever three letter extension your application uses are not universally accepted by anything outside of the software that produces them. Hence why they have exporting capabilities to save the files as some universally accepted image format, like the JPG. Now, if you can't find out how to save a file as a JPG, I'm wagering that you shouldn't be submitting artwork anywise.

I'm gonna bring up that dead horse called Kabula again for this session. You see, while Kabula is a correct translation(and is moreso than the older Kaboola spelling), I found something interesting. While looking at the sequence data for KSSU's music, I noticed all of the files are either the romaji versions of Japanese words or have short English names. The name of Kabula's music sequence is, suprisingly enough, SEQ_DDX_KABOOLA1. Does this mean the official English version of Kabula's name in Japan is Kaboola? Just found it interesting.

- Superyoshi888

Squeaky Bogg

Arguably. No get to state nothing. That's my department. Kaboola was chosen over Kabula originally since, in the English speakers eye, that phrase would be seen as "Kabuhla". The double-O makes it outwardly obvious as a long U sound. Only Mr. Frosty/Flosty can be identified as correct and incorrect translations. Kaboola's case was only a matter of preference since both are actually identical and, as I have just covered, one conveys the intended pronunciation more clearly. Additionally, there's already an enemy called Kabu. Do we really need Kabu and Kabula? No, we don't. And I just mentally sounded that out as "Ka-buh-la" once again while typing it. It just really reeks of that pronunciation. Like I said, why they went with the other and equally qualified spelling.

Anyhoo, all this means is they are inconsistent. Really. Did you expect something else? Just two questions back, I covered how Ultra can't keep names straight. It they call Iron Mam and Galactic Knight, why would it surprise you that a music file of all things would escape the name change sweep of oo to u?

Repeat Response:

  1. King of Pie made a "startling" comparison with Tiff to another nagging cartoon character.
  2. Galactic Knight 09 questioned the point of the Air Ride Checklist.
  3. GameQube wondered how Waddle Dee could talk without a mouth -- 'cuz he has one.
  4. Guest asked when a new season of the Kirby animated series would begin -- never!
  5. Megaman Kirby wanted to know why the animators made Tiff -- hate for all, I'd imagine.
  6. Mirroir Pikachu questioned if there was some of Nightmare in Dark Mind -- ah-doy.
  7. Mirroir Pikachu asked were Drawcia came from -- no where.
  8. Mirroir Pikachu wondered if Dark Matter was still alive -- prolly not.
  9. Mirroir Pikachu inquired to the fate of the Kirby clones.
  10. DJYellow asked why the animated series sucked -- so many reasons.
  11. MarxSoulFan123 wondered if Meta Knight is ever unmasked in the animated series -- no.
  12. King Meta Dee inquired why Super Star for the Virtual Console is taking so long.
  13. Hatena and Meneil is curious to when more Hoshi No Kaabii subs will be completed.
  14. Keymaster asked where to get a safe ROM -- no.
  15. Doctor ROB questioned Meta Knight's first naming overseas.
  16. Cloudodom wondered why I spelled it "animé" -- 'cuz it's right, obviously.
  17. Youdontcare wanted to know how Bandanna Dee comes back even if you eat him.
  18. Slimestslim asked how Kirby is a boy.
  19. Slimestslim inquired the fate of Halberd after Revenge of Meta Knight.
  20. Slimestslim wondered gow old -- insignificant!
  21. Slimestslim questioned Kirby being tone deaf.
  22. Slimestslim inquired why Meta Knight wears mask.
  23. Slimestslim asked about Galacta Knight and time travel.
  24. Clone-a-Kirby wondered if the Ado/Adeleine debate finally got settled.
  25. Clone-a-Kirby asked how I thought a Kirby RPG should work.
  26. Metaknightz wanted to know where to watch episodes of the animated series here.
  27. Sealy questioned when the Brawl page would be updated. Ugh..
  28. Legendwolf77 wondered if there was any evidence of what Dedede looked like without his hat.
  29. RoodyKirby asked about Kirby Wii -- if something happens, we'll tell you, dag nabbit!
  30. Liege2000 inquired to Kirby being a Demon Beast of Nightmare's.
  31. Mr. Game and Pie wanted proof that Kirby can speak.
  32. Kirbyfanatic needed help getting past Fire Lion in the the Story Book.
  33. Kirbyfan28 asked who this "Blob" was -- answered here already numerous times.

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